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Gamedonator Weeks 8 and 9: Part 2 [Updated with New Events]


[Update] A few new events have shown up for the week of Feb 27-Mar 2: Armed Gamer's Mass Effect Marathon, The Illuminerdy 24-hour Marathon, and NES to Gamecube. All of these events take place that weekend starting on Friday, so scroll down to March 2, and check it out. Also for some reason, all of the new entries are bold (not my decision).



Gamedonator Weeks 8 and 9: Part2

                Well, I told you that I would put another one of these parts out. Let’s take a look at what is going on for the next two weeks.


Monday, February 20th


              Do you have something to want to express that can only be done in pixels? Well, are you in luck. Pixel 4 Charity lets you purchase a 10x10 block of pixels for 50 cents (U.S.) each. Though it says that the event has a start and end date, the charity drive will end once all of the pixels in the 1000x1000 pixel grid is filled.  Make a design, and then place it on the grid. The group’s goal is to raise $5000 for Child’s Play Charity. The link to their website is in the title, so click on it to purchase your pixels. The user can then put any image in his pixels and write a title, a caption and a URL for his pixels (which will be shown when you mouse over the image on the grid).

The event is based off of another project known as "Million Dollar Homepage". This was a page 1 million square pixels in size, with the price of $1 per pixel. Whereas Pixel 4 Charity is a charity drive, Million Dollar Homepage was a personal enterprise. As you can see, it was pretty successful (albeit really obnoxious looking).  

Back to the matter at hand. Go to the Pixel4Charity, buy your pixels, give to children, and please don't put anything obnoxious. 


-- Thanks to Pixels 4 Charity for being so prompt in getting me the information for this article.


Haloathon 2012

                This group here has a tough road ahead of them. It’s not that I have faith that they won’t meet their goal of $1000 for Child’s Play Charity. I have a good feeling that they can accomplish this. What I am curious about is how long it will take them to play through every Halo game on Legendary. Not only is their goal to accomplish this, but for every $100 they receive, they will add an extra skull on to their playthrough. If you want to see this trial for yourself, just click on this sentence. From there, you will see a ChipIn widget (who came up with that word) and links to the livestreams and chatrooms. The event starts at 7:00PM GMT -4. Once you look that up, you are good to go.


Saturday, February 25th

24 Hour Dota 2 Marathon

                A person by the name of Gizmoh will be doing a 24-hour marathon live stream of Dota 2. This person will find a variety of ways to entertain while he attempts to raise $1000 for Child’s Play Charity. The event starts at 9:00AM and will last until 9:00AM the next day. To go visit the livestream, just click here.


Humans vs Zombies: Training Day @ UVic

                All the way from Victoria, British Columbia comes a Humans Versus Zombies event for Child’s Play Charity. The Urban Gaming group over at the University of Victoria will host a loooong HvZ event for Child’s Play Charity. How long? Well, this event spans 15 days! Peppered into the various events are ways to donate. Swag will also be sold with proceeds going to Child’s Play Charity. Just follow the link right here<- 


Monday, February 27th

The AGS Bake Sale

                This is not your ordinary bake sale; you won’t find muffins and cookies here. What you will find is a series of independently created games. How much do they cost? That’s the hook. You name your own price (minimum of $1.50, cheapskate). All proceeds go to Child’s Play Charity. Just click right on the [AGS Bake Sale] and you will be off to the website to take a look at the games available. This event will last right up until February 29th at 12:00PM.


Thursday, March 1st

UMvC3 for Charity

                This event takes place in Warren, Michigan. The Macomb Community College 8-bit Video Game Club will be hosting an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament. Entrance fee is $3, and all money goes towards Child’s Play Charity. The event will be starting up at around 1:00PM CST and last until 4:00PM CST. You can't get to the page itself without logging on the Facebook (I don't know why), but the event description should have everything you need to get there.



Friday, March 2nd

Armed Gamer Mass Effect Marathon

      Starting at 8:00PM, a group of gamers from Armed Game will be embarking on a journey to gain 100% completion of Mass Effect 1 and 2 while trying to raise their goal of $10,000 for Child's Play Charity. This event will include both a chatroom, and livestream. The group tells you to expect special guests, "including a few voice actors and some of the team who worked on creating Mass Effect." The group will also involve the audience, as they will be frequently polled on what decisions should be made in the game. To check them out, just click in this word here. The event will last all the way up until 2AM on March 6th. For those of you who have it marked on your calendars, March 6th is the release date of Mass Effect 3. The group states that if they get 100% completion of both games before midnight, then they will spend the rest of the time playing Mass Effect 3.


The Illuminerdy 24-Hour Marathon

The Nerd Club (they said it, not me) over at the University of Northern Colorado will be playing video games (though I don't know which ones) for 24 hours straight, while trying to raise money for Child's Play Charity. The event starts up at 8:30PM. I doesn't look like there are going to be any livestreams for this one, but if you are in the area, you can probably drop by. If you can't, feel free to donate here.



NES to GameCube


This group will be hosting a 3-day marathon playing various games from Nintendo's franchises including, Super Mario Bros. 3, Link to the Past, Pikmin, Kirby 64, and Donkey Kong Country 2. These are just some of the games, so check out their site to view the rest. The group hopes to raise $1000 for Child's Play Charity. The marathon starts at 12:00PM and will continue up until 8:00PM on March 4th. 


Improv Charlotte- Child’s Play Show

                Do you like Improv Troupes? Too bad, because they exist whether you want them too or not. One group based in Charlotte, North Carolina, known as Improv Charlotte, will be putting on a show at 6:30PM – 9:30PM on March 2nd at the Wine-Up in NoDa. All ages are welcome. The entrance fee is $5, and all proceeds will go to Child’s Play Charity. See? Not all improv groups are bad. You should feel ashamed of yourself right now. I’ll forgive you if you follow this link so you can get directions to the place.


Saturday, March 3rd

Kitty McScratch Guinness World Record Attempt

                Alright, let me start off by saying this: Kitty McScratch has 105 Guinness World Records, 97 are dance-game based. I'll give you a moment to think about that. On Saturday, she hopes to increase her total to 106. The current record she is going for is "Longest Video Games Marathon Playing a Motion-Sensing Dance Game". She has to play for over 16 hours, 21 minutes and 44 seconds to break the record. Her goal is 24 hours. While she is dancing non-stop for 24 hours, she will be raising money for Child's Play Charity. She will have a chat room and a livestream for anyone interested in seeing this event. It will be right on her website



SalukiLAN 2012

This event is a giant 24-hour lan party taking place at the Southern Illinois University Carbondale. There are events and tournaments to be entered, and prizes to be won. In previous years, they have seen somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 players. All of this will be happening to benefit Child's Play Charity. Just head on over to the website to see where you need to find all all you need to know about the event.



Welp, that's all I have for you for these next two weeks. I am hoping to have a larger variety of articles coming out in the future, so stay tuned!

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    I really appreciate what you are doing here, keep it up. Have you considered organizing your own event? I know that a bunch of us got together last year for Extra Life and raised over $2300, it was a lot of fun and the community really responded.