Frequently Asked Questions

What can I share on Flvrd?

Anything visually appealing — pictures or videos! BUT no porn, no nudity, no racism, no harassment, no bully, no defamation, no gore, no offensive stuff, no illegal stuff.

What are the levels in Flvrd?

Following are all the levels available in Flvrd:

  • Level 1 (Mint): 50 - 250 points
  • Level 2 (Gumdrop): 251 - 650 points
  • Level 3 (Liquorice): 651 - 1500 points
  • Level 4 (Jelly Bean): 1501 - 3000 points
  • Level 5 (Candy Corn): 3000 - 6000 points
  • Level 6 (Gummi Bear): 6001 - 12000 points
  • Level 7 (Caramel): 12001 - 22800 points
  • Level 8 (Chocolate): 22801 - 43300 points
  • Level 9 (Lollipop): 43301 - 80000 points
  • Level 10 (Candy Cane): > 80001 points

How to earn points?

You get points by doing the following:

  • Sharing a new picture or video by posting them on Flvrd (20 points)
  • View posts shared by others on Flvrd (2 points)

What are flavors and flavicons?

Flavors represent the taste, feel, expression and emotion of visual stuff. Flavors are expressed through flavicons. For example, a picture of a vanilla ice cream can have flavors like "Happy" and "Nom".

Flavicons are visual representations of flavors.

What are the types or categories of flavicons?

There are six categories of flavicons in Flvrd: Emoji, Fancy, Meme, Slang, Special and Things.

  • Emoji: Facial expressions or emoticons.
  • Fancy: Interests or hobbies.
  • Meme: Internet memes.
  • Slang: Short-hand representation of expressions.
  • Special: Mostly just for fun, seasonal stuff.
  • Things: Stuff, objects or animals.

How to get more flavicons?

You will unlock more flavicons as you level up. There are also some limited time, limited edition flavicons that only can be unlocked during certain period of time.

When should I flag a post or comment?

Whenever you found a post or comment that is offensive or violates our terms! We will definitely appreciate your effort in helping us to keep Flvrd clean and safe for everyone.

Anything else?

Send an email to . Make sure important stuff are highlighted in the subject field. We will get back to you ASAP.