Maine police charge man, 20, with murder after finding body 'believed to be missing girl, 15, dumped in the woods'

  • Authorities found the remains of what they believe is Nichole Cable in a wooded area in Maine 20 miles from her home
  • Acquaintance Kyle Dube, 20, charged with murder
  • Dube had shared her missing poster on his Facebook page
  • Cable, of Glenburn, was last seen at home on Sunday night nine days ago

By Daily Mail Reporter


Police charged a 20-year-old Maine man with murder on Tuesday in the death of a 15-year-old girl who was last seen more than a week ago.

Kyle Dube, of Orono, was charged in Nichole Cable's death after a body presumed to that of the girl was found in a wooded area Monday night, Maine State Police Lt. Christopher Coleman said at a news conference.

Nichole's family had said she vanished after she went to meet a Facebook friend in real life for the first time.

Kyle Dube, 20, of Orono, Maine, seen here in a June 2012 was charged Tuesday, May 21, 2013 with murder in the death of Nichole Cable, who was last seen May 12, 2013
Terrified: Nichole's father says that his daughter's cell phone has since been turned off and they feel utterly hopeless on what more to do

Kyle Dube, 20, of Orono, Maine, seen here in a June 2012  was charged Tuesday, May 21, 2013 with murder in the death of Nichole Cable, right,who was last seen May 12, 2013

Tyler-Ann Harris, a 16-year-old who described herself as Nichole's best friend, said Dube and Nichole had met a couple of months earlier and planned to see each other the weekend she vanished, before he had to report to jail for a 90 day sentence for a 2012 motorcycle chase.

Harris, who met Nichole this year at Old Town High School where they were students, said she had never met Dube and wasn't sure of their relationship status.

She said Nichole wasn't fearful of him.

'She was really happy even though she went through a lot of hard stuff in her life. She always knew how to see the bright side of things,' Harris said, using a tissue to dab tears in her eyes.


'She didn't always get along with people, and she had an attitude. But that's a teenage girl. And she was just happy all the time.'

When he was charged, Dube was already in jail after turning himself in to the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department on Friday on an unrelated charge, Coleman said.

Dube’s Facebook page shows he twice posted the flier about Cable being missing last week.

The day after she went missing he reportedly posted, 'OK so I don’t with the droma. Let’s get this straight. I KYLE DUBE is and always will be with [my girlfriend]. We have had are up and downs but we have worked them out so stop talking to me if you are trying to flirt and guys you better stop hitting on [her] I get crazy when I’m pissed off and I’m about there.'

The body believed to be Nichole was found at about 9:30 p.m. Monday by a warden who was searching the woods with a dog, officials said. The exact location was not disclosed.

Although positive identification is pending, authorities believe the body is that of Nichole.

Missing: Authorities say Nichole Kristine Cable, 15, has been missing since Sunday night with her mother suspecting she met a man on Facebook using a fake name of Bryan Butterfield

Missing: Authorities believe they have found the body of Nichole Kristine Cable, 15, who has been missing since Sunday night

The body was being turned over to the medical examiner for positive identification and to determine a cause of death.

Nichole's mother has said that she last saw her daughter on May 12 when she said she was going out to meet someone she knew from Facebook, but didn't know who that person was.

She had pleaded for her daughter to come home, saying she won't be in trouble.

Dozens of law enforcement officers, using aircraft and dogs, and hundreds of civilian volunteers have spent days searching for the teen, who lived in Glenburn.

'This initially started as a missing person's case and sadly it's transitioned to a homicide investigation,' said Penobscot County Sheriff Glenn Ross.

The body was uncovered after an extensive search of the area with a helicopter and K-9 units. Before combing the woods, police had conducted two informational roadblocks between 8 p.m.

Heartbroken: Nichole's mother has released a heart-breaking plea that whomever is with her that they return her home safely or in a public place where she can call for help

Heartbroken: Nichole's mother has released a heart-breaking plea that whomever is with her that they return her home safely or in a public place where she can call for help

Sunday and 1 a.m. Monday. Authorities said more than 100 motorists passed through the road checks and provided two dozen pieces of new information for investigators.

On a Facebook page labeled Bring Nichole Cable Home, Nichole's mother, Kristine Willey, wrote, 'Please if you have my CoCo, drop her off at a gas station or a park so she can call for help or for me to come get her.

'I dont care who you are, I just want her home. She's just a little girl of 15 with her whole life ahead of her. Please bring her home!'

Her father had noted last week that his daughter's phone had been shut off and he had 'not heard any word from her through social media or friends.'

Cable had light brown hair and blue eyes and weighed just 90 pounds. She was a student at Old Town High School.

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They have the guy in custody.

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My parents didn't allow me to meet my American boyfriend until I was 21, and even then I had friends come along to the airport with me to pick him up. You don't just allow your minor child to meet someone off the internet.

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Now I'm sure this teen has heard of past stories of other girls meeting up with strangers that didn't end well. I wonder what her last thoughts were when she realized that she too was going to be a victim.

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Its not the poor girls fault, its the evil predator still out there who is to blame, I wish a 15 year old girl could be able to hitch hike across America without incident, I just wish the world was like that, but it isn't.

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When will teenagers wake up and stop being so naive and stupid??? You don't meet up (by yourself) with random dudes online. It's a no-brainer!!! There are so many creepers out there, no shock she ends up dumped in the woods.

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Need to track the IP Address traffic ASAP, may already be too late to follow. Maine shouldnt have too much internet traffic?

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I see a lot of comments about monitoring her on-line activities, but as a mother of a teen myself I can say that is easier said than done. Besides the home computer, they can access the web through phones, ipods, and can even get on social sites at schools, not to mention using their friends devices. Our nation is so "wired" that it makes it virtually impossible. Praying for her family. - dee, Byron, United States, 21/5/2013 8:16 OH WOMAN hush your mouth, be a responsible parent and not have internet in your home, or on the kids phone, get over it, you are just making excuses and being lazy about it. SHUT up lady !

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I can't believe how ignorant you people are paying out on the poor mother. Didnt you know- DO NOT BELIEVE SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE A JOURNALIST SAYS IT HAPPENED!!! unless you heard the mother say that she was schedualed to meet up with someone she met on facebook, then she never said it. Journalists take what information they can and add anything else to make it more interesting. this girl was obviously obducted!!! Her abductor made a fake facebook account portraying a boy nichole went to school with, she believed she was meeting someone she already knew! Highly doubt she 'run off' with this man. She was lured and would have been scared when she realised it wasn't her school peer.

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Did I miss something? Another post said something about getting cigarettes. Where did it say that?? Anyways, who the hell lets their kid meet someone on FB? Parents are too busy trying to be friends and not guiding anymore.

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reading the comments leads me to believe that only perfect parents and people who were (boring) perfect kids post here now! don't know how i got allowed to post!

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