MP says Woolwich 'killers' should be compared to Jack the Ripper and not dubbed terrorists

  • Alec Shelbrooke said incident was murder not terrorism
  • Added that everyone with a non-white face is implicated
  • Said that just because it is done in the name of God does not make it terror

By Mail On Sunday


A Tory MP last night clashed with the Prime Minister’s description of the Woolwich murder as ‘terrorism’.

Alec Shelbrooke, a ministerial aide, said the fact that the attackers cited Allah to horrified onlookers should not mean the incident be classified as a ‘terrorist’ incident.

Alec Shelbrooke said that the incident should not be considered terror, it is murder

Alec Shelbrooke said that the incident should not be considered terror, it is murder

‘Just because someone says they have done it in the name of Islam does not make them terrorists,’ he said.


‘I do not think this should be described as terror.

‘Just because you stand up and say “God is Great” to everybody, it does not mean it’s Islamic terror.’

Shelbrooke said that just because it was done in the name of God does not make it terrorism

Shelbrooke said that just because it was done in the name of God does not make it terrorism

Mr Shelbrooke, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Northern Ireland Minister Mike Penning, compared the killers to the Yorkshire Ripper.

He said: ‘What’s the difference between Peter Sutcliffe saying he killed prostitutes because God told him to, and these people who are saying they are doing it in the name of Allah? It’s murder.’

Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, was killed in the 'terrorist' attack last week

Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, was killed in the 'terrorist' attack last week

The MP for Elmet and Rothwell, West Yorkshire, said he had been bombarded with angry messages from constituents.

‘The implication is anybody who has not got a white face is implicated. If people have those views they must visit Auschwitz to understand where intolerance leads.

'People should draw the connection between what happened in the 1920 and 1930s in Germany, and the conversations people think are acceptable now. We live in a cohesive society.’

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Its scary how out of touch with reality these people in power are. If they keep trying to ignore this problem it's going to get worse. It breaks my heart this government are ruining this country and they expect the people to keep on taking it. Someone should round up these extremists and put them outside number 10, see how he likes it if he's all for it. All mouth no action-shutting them up means they're STILL allowed here then!!! I take it they are still going to ignore the root of the problem and nothing will change unless you vote UKIP for some glimmer of hope. If you don't like it here then do us all a favour and leave. If you do then work and contribute to our country and respect our laws end of. Or maybe we can put you all on an island somewhere where so you can do what you want away from everyone else...

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One of them said that day "we want war in London tonight". But a Tory MP says that is not terrorism.

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I always thought the difference between murder and terrorism was that Murder was directed at a person for personal reasons. Terrorism is an act designed to cause terror directed at a group or just the public at large.

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The government have labelled it a terrorist act, so that they don't have to face the real reason, mass immigration from primitive countries and the failed idea of multiculturalism!

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Alec Shelbrooke, tweeted his delight at becoming parliamentary private secretary to Mike Penning, the Minister of State at the Northern ISLAND Office. This man does not know the difference between Ireland and Island, and he cannot recognise a terrorist attack. Why is he in office?

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"It's my opinion so it must be true...." - typical arrogance and ignorance from the elitist brigade.

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These savages should be considered to be the same as those who carry other acts of terrorism, however to call them terrorists, in some way suggests that they have some legitimacy. They are all just cowardly, barbaric criminals. .

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I think I agree. The OTT response with Cobra meetings was unnecessary. Two religiously motivated murderers. No element of terror in it like bombings. Even so the men were radicalised by groups known to be terrorist sympathizers.

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He doesn't know the first thing about Islam. Killing in the name of Allah is in the Koran. 9:5 But when the forbidden months are past then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them and seize them beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem.

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So this MP thinks that the perpetrators of this crime had nothing to do with Islam? He also thinks we live in a cohesive society? No wonder the public hold the political class with contempt

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