Eileen Davidson

Eileen Davidson | Kristen Blake DiMera

Eileen Davidson stars as Kristen DiMera on NBC's "Days of our Lives."

Davidson is known to millions of television viewers as Kristen Blake DiMera on the daytime drama series "Days of our Lives." She made television history and garnered an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead actress by simultaneously portraying five characters in 1998.

She previously starred as Ashley Abbott on "The Young and the Restless," where she again was nominated for an Emmy Award. She also portrayed Ashley Abbott on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Her feature film credits include "Eternity" opposite Jon Voight and Armand Assante, "Easy Wheels" with Paul Le Mat and the cult horror film favorite "The House on Sorority Row."

Her primetime credits include playing the lead in the Stephen Cannell series "Broken Badges" opposite Ernie Hudson and Miguel Ferrer and the TV film "Sharing Richard," as well as various other guest-starring roles.

She has graced the covers and pages of many magazines such as "TV Guide," "Allure," "Good Housekeeping," Andy Warhol's "Interview," "Playgirl," "In Style" and countless "Soap Opera Digest" covers and has been chosen as one of television's most beautiful women several times.

She has written four novels, "The Soap Opera Mystery Series," published by Penguin Paperbacks.

Davidson is also the spokesperson for NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care System and was also the spokesperson for Elizabeth Arden's skincare product "Prevage."

In her spare time, she enjoys painting, playing guitar and surfing.

Davidson is married to Vincent Van Patten, host of The World Poker Tour and is mother to nine-year-old Jesse and stepmom to 19-year-old Duke and 17-year-old Vinny.

Kristen Blake first came to Salem in 1993, and was saved from being mugged by John Black. Originally she was grateful, but when she learned who he was, she wanted nothing to do with him. She kept finding herself attracted to him, but her brother Peter constantly warned him to stay away from John Black. When a mysterious sniper began firing at John in Salem Place, he saved Kristen's life, and Kristen found it harder and harder to deny how she felt for him. Alice Horton decided to do a little matchmaking between the two of them, and put them in charge of the Horton Center together, then arranged for them to both be at the cabin, where they made love for the first time.

When John started looking into Kristen's past, he found a bloody wedding dress, and Kristen confessed that she was engaged to be married, but that they were lying low right now because someone tried to kill her husband-to-be at the wedding. Not only that, but Kristen had an even bigger secret... she was Stefano DiMera's ward, and she was hiding her "father" who was dying of a brain tumor. When Stefano was kidnapped, she had to pay big money to get him back. John was horrified to learn she was Stefano's foster daughter, but he still loved her. However, she swore to a dying Stefano that she would marry Tony, and she couldn't break her promise. When it seemed Stefano died at John's hands, Kristen went through with the wedding to Tony.

In 1995, Kristen worked with John (who was functioning as a priest) to save Marlena from satanic possession. After that, John arranged to be released from his vows, and Kristen then arranged to have her marriage to Tony annulled so that her marriage with John would be recognized by the Catholic church. Once together, Kristen learned that she needed to have a child quickly, as she had a medical condition which would soon render her infertile. She still planned to be happy with John, but when they all went to Aremid for Peter and Jennifer's wedding, Tony arranged to kill himself and have John blamed. John was arrested and, thanks to Peter, sentenced to death. Kristen couldn't help but wonder if, just maybe, John really did kill Tony, and at the trial, Peter forced her to admit that she believed John killed Tony.

Stefano appeared alive and well in Salem and arranged to hire Susan Banks, a pregnant woman who bore an alarming resemblance to Kristen, to impersonate her when necessary, and Susan agreed to sell her baby to Kristen when it was born. Marlena became more and more suspicious that Kristen wasn't really pregnant, and talked to Laura about her suspicions. Later, Kristen was heartbroken when it seemed Peter had been murdered by Jack Deveraux. Kristen made the mistake of adjusting her pregnancy pad and being caught by Laura, but luckily, Peter and Stefano were on hand and took her back to the mansion. Stefano wanted to take Laura out of the country, but Peter and Kristen convinced him to just wipe her memory clear for the last few days.

When Susan went into labor, Kristen was there disguised as a nurse so she could watch, but she got to see something else as well... John wanted to be married to the mother of his child before it was born, so Kristen had to sit and do nothing while John married Susan, whom he thought was Kristen. Susan handed over her son to Kristen, who was named John Black Jr., and left, but when she learned her baby had a heart defect, she returned, and asked for her baby back. Kristen convinced her that she and John would be the best parents for the child, but Susan began to lose it and was convinced that she deserved to be John's wife and the full-time mother to her child. Susan threatened to expose Kristen, but Kristen told her that if she did, she would end up in jail, and John would always hate her. She did allow Susan to breast-feed the baby (on doctor's orders), but when Susan started getting too close to the baby, Kristen tried to get rid of her again. When John found the two women together, Kristen pretended she had hired Susan as the baby's nanny. Kristen asked Vivian and Ivan for help in locking Susan in a secret room, and when Marlena pieced the truth together, Kristen locked her in the secret room!

When Kristen learned that Laura had recovered her memory and was going to have Peter's coffin dug up to prove there was no body there, she made sure she got there first, and claimed that Peter had requested his body be cremated. When Laura confronted Kristen, she broke down, thanks to drugs supplied by Kristen and Lynn Burke. When Susan began to worry about Marlena, Kristen told her that Stefano had kidnapped Marlena, and would do the same to her if she talked. Kristen stopped Susan from releasing Marlena by saying that John would hate them both and marry Marlena, so Susan began to impersonate Kristen in the role of John's wife, and locked both Kristen AND Marlena in the secret room. Kristen and Marlena were both forced to watch, and Kristen tried to dig her way out of the room to stop Susan and John's wedding, and ended up hitting a gas pipe, knocking out both her and Marlena. Luckily, they were rescued when Laura slapped Susan and knocked out the false teeth, prompting Susan to confess everything. Kristen and John were almost married when Marlena rushed in and told John about Kristen losing the baby and hiring Susan to impersonate her and give birth. Kristen then grabbed a gun and threatened to kill Marlena, but was stopped by John. Kristen was arrested, but soon released on bail.

Kristen crashed John and Marlena's engagement at the Penthouse Grill and became suicidal when she heard him propose to Marlena, but John managed to talk her down. Later, Kristen showed up at Marlena and John's wedding with Marlena's presumed dead ex-husband Roman. She convinced them Roman would be most comfortable in the mansion, and John and Kristen pretended to be married to allow Roman to think he had a chance with Marlena, whom he still loved. Later, Kristen and John went off to find the cure, meeting Dr. Rolf, who had the antidote. Unfortunately, the vial was broken, and John and Hope had to go off into the wilderness to get a new cure. Kristen and the others got back to Salem just in time to stop Marlena from marrying a dying Roman. But since any stress could kill Roman, John and Kristen had to continue to pretend they were married, and John moved back in with Kristen. When Roman saw problems between them, Kristen told him that another woman was trying to steal her man.

In 1997, Kristen answered the door at Jonesy's townhouse and found Celeste there. In a battle, Kristen accidentally infected Celeste with the Jungle Madness disease. Stefano disowned her and told her that when he got Elvis back (the name Susan had christened the baby with after getting him back, since she believed Elvis was his father... in reality it was Stefano in disguise), she wouldn't be allowed near him. This caused Kristen to go a little crazy, and Kristen tricked Susan into signing little Elvis over to her, but Stefano and John stole the baby back and returned her to Susan, who then impersonated Kristen at the courthouse (John delayed her) and said she wanted to return the baby to Susan. Kristen was furious, but couldn't do anything about it, as John and Marlena had already gotten Susan and Elvis out of the country. She got her revenge by telling Roman to go to the airport (knowing that John planned to propose to Marlena on his jet) so HE could propose to her, and he discovered Marlena and John discussing how they were deceiving him. Kristen and Roman decided to fight for their loves, but when Roman learned that Kristen was now a liar and a schemer, he turned his back on her.

After Laura confronted Kristen in Salem Place about Peter, Kristen found Laura's Placiden, and used it to calm herself down. When Kristen broke into Marlena's penthouse, she found a fax Susan sent to Marlena, and she kidnapped Susan's sister, Sister Mary Moira, and told Susan to come to Salem and bring the baby. Kristen drugged Susan, and was furious to learn that she hadn't brought the baby. She sold Susan into the harem for "The Supreme Leader." Susan had tipped Roman and Abe off ahead of time, and they were rushing to the airport to stop her, when they got a report that Kristen had been found dead, so they believed the woman at the airport (Kristen) was actually Susan. They took her into the police station for questioning, where Susan's English boyfriend, Edmund Crumb, showed up. Thanks to him, Kristen was released, and when Edmund proposed to "Susan," Kristen accepted on her behalf, all the while terrified that if Susan was the dead woman, she would be charged with her murder. The coroner ruled the death a suicide (overdose), but Roman was convinced it was murder. When John found a suicide message from Kristen on the answering machine, he felt extremely guilty.

All of Salem turned up for Kristen's funeral, and Stefano had a heart attack after blaming the town for Kristen's death. After being released, he went to the cemetery and apologized for cutting Kristen out of little Elvis' life. Kristen, who was there, revealed herself to Stefano and begged him to help her get out of town, but he said it would look too suspicious. She was going to leave when Edmund brought both Elvis and his mother Violet to town. Kristen tried to drug Violet and sneak off with Elvis, but John found her and took her to the Penthouse Grill, where Edmund had arranged a surprise wedding. Kristen had to go through with it or risk exposure, and although she tried to escape Edmund, she couldn't and the two ended up on a honeymoon flight to Bermuda, after learning that Laura was arrested for Kristen's murder.

Before leaving, Kristen had left a note for Marlena from Susan, thanking her for all her help, including chocolates she knew Marlena liked, laced with penicillin, which Marlena was deathly allergic to. Belle was the one who ate them, but she was saved by Roman. Meanwhile, on the plane, Edmund confessed that HE had killed Kristen and rather than risk ending up dead if he found out who she was, she told him that when the plane landed, she was leaving, and he wasn't to follow. Once in Bermuda, Kristen and Edmund were surprised by Susan, who had escaped from the island and gotten to Bermuda with Violet's help. Susan exposed Kristen, and both Kristen and Edmund ended up wondering who actually died in the pool. Susan revealed that the dead body was actually a fourth Banks child, Penelope Kent (who had been given away as a child), who had come to Salem to help her, and told Edmund that it wasn't his fault, as Penelope was dying anyway. To pay Kristen back for everything she did, Susan arranged for Kristen to take her place on the island. When Susan learned what had almost happened to Belle, she sent a message to Kristen on the island telling her that John and Marlena were engaged to be married. Kristen hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Kristen returns to Salem in 2012 at Stefano’s insistance and arrives with a mysterious, unknown agenda. Will Kristen’s return throw a wrench in the seemingly rock-solid bond of John and Marlena?