Smartcartridge Resetter!
(24xxx IC2 EEPROM Programmer - reads and writes 24xxx chips)
Yes, it resets (and reads) your "green cartridges"

Sorry for the obscurity, but after being hassled by the green cartridge company lawyers, we had to go "underground" and hide our website.  You can read reviews of this product on my old Amazon listing here.  I'm a real business person, just trying to protect myself from the wrath of the big corporation's scare tactics. They have no legal grounds for their threats, but I can't afford to take a chance they won't try to sue me anyway.  I have several links with even more info here.

This is a self-contained battery operated unit and comes with full instructions for use and a lifetime warranty.

(NOTE: This device is NOT compatible with 120 units. 120 cartridges cannot be "reset" or programmed like the 60's can.)

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I'm a big cat lover.  Actually I love most animals.  I do volunteer work at my local animal shelter and the folks there call me the CatMan.  There have been several cats that have owned me in the past 18 years I also love automation, gadgets, and tinkering with electronics.  I thought about an automated litter box for a long time before I finally got mine.  I was interested not so much for cost savings but more for the convenience and features. What I like most is the elimination of litter dust from my home and the ability to go out of town overnight and not worry about the litter box. I was frustrated with not having more control over the litter box, so I designed the Programmer.  I thought others might feel the same, so I decided to share my design.  If you run your genie a lot, like I do, the programmer will pay for itself in no time.