Don't go, Rooney! Moyes to meet striker for talks as United try to resolve Fergie fall-out

By Rob Draper


Wayne Rooney is to have urgent summit talks with new Manchester United manager David Moyes as the club attempt to resolve the impasse over the England striker's future created by his fall-out with Sir Alex Ferguson.

While Moyes is preparing for a family holiday and Rooney is on England duty this week, it is understood that both parties are keen to meet as soon as possible to settle 27-year-old Rooney's future, which increasingly looks as though it will be at United.

The club now accept that Rooney has never submitted a formal transfer request and, although Moyes will want to meet the player personally before final decisions are made, with Rooney committed to the club and Moyes an open admirer of the player, a resolution seems imminent.

Ringside: Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney was at the O2 Arena on Saturday night

Ringside: Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney was at the O2 Arena on Saturday night

Wayne Rooney
David Moyes

Handy: Wayne Rooney is set to meet with David Moyes to discuss his Manchester United future

Up for the cup: Rooney might have played his last game for the Premier League champions

Up for the cup: Rooney might have played his last game for the Premier League champions


Rooney's fall-out with Ferguson came at a meeting last month, which prompted the former United manager to claim that Rooney had asked to leave after nine years at Old Trafford.

But that meeting has now been described by sources as more an exchange between a frustrated player and his manager, in which Rooney expressed his exasperation at being dropped and frequently substituted.

Having received little encouragement from Ferguson, Rooney is said to have suggested that if he were not going to be played then he might as well be sold.

It is understood that while Sir Alex might have regarded such a statement as tantamount to requesting a transfer, there was no formal communication asking for a move and that it was a statement made in the heat of the moment, driven by Rooney's desire to play more.

At the time of the meeting there was also no indication that Sir Alex was about to retire and the situation for both club and player changed radically with the arrival of Moyes.

The new manager demonstrated his independence from Sir Alex last week with the departure of Ferguson's assistant, Mike Phelan, and his goalkeeping coach, Eric Steele.

Moyes's assistant at Everton, Steve Round, and his goalkeeping coach, Chris Woods, would be the most likely replacements.

United's departing chief executive David Gill also said last week that he fully expected Rooney to be playing at Old Trafford next season, indicating that the club have no problem with the player.

Get out, No 2: Mike Phelan was relieved of his role by the incoming Moyes earlier this week

Get out, No 2: Mike Phelan was relieved of his role by the incoming Moyes earlier this week

Moyes gave Rooney his Premier League debut as a 16-year-old at Everton but the pair then fell out over false claims in Rooney's autobiography that Moyes had leaked information to the media.

Rooney and the publishers of his autobiography apologised in court and paid damages thought be around 500,000, which were donated to a charity supporting former Everton players.

Since then, Moyes has spoken warmly of Rooney, claiming the player telephoned him to apologise personally and thank him for guidance given him early in his career.


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Rooney is trouble in the camp, get rid while you can...but then no one wants him...

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come off it moysey u know u are going to ship him out, hes a spent force, to be honest hes always been over rated, why not be the first manager to sell shrek twice !! nice one, as long as its not to spurs please

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Get rid, sell him for 80 million the Barce. - baldeagle4travel, Harrogate, United Kingdom, 26/5/2013 15:20 Trying to work through your atrocious writing, I think you are trying to say 'sell him for 80 to Barcelona'. Why on earth would Barcelona, or indeed any team, pay 80 for him?

Click to rate     Rating   4

He's a pale shadow of the player he once was. Like Michael Owen, Norman Whiteside and others - a world class player until he was 22/23 - and now washed up, slow, egotistic, and only marginally above average. And thats being generous....

Click to rate     Rating   5

Not even good!!!Yes,that goal against City a couple of years ago was a dead giveaway. Relic from Stretford End Paddock ,LA.

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please stay mr Rooney , we`ll give you yet another pay rise !!!!. The media talk about City lack of team spirit etc and Rooney keeps holding United to ransom, kick him out now !!!!!!

Click to rate     Rating   5

Hit a nerve there sorry but sometimes the truth hurts with reference to the comments of daidunga "IT MIGHT HELP MOYES IF HE IS MAGNANIMOUS ENOUGH TO DIP IN TO HIS OWN POCKET AND PAY ROONEY THE 500000 HE TOOK OF HIM IN COURT "

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The situation of him not playing in every game will still exist when Moyes takes over. Van Persie is now no 1 & there are good players in all other positions. I think he would be happier moving to a club who needs a good striker.

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Rooney at The O2 arena on saturday night? He'd have beaten Kessler too.

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