Godfather of sorority girl shot dead by police lashes out at their failure to negotiate with gunman in house

By Daily Mail Reporter


The family and friends of a Hofstra University student gunned down by police fire following a home invasion on Friday are speaking out.

Henrique Santos, the godfather of Andrea Rebello, 21, spoke with the media earlier today and was highly critical of the Nassau County police officer who fired eight shots as the student was being held by an armed intruder.

Dalton Smith broke into the off-campus home of Rebello and her twin sister Jessica in Tarrytown, New York before the police officer, who has now been identified as eight-year NYPD veteran Nikolas Budimlic, entered.


The godfather of Andrea Rebello (right) spoke critically of the police officer's actions on Friday night


Hofstra University student Andrea Rebello, 21, was killed in her Tarrytown, NY home from a gunshot fired by a police officer

Santos, who is speaking on behalf of the Rebello family, questioned the protocol the officer was following. 'He should have negotiated, if he tried to negotiate, nothing would happen, I'm sure.'

Witnesses in Tarrytown report that while Smith was holding Rebello he shouted, 'If you shoot me, I shoot her.'

Reportedly the officer began firing when Santos, a felon, pointed a gun at him. Santos was also killed during the confrontation.


Talking to the Journal-News Santos, who lives in Eastchester, New York, also said, '[the police officer] should have hit the guy with the first shot, not eight.'

Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Dale confirmed that a criminal investigation was still underway. He also said an internal investigation would follow soon.

The District Attorney's office announced on Monday they would also be looking into the police department.

A press conference from the Nassau County Patrolman's Benevolent Association, the group that represents Budimlic, will be held Tuesday afternoon. 


Hofstra University observed a moment of silence for Rebello during their graduation

Santos issued a statement from the Rebello family.

'We are heartbroken and overwhelmingly devastated by the loss of our beautiful daughter, Andrea. We are grateful for all of the kindness and sympathy shown to our family. In our grief, we ask for privacy as we try to make sense of all that has happened.'

He also provided an update on Jessica Rebello. 'When she wakes up, she says `Oh my god, what did I do wrong?''

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So he is blaming the police instead of the feral demonrat responsible?

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can't wait to hear the results of an investigation BY the cops "thin blue line" superiors. it's like Wile E. Coyote suing Acme Corp. over defective equipment and the the ACME Corp. suggesting THEY investigate the claims! of course, this guy is right, the cops are too trigger happy. but this cop will now claim a "disability" and receive benefits and a pension for the rest of his life while never having to work again. the cops basically hit a small lottery!

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With the ammunition shortage created by the Obama administration trying to hoard the supply, I wonder if this officer had adequate practice at the shooting range.

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He should have never fired the gun while the girl was still in danger. End of story.

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I completely agree here. I honestly think you are safer when the cops aren't around. They are trigger happy cowards who are only concerned with their own safety. Most of the time, cops are only there to count the dead bodies. The rest of the time, they are the ones making them dead. Call the cops at your own risk. Once they are present, all bets are off.

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I said the same thing on my comment yesterday and got red arrows all the way. I know trigger happy the law enforcement in my country can be. Who is to say what the outcome would have been if this happened in the UK, but I strongly believe would have been different

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this was a damned if you do, damned if you dont situation...

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That was a hostage situation, should have been left to the SWAT team. My condolences to the family.

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Talk about PANIC !!!!! This cop should lose his badge.

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KILLED by a cop who was scared out of his skin. HE needs to find a new job. How about a bus driver.

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