Woman dies in motorway crash after driving the wrong way and colliding with four cars

  • Woman in her late 20s or early 30s drove north on southbound carriageway
  • She was pronounced dead at the scene after colliding with four cars

By Daily Mail Reporter


A woman has died after driving her car the wrong way up a motorway in the early hours of this morning, police said.

The woman, aged in her late 20s or early 30s, died after her blue Ford Ka collided with four vehicles on the M5 in Somerset.

She hit two cars in separate collisions as she drove north up the southbound carriageway from Weston-super-Mare towards Clevedon at 12.30am, Avon and Somerset Police said.

Wrong way: The woman drove north on the southbound carriage of the M5 near Weston-super-Mare (file photo)

Wrong way: The woman drove north on the southbound carriage of the M5 near Weston-super-Mare (file photo)

The car then became stationary and was hit by two more vehicles.


Road closed: Emergency services shut the motorway overnight but it was reopened by 7.30am (file photo)

Road closed: Emergency services shut the motorway overnight but it was reopened by 7.30am (file photo)

'Unfortunately the driver of the Ford Ka, a woman in her late 20s or early 30s, died at the scene,' a force spokesman said.

The M5 is a key tourist route in and out of the West Country which is expected to be busy this Bank Holiday weekend.

It was closed while emergency services dealt with the incident and police officers investigated the crash, but reopened by 7.30am.

Hours after the woman died, a 38-year-old man was killed when a car crashed near Hayle, in Cornwall.

He was pronounced dead at the scene following the single-vehicle accident at 3am, while his female passenger was taken to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro with minor injuries, a Devon and Cornwall police spokesman said.

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Some of the comments on here are disgraceful. RIP poor lady. I for one will not judge until I know some FACTS!

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Fuchsia, what the hell does that have to do with a tragic story of a young mother losing her life?! Learn some tact and respect!

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And where is the father of those FIVE children? No mention of one!

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She was naked. What's that all about???

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Only a fool would or could drive on the wrong side of a motorway unless they were either drunk or under the influence of drugs. She risked killing so many innocent people in what she did and her reason for doing it must be found. Was she of British origin, had she just returned from abroad? Had she actually passed her driving test and did she hold a full licence then? All things that need answers.

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Years ago, when learning to drive, my instructor was testing me on the highway code, and road-signs: "On a motorway, what does a grey sign on the right hand side indicate?" Confused, I eventually had to admit I didn't know... "You're going the wrong way" was the answer. I've never forgotten that!

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Im not being funny atcall but without being drunk or deliberatly trying to evade police capture. How can you drive the wrong way up a motorway. all the signs would be pointing thr other way so all you see would be their backs? Naybe Im being stupid here but I really dont get it. As you say how do u avoid a car going the wrong way without hitting it? Its the innocent members that end up hitting these crazy people. Its the cops who have to be first at the scene to establish the events. But Im sorry drive up the wrong way of a motorway. Your bones get tangled and connected to other cars. Absolutly crazy. Its inexplicable driving wrong way up motorway. I dont get how its done..... Crazy...... I have little sympathy for the young driver but Its the public who obey the rules that get my sympathy....... Im watching insurance premiums soar due to a young ladys detour.... Absolutly nuts.......

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looks like drink driving early hours of the morning wrong way down the motorway still i suppose we will find out in time

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The slip roads off of motorways in Perth WA have red road signs for people who drive down the wrong way saying "WRONG WAY GO BACK".

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Drink Driving ??????

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