Have it your way with the Mojeek search engine

Mojeek is a new search engine (still in beta), with an independent crawler. This newcomer in such an extremely competitive market combines uncluttered user interface with advanced search options and personalized search.

Uncluttered and advanced
The search page reminds of Google’s – except it is even simpler (!). There is a search box and three links. One link that leads to info about Mojeek, one to advanced search and one to personal search.

Read on to learn more about Mojeek’s advanced search options and Mojeek Personal Search.

Using the advanced search option you can:

  • Exclude words and terms from your search results
  • Choose how to display results
  • Search within a specific domain
  • Try out different algorithms to rank the results

Personal search
Mojeek Personal Search lets you create your own topical or personal search index. You can add and remove unlimited number of domains. With publishable links, you can also share your index and provide the service to your site’s visitors.

This feature could turn out to be a powerful version of Rollyo. There is an option to customize all the ranking parameters, and you can retrieve your personal search results in xml format.

Pandia is testing a Mojeek Personal Search for search engine related information.

Test different algorithms
We have never seen a search engine that lets you choose between several algorithms. Yahoo is still testing a technology called Mindset, that lets you adapt the algorithm along an axis with shopping on the one end and research on the other. Mojeek seems to aim for more.

At present, you can choose between five algorithms – default, 1, 2, 3, and 4. If the categories had been descriptive, for instance information, shopping, education or travel, this would have been a truly interesting feature.

Algorithm 1 searches “the sites that are talking about�. You can see how this works with this example search using “google� as a search term. At present, the rest of the algorithms are experimental.

More to come
There are plans to build into the personal search the ability to adjust and set your own ranking parameters, as almost all are adjustable at the time of each search.

This feature would also benefit site owners and webmasters wishing to implement site searches and multiple domain searches, using their own customized ranking parameters, a feature which, to our knowledge, no other engine offers.

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