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Well, is a PR5 weblog that blogs about the internet, technology trends, gadgets and electronics, useful tips and tricks, freeware, software, hardware and generally everything. There is no specific topic or field that focuses on. It has the stuff that caught the interest of all walks of internet users.

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OK, I’m the author and admin of this blog, Matthew Phiong or better known as just Matt from Penang, Malaysia. I’m still a student, pursuing my degree in computer science at a well known local university, University Science Malaysia (USM). I prefer not to put up my personal photo here, if you want to know me more, check out my friendster: My personal blog is now up and running, I’ll speaks about my life and experience over there. Check out:

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Feel free to contact me via email or MSN Messenger if you have any inquiries:

  • Email: matthewphiong[at]
  • Messenger: matthew_phiong[at]

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