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August 18th, 2009

How To Add Twitter Search To Your Browser


The new Twitter Search has become a realtime search engine and a hit. The newly launched Twitter homepage now has its focus on search, realtime search to be exact.

So, it really useful to have the new Twitter Search integrated directly into your browser, let it be Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can just type in your keywords and hit Enter instead of loading to do a search.

OK, how to do that?

If you are using Firefox, it requires no more than two clicks thanks to this add-on – Twitter Search. Click Download Now and Add when a confirmation menu pops up. You are ready to go!


If you are using Internet Explorer (IE8/IE7), there is a little work to do. As of now, IE Add-ons for search providers does not have Twitter Search Add-on yet. But no worries, we can make one ourself and it is very easy!

Jump to Create your own Search Provider page. Fill in the textboxes as follow:


Name: Twitter Search (could be anything)

Click Install Search Provider and Add it to your IE. As simple as that.



Finally, this is what you have:

[Twitter Search added to IE8 and Firefox 3.5]


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  1. Comment by Jennifer Abej »

    March 3rd, 2010 @ 3:17 pm ·

    Hey thanks for the info. I have added twitter search bar.. Its very useful.

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