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Colonial Ancestors Database 

Graduates of Harvard University in the Colonial Period

Revolutionary War Soldiers

Farmington Soldiers in the Colonial Wars

Women of the Revolution

Officers Who Took Oath of Allegiance at Valley Forge, 1778

Graduates of Harvard In the Colonial Period

Lists of graduates in the year they graduated.  This list starts in 1642.  Most graduates were ministers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, or businessmen.  

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Colonial Ancestors Database

The Colonial Ancestors Database contains information about colonial ancestors posted by our visitors.  Some of the records contain the email address of the submitter.  You can contact the submitter to exchange information.  Other records do not have an email address.  These were submitted to assist your research, but the person submitting the record has no further information.  Some of the records in the database include a URL with additional information. 

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Officers Who Took the
   Oath of Allegiance at Valley Forge in 1778

On February 3, 1778, Congress, required that every officer who held or should thereafter hold a commission or office from Congress, should subscribe the oath or affirmation of allegiance.  Here find the names of those who took the oath of allegiance to the new government in 1778 at Valley Forge.  

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This Day in Colonial Times

Published in 1899, an event that occurred in Colonial times is listed for each day of the year.  Kind of an On This Day in History!



The Original
13 Colonies

Virginia  (1607)

Massachusetts (1620)

New York, originally New Amsterdam (1626)

Maryland (1633)

Rhode Island (1636)

Connecticut (1636)

Delaware, originally New Sweden (1638)

New Hampshire (1638)

North Carolina (1653)

South Carolina (1663)

New Jersey (1664)

Pennsylvania  (1682)

Georgia (1732)

Vermont - Originally part of New Hampshire Colony

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