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Ali's Blog
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Hosted Sites
The Ancient Shee Archives - Home to lots of cool Creatures things including metaroom/breed lists!

Andio's Creatures 2 - Home to lots of C2 stuff with a C3 section with new genomes!

Bugs Lair - Home to the Draconian Norns, great agents and some interesting features!

Creature City - Wingies, Half-Breeds and other cool downloads.

Creature Mine - Lots of adoptions, objects and artwork for your enjoyment.

Eternal Creatures - Lots of downloads and features for all the Creatures games!

Ettins Revenge - Lots of downloads, including Revenge Ettins and objects!

Ettin Embassy - Funky music, Seahugger and Aquachi Norns, and lots of weird Ettiny stuff!

Grendel Station - Includes games, downloads, pictures and more!

The Norngarden - Home to The Norngarden addons for C3 and DS and some new Norn breeds too!

Norntropolis - Lots of stuff! Creatures 1 specific!

The Order Of Nornelius - Home to a breed list, some adoptions, and features!

Sheryl's Creatures - Home to DS Norns and some great artwork!

Zareb's Creations - Home to Aquamind, a terrarium for C3/DS!

Want your site hosted? Contact us here!

Creatures Community WebsitesSteve Grand and Grandeoids
Sunday, March 06 @ 12:21:34 CET (1464 reads)

A brief break from our hibernation to mention Steve Grand, creator of Creatures and father to all Norns, is working on a new artificial life project, codenames "Grandroids".

I'm such a fan of Steve's work, without which I wouldn't be working on the things I'd never have gotten into programming, and wouldn't be working on all the cool projects I'm working on now.

Anyway, feel free to read my blog post about the project here and whilst you're there, sign up to the Facebook group to keep track of the things I'm working on. And please, if you can, donate some money to Steve's project... Think how massive Creatures was for everyboy that visits this site. To have another game from Steve's mind is extremely exciting for me.

Check out his Kickstarter Page right here

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Breed add-onsThe New Revenant Norns I made are here!
Monday, September 24 @ 17:27:49 CEST (4599 reads)

Hierophant writes "My Revenant Norns are meant to be a new breed for Creatures 1,2, and 3. They start off as the normal Alba Norn in baby stage, then when they grow up to adolescent they grow Metal arms. During their youth they grow Sonic lances and their metal legs, and then during adult stage they outgrow the C2 Incubator, become fully robotic, and have to be moved to somewhere larger. They have become an Eldar Revenant Titan. These Norns have an improved genome, and this gives them the ability to breathe underwater. They also have a cob which makes them fly. All those interested may talk to me.


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Breed add-onsConfused Norns are out!!
Monday, September 24 @ 17:27:27 CEST (3609 reads)

LadyMarava writes "My new Norn breed for Creatures 2 is out and ready for download: the Confused Norns! They got their name from having inverted facial expressions and somehing else.... You can read more about them on the Creatures Wiki, and can download them at NornenMeister's website. Thanks to NornenMeister for hosting the Confused Norns! :D"

(Read More... | 553 bytes more | Score: 4.66)

Breed add-onsCCSF 2007: Albian Essence Development Team Releases Paper Doll Norns
Monday, September 24 @ 17:26:19 CEST (3550 reads)

TreeSprite writes "If any of you have been online since the beginning of the CCSF Celebration, you've probably noticed that the warp has been flooded with strange new white norns. The Docking Station Creatures Chat has been awash with speculation and questions about the new creatures. Everyone in the warp is wondering; "Just what are these new creatures?""

(Read More... | 1221 bytes more | Score: 5)

Creatures Community WebsitesCCSF 2007
Monday, September 24 @ 17:02:59 CEST (3134 reads)

Well, the Creatures Community Spirit Festival is underway.

The website, which you can visit right here is ready to be stacked full of interesting downloads, features and interviews. There's already some information about various extensions of the community into social networking and blogging sites, with plenty more to come.

It should be an interesting couple of weeks - the CCSF is always home to some interesting content, and normally the odd surprise or two.

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