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Mannen denken maar aan één ding!

Humor! een etalage op de Wallen :-)

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Cognitive Consequences: A Conversation with Nicholas Carr | Open Culture

I think we’re shifting toward shallower, less interesting intellectual lives and, more generally, a shallower culture. That doesn’t mean we’re getting dumber or stupider. It means that the emphasis of our thought is shifting away from the more contemplative and solitary modes of thought that I believe give richness and distinctiveness to our thoughts and even our selves.

Fraai gesprek met Nicholas Carr over zijn boek The Shallows, de invloed van het web op ons intellectueel denkvermogen.

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Internet Trends 2010 by Morgan Stanley Research

Fraaie cijfers en interessante inzichten

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danah boyd | apophenia » “for the lolz”: 4chan is hacking the attention economy

And I do hope that we always have people around us reminding us to never take the internets too seriously.

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The Volokh Conspiracy » Fixing the CDA 230 Subsidy While Preserving Online Anonymity

Anonymous online speech can be powerful and beneficial.  You are free to leave anonymous or pseudonymous comments on this site, which encourages free discussion of political issues.  Protesters in Iran can spread ideas, corporate whistleblowers can speak out, and the government is deterred from at least one form of intrusion into personal life.  On a personal level, you can explore your identity, research controversial causes or issues, or just vent frustration.  All of these are good things and worthy of preservation.

But in the offline world there is also accountability for anonymous speech that is libelous or invasive of privacy.  By taking control of the media away from The New York Times and putting it in the hands of individual bloggers, the Internet have empowered free expression and opinion, but also empowered hundreds of millions of people to anonymously libel each other and invade each others’ privacy.

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Op-Ed Contributor - Mind Over Mass Media -

But such panics often fail basic reality checks. When comic books were accused of turning juveniles into delinquents in the 1950s, crime was falling to record lows, just as the denunciations of video games in the 1990s coincided with the great American crime decline. The decades of television, transistor radios and rock videos were also decades in which I.Q. scores rose continuously.

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Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable « Clay Shirky

So who covers all that news if some significant fraction of the currently employed newspaper people lose their jobs?

I don’t know. Nobody knows. We’re collectively living through 1500, when it’s easier to see what’s broken than what will replace it. The internet turns 40 this fall. Access by the general public is less than half that age. Web use, as a normal part of life for a majority of the developed world, is less than half that age. We just got here. Even the revolutionaries can’t predict what will happen.

Een jaar oud en zeker nog relevant en gedachtenprikkelend!

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June 7th, 2:59pm 3 comments

mindout » Apple, de iPhone 4G en de eeuwige belofte van het videobellen - formatontwikkeling van digitale media

Apple heeft de schijn van 80 jaar beeldtelefoongeschiedenis tegen zich, des te meer omdat een aantal vergelijkbare problemen spelen.

Prima eerste beschouwing van die vreemde (zoveelste) aankondiging over videobellen. Zitten we daar nu echt op te wachten?