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What are the real health benefits of running?

It is not running per se, but aerobic activity that is beneficial. You should choose the aerobic activities that you can enjoy FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE because it will help your health to do them that long.Cost-effectiveness in a time of rising health care costs.

Physical Benefits of Running:
Easily learned and no special skills or coordination required.
Increased cardiovascular endurance,
Increased respiratory efficiency
Improved muscle tone, digestion, and blood volume
Increased fat loss
Increased energy
Decreased anxiety,
Improved sleep
Enhanced body awareness and image
Greater sense of well-being

Physiological Benefits Running:
With people who suffer from depression or other job, family or psychological stressors, running and walking has all the following physiological benefits:

Reduced heart rate
Resting blood pressure reduced
Reduced potential for platelet obstruction
Increased muscle metabolic capacity & enzyme activities
Increased lipid utilization
Increased HDL
Decreased LDL/HDL Ratio
Increased insulin receptor sensitivity and glucose tolerance
and psychologically:
Reduced depression/anxiety/tension
Increased feelings of well-being
Improved control of daily stressors
Higher tolerance to daily stressors
Improved self-image
Increased sense of vigor

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