May 20, 2013 #PMHarperMustResign TWITTER STORM #CdnPoli #StopHarper #OccupyCanada

Greetings, concerned Canadians and global opponents to the Harper Government. We know how ridiculous and scandalous this excuse for a Government of Canada is. The most recent events concerning the Senate have only exacerbated the frustration and anger of average people everywhere. Enough of trumpeting openness and transparency while doing the exact opposite to Canadians and Canada.

On Victoria Day Monday May 20, 2013 you are invited to use this paste to draw tweets from for a twitterstorm to say that it is time for:


There is no established start time for this public sourced action. Start as early as you like on Holiday Monday. Hopefully, we will become the top trend in Canada and maybe beyond if we get enough concerned people to hit the twittersphere at once. Any individuals that wish to coordinate launch times or times of peak activity, you are encouraged to do so. Twitter is a powerful social media platform and focused action has and will have effect. Following the finest Canadian tradition, we have no firm format. The tweets below have been compiled for ease of use and easier posting for the twitterstorm. Everyone is encouraged to use them or make your own. Please remember re-tweets do not factor in when Twitter calculates trends. Only tweets of first time posting count towards the trends. As long as it has the hashtag #PMHarperMustResign it will register. Of course, copy/paste of tweets in your stream also count. Let’s make some noise!

For refusing to sign a UN Declaration of Clean Water as a Human Right #PMHarperMustResign

For proroguing Parliament twice to avoid the fall of his Government #PMHarperMustResign

From a 2006 surplus of $16B to a 2010 record deficit of $56B. For this alone #PMHarperMustResign

Because Canadians deserve so much more #PMHarperMustResign

For the waste of public money and the oppression of people during Toronto G20 #PMHarperMustResign

For shutting down long honored and respected world renowned scientific research #PMHarperMustResign

For lying about “efficiencies” and setting up a shadow non-union civil service #PMHarperMustResign

For calling Canadians who have environmental causes “Eco-terrorists” #PMHarperMustResign

For ignoring and abusing the rights of First Nations #PMHarperMustResign

For the disrespect and attempts at denying benefits to our military veterans #PMHarperMustResign

For the disregard of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms #PMHarperMustResign

For having convicted election fraudsters in Cabinet and on Privy Council #PMHarperMustResign

For taking the Parliamentary Budget Officer to court trying to suppress documents #PMHarperMustResign

For the never ending propaganda called the “Economic Action Plan” #PMHarperMustResign

For having his Chief of Staff keep his job with a leading Bay Street fund operator #PMHarperMustResign

For removing environmental protection of all but less than 100 of Canada’s lakes and rivers #PMHarperMustResign

For promising Senate Reform and appointing the most corrupt Senators ever #PMHarperMustResign

For giving false documents about the #F35 purchase and the backtracking to hide it #PMHarperMustResign

For “misplacing” $3 Billion plus tax dollars #PMHarperMustResign

For refusing to take responsibility for his Government and Ministers #PMHarperMustResign

For losing what seemed to be Canada’s guaranteed seat on the UN Security Council #PMHarperMustResign

Because of the strategy from Americans like Tom Flanagan and Frank Luntz #PMHarperMustResign

For labeling Omnibus legislation against all democratic principles then using it himself #PMHarperMustResign

For declaring this is the “Most Transparent Government of Canada ever” then using every trick to hide things #PMHarperMustResign

For touting his qualifications as an economist and leading Canada into record deficits #PMHarperMustResign

For a pending investment deal that allows a foreign power to sue us in private for a minimum of 26 years #PMHarperMustResign

For allowing the identity of those involved in election fraud to continue to be at large #PMHarperMustResign

For muzzling scientists, librarians, MP’s, RCMP and civil servants #PMHarperMustResign

For refusing to talk to the press unless it is pre-approved and convenient for him #PMHarperMustResign

For refusing to acknowledge young FN peoples who walked 1000′s of kms to Ottawa to demonstrate their plight #PMHarperMustResign

For refusing to allow a single Government MP to meet with Chief Spence, never mind a Minister or himself #PMHarperMustResign

For Bill C-45 which illegally usurps the nation to nation relationship of FN’s with the Crown #PMHarperMustResign

Because 40% of the vote in 40% of the electorate is not a “Strong, stable mandate” #PMHarperMustResign

For allowing a man convicted of election fraud, impregnated a minor, without clear Canadian citizenship to be a Minister #PMHarperMustResign

Because grade 5 students told him to stop being a bully #PMHarperMustResign

He makes unnecessary expenditures, and prefers to hand out cash to corporate Canada instead…#PMHarperMustResign

$250 million went to Automotive Innovation Fund= federal subsidy program that provides the auto sector with TAXPAYER $$ #PMHarperMustResign

Because he gave $400 million to venture capital when private-sector should risk their own cash, not that of taxpayers #PMHarperMustResign

He lied about $250M of taxpayer cash into the automotive fund “returning 6X what the government has invested” #PMHarperMustResign

Because he should be held accountable for the Senate scandals #PMHarperMustResign

Because PMSH is the one who handpicked the 3 maligned senators: Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy, and Patrick Brazeau #PMHarperMustResign

Because it’s time that PMSH takes responsibility for the senate shenanigans #PMHarperMustResign

Because when he became PM, he continued “disgraceful, undemocratic appointments” w “undemocratic” Conservatives (58) #PMHarperMustResign

Because he’s appointed visible minority candidates, expected to fundraise for the party within the ethnic communities. #PMHarperMustResign

Because Mike Duffy was chosen to be a senator as a reward for publicly shaming Stéphane Dion during the 2008 election. #PMHarperMustResign

Because since having majority in both houses Harper has continued rewarding Tory insiders & contributors w/ Senate jobs #PMHarperMustResign

Because he had a choice, and didn’t have to appoint a cadre of failed candidates, party donors and friendly media. #PMHarperMustResign

Because he could have found another way to appoint Senators, via independent committee/patronage watchdog but refused! #PMHarperMustResign

For changing official letterhead of the Government of Canada to The Harper Government instead #PMHarperMustResign

For removing information from Government department websites and inserting links to propaganda ads at public expense #PMHarperMustResign

For demanding forensic audits of FN books while controlling the flow of money to begin with AND losing $3B+ himself #PMHarperMustResign

For instructing every Minister, MP and spokesperson to answer inquiries with the same hollow talking points #PMHarperMustResign

Because a $10M panda photo-op was more important than the #Nishiyuu Cree who walked 1600km to Ottawa #PMHarperMustResign

For trying to change over 30 separate Acts with one Omnibus bill after declaring such tatics un-democratic in opposition #PMHarperMustResign

For closing search and rescue facilities to save $800K while spending $30M+ on “Economic Action Plan” ads #PMHarperMustResign

18 thoughts on “May 20, 2013 #PMHarperMustResign TWITTER STORM #CdnPoli #StopHarper #OccupyCanada

  1. Sorry, it’s not clear to me how to do this, although I definitely do want to send Harper and his team-mates a very strong message that I have no confidence in him or his government. Guess I’m not Tweet-savy enough to figure out how to join in!

    • It’s easy peasy! :) You must have a twitter account to participate. Click on compose new tweet. Now scroll up this page and copy one of the tweets then paste it to your new tweet and click tweet! Done! That’s it! As an example: For closing search and rescue facilities to save $800K while spending $30M+ on “Economic Action Plan” ads #PMHarperMustResign

      Hope I explained it well enough! :)

  2. For beginning an ad campaign about a skills program that doesn’t even exist, and showing ads during expensive hockey series time slots, all on taxpayers’ dime,

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    • I will pass on your concern! although I am sure the organizer / author of the TWITTER STORM realizes Harper won’t resign because of Twitter, but it is good for raising awareness amongst the people! much love and solidarity

  4. I just realized I jumped the gun here and posted my Twitter Storm reason for harper’s resignation!! I just noticed it starts at 12pm not 12am may 20th!! Oh well no harm done I hope!!

    • no worries, others have started across Canada aswell, another list will be available soon, and i will post it here. it is a revised list with more tweets!!

  5. Don’t forget for decimating Library and Archives Canada and working to deny Canadians access to their own cultural history

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