About Flvrd

Flvrd (pronounced as flavored) is a place that lets people share and discover interesting visual content (pictures and videos) based on their tastes.

Why Flvrd?

With millions of interesting pictures and videos being shared daily across the web, it is difficult and time-wasting to filter and find the content that you are interested in. Furthermore, there are many types of such content — from funny to photography to cats. Sure enough, not all types of content suit your tastes. Some people might be interested in funny type of content but not arts or photography. So, how can different kind of people with different tastes to easily find the content they like, all at one place?

Flvrd makes sharing and discovering visual content as easy as 1-2-3. You no longer have to browse through tons of content that you are not interested just to find the ones that you do. With Flvrd, you pick the flavors based on your tastes and enjoy. Now you have more time enjoying what you like and share with other users that share your tastes.

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The Flvrd Team

The Flvrd Team

Made in Penang, MY with ♥ by Koekoe (koekoecrunch) and Matthew Phiong (matthewp)

Flvrd ♥ Start-Up Chile

Start-Up Chile

Flvrd is one of 154 startups selected to participate in Start-Up Chile 2011 (Round 2). Read the official announcement here and our blog post here.