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7 Chefs Compete

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Aired: 11/10/10

With the elimination behind them, Russell is fuming mad that he was put on the chopping block and accuses Trev of making a "strategic move." The next morning, the remaining seven contestants meet Chef Ramsay in the dining room, where he explains that he's concerned they're not communicating properly. Their next challenge will focus on communication and timing. As a team they'll have 30 minutes to cook three entrees from the menu: tagliatelle, salmon with lobster ragout, and poached chicken. But only one team member is allowed in the kitchen at a time for five-minute shifts. In between, they'll have just 15 seconds to explain to the next chef up what's been done and what needs to happen next.

Russell and Sabrina are first. Both start rolling out the pasta, and Sabrina gets the lobster cooking. Next, Jillian gets the sauces going and pulls the lobster out of the pot, while Trev starts sautéing garnish. The problem isn't that he didn't cook the lobster, but that he didn't communicate that to Vinny, who's up next. The Red Team runs into trouble when Gail gets up to bat and doesn't seem to accomplish much of anything. When it's Trev's turn again, he still doesn't cook the lobster, which means it falls upon Vinny during the last round to quickly poach just the tail. As Jillian winds up things for her team, she makes the fatal mistake of dropping the salmon on the floor. That means they present the lobster ragout without the entrée. Though the garnish tastes delicious, the point must go to the Blue Team.

Next up is the tagliatelle. Chef Ramsay calls the Blue Team's pasta bland, and while the Red Team's is over-sauced, it's much better seasoned. With the score tied, it comes down to the chicken. Both teams' string bean garnishes are raw, but Chef Ramsay gives the point to the guys. As a reward they get a shopping spree at kitchen supply store Sur la Table and a lunch at swanky restaurant Melisse. The losing ladies have to stay behind and collect deliveries for the restaurant. While the guys enjoy their day out, Jillian tries to shift blame for her team's loss to Gail, who didn't properly blanch the green beans.

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