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Speaker of the Lakota words is Millie Pitt of Casper, Wyoming: a Cheyenne- River Sioux tribal member.



Some Common Phrases...

  He táku hwo? What is that? 

Nitúktetanhan hwo? Where are you from? 

Tuktétanhan yaú hwo? Where do you come from?

Tókiya la hwo?  Where are you going?

Tókiya yaúnhan hwo?  Where have you been?

Tuktél yatí hwo?     Where do you live?

Iyúskinyan wancínyankelo.   I'm happy to have met you.

Tanyán yahí yélo.    I'm glad you came.

Aké iyúskinyan wancínyankelo. I'm glad to see you again.

Wóciciyaka wácin.    I wish to speak to you.

Wanbláke.   I saw.

Unyúhapi.    We had.

Sicáya ecámu.   I have a problem.

Slolwáye sni.   I don't know.

Óta wayáta hwo?     Have you had enough to eat?

Ínipi hwo?   Are you full?

Ímapi yélo.   I'm full.

Omápisni yélo.  I don't feel good.

Tezí mayázan.   I have a stomach ache.

Lécanu hwo?   Did you do this?

Heyápi.   It is said.

Tóske Lakótiya eýapi hwo?     How do you say in Lakota?

Táku eníciyapi hwo?   What is your name?

Waníyetu nitóna hwo?   How old are you?

Mázaskansan tónahca hwo?   What time is it?

Timá hiyúwo.  Come in. {to one}

Oígwayo.  Sign in.

Inánjinyo. {to one}  Stand up.

Food Words......

Águyapi Bread

Ásonpi > Milk

Wáhanpi Soup

Tálo Beef

Words For Animals...

Capa  Beaver

Ítunkala  Mouse

Mato  Bear

Muka  Skunk

Tatanka  Buffalo

Súnkawákan  Horse

Ptegleska  Cow

Sunkmanitu tanka  Wolf

Words For Shapes...

Oblo yamni  Triangle

Oblotun  Square

Mimela  Circle

Oblotun hansker  Rectangle

Words For Colors...

Sa  Red

Ska  White

Zisa  Orange

Gi  Brown

To  Blue

Zi  Yellow

Tozi  Green


Thanks, and credit, also goes out to "The Greasy Grass" for most all of the graphics.

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