Aguero signs one-year contract extension to remain with managerless City until 2017

By Declan Warrington


Sergio Aguero has signed a new contract to extend his stay at Manchester City for an additional year to 2017.

The talented forward, one of the world's best, had been a potential transfer target for Real Madrid ahead of a summer that promises significant change at The Etihad but has shown his commitment to City by agreeing the new deal before even the appointment of a new manager.

'I'm very happy at City and I feel very appreciated,' he recently said. 'It's been barely two years since I've arrived and sometimes I feel like I've been here for all my life.

Crucial: Sergio Aguero is among the Premier League's best players

Crucial: Sergio Aguero is among the Premier League's best players

'I have a fantastic relationship with the fans, and that always reminds me of our title and that goal against QPR. I can never forget that moment.

'Now I am looking forward to next season and pushing hard to win the title again.'

It is no secret that Aguero's fellow Argentina international Carlos Tevez could be among those to leave this summer so for the former to follow David Silva, Gael Clichy and Yaya Toure in extending his stay is a significant positive.

Tenacious: Aguero settled into the Premier League instantly

Tenacious: Aguero settled into the Premier League instantly

Popular figure: The Argentinian signs autographs for fans

Popular figure: The Argentinian signs autographs for fans

Disappointment? City have had a disappointing season

Disappointment? City have had a disappointing season

Roberto Mancini was sacked before the end of a disappointing season, Mario Balotelli was sold months earlier and Edin Dzeko has also been linked with a departure so Aguero, incidentally the scorer of the famous goal that clinched the 2011/2012 Premier League title, could be the only forward from CIty's title-winning season to remain.

Since arriving from Atletico Madrid for 38m in 2011, the Argentinian has scored 47 goals in 69 starts and will almost certainly continue to be a key player regardless of the identity of the new manager.


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Sorry Tom M, you are still are the idiot as 2+2=4 not 5 as you are suggesting. Supposition is not a solid grounding to make an argument. Stop watching Mr Men and start watching something like QI or Mastermind you might just learn something.

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What some of the trolls on here do not realise (Tom) is extending a players contract actually improves the books for FFP. Aguero bought for 34m therefore that is amortised over the length of the contract i.e 34m /5 yrs = 7m a year. He is through 2 years so 21M is still on the books. Now City have extended his contract for 1 more year this means the 21m is divided by 4 and not 3 i.e 5m a year. Bingo! 2m a year now comes off the books. I have rounded the figures for ease.

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You red infantile baboons should bog off to your own sorry articles and play with your kindergarten playmates.

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Tom M , Manchester, 26/5/2013 15:25 --- You are an idiot Tom how many new deal's have "utd" players had offered when other clubs come calling oh yeh PLASTIC fan's don't look into there own club history they just talk BS and bitterness about the rest OBSESSED TROLL

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Hyde mark, Don't recall Real Utd fans calling City classless at the Munich derby ?!!! Class and respect something you know very little about.

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Who ever comes in to manage City i hope they have a good look at playmaker Gary Taylor Fletcher at Blackpool, a fantastic player and a real handful to mark. Also Matt Smith at Oldham as a target man to replace Dzeko. Both players have gone under Hodgson's radar and should've been capped by now for England

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Hyde mark , Manchester Is Red, 26/5/2013 15:02 --- No cash , No class , King chav , Most hated team in the world....Still more liked than you NVM BITTER troll there are always you're sell out attendances oh wait what about the legendary youth system that churns out world class home grown talent year after year oh wait spose you can always fall back on those history lessons you like to mock Liverpool about Hahahahahahahahaha

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So he was contracted to Citeh until 2016 ( THATS THREE YEARS ) and decides to sign a new contract until 2017, and yet the Berties are adamant that he didn't want to leave, if' that's the case why have the club offered him a new contract when he still had three years left, I think we all know the answer to that one dont we !!!!!!!! - Tom M , Manchester, 25/5/2013 23:31-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes! You are an idiot. - Barrymoore , Prague, Czech Republic, 26/5/2013 07:54 --------- Silva off to Barca = New Contract, Toure off to PSG = New Contract, Aguerro off to Madrid = New Contract, Now whose the IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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all the cash but no class a bunch of lottery winning chavs, your hated all over the world

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Like Suarez at Liverpool, Aguero looks like a settled player who wants to play for the club. I get sick of the rags , who have issues with their own players trying to make up untrue stories....and yes that does include the copy writers at the mail.

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