Japan Radiation Professor: Women can’t control themselves — Leads to stress, then teeth & hair fall out

Published: January 14th, 2012 at 8:57 am ET
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Excerpts from Yasumi Iwakami’s recent interview with Shinzo Kimura — radiation specialist at Dokkyo University and former researcher at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Ministry of Health and Labor)

Translated by EX-SKF

Iwakami: What is Ms. Numauchi suffering from? Is it from radiation, stress, or something else? What do you think?

Kimura: Most likely, it is autoimmune disease from stress. Teeth falling off, nails peeling off, hair falling off, these must be a type of inflammatory reaction due to an autoimmune disease. Red spots on the skin is also from the autoimmune disease. [...]

I don’t think we will know the mechanism of how stress affects (health).

But you, Mr. Iwakami, and I are resistant to high stress. We cannot tell from a stress-resistant person.

I hear rabbits die of loneliness when abandoned by the owners. The same can happen to humans, can’t it? Stress play that big of a role.

In particular, women are more sensitive to stress. For good or bad, they are more sensitive.

It’s also a female characteristic that, because of that sensitivity, they cannot control themselves. Taking that also into consideration, I think it is appropriate to identify stress as the cause [of her problems].

EX-SKF Analysis

  • Kimura became a hero to many Japanese who wanted to know how bad the
    contamination from the nuclear accident was, when he was prominently
    featured in the NHK documentary series of “Mapping the radiation”. But
    what he said in an interview with Yasumi Iwakami the other day
    discussing Ms. Numauchi’s condition and the way he said it have made me
    cautious that he may not be what people have made him to be.
  • On the one hand, he insists they are the symptoms of an unspecified autoimmune disease caused by the stress from the nuclear power plant accident, and she’s more sensitive to stress because she is a woman. On the other hand, he says that there is no known mechanism whereby stress causes an autoimmune disease or any disease.
  • Ms. Numauchi has a deep, low voice and jovial, cheerful demeanor, and by looking at her and listening to her the last thing you would think is this is one stressed-out, super-sensitive woman. She looks like the man of the house, in fact, without seeing her husband.
  • Instead of insisting she suffers from stress-induced autoimmune disease, Mr. Kimura should have done what he became famous for: take samples of soil, vegetation in and around her house and measure the radiation, and check her with the special equipment that was featured in the NHK documentary that can measure internal radiation easily. But he didn’t, and Iwakami didn’t ask him to do so.
  • Ms. Numauchi is not at all saying her problems are the result of radiation exposure. She says she just wants to know why they’ve been happening to her, her friend, and her husband. With a nationally known radiation specialist and a popular independent journalist telling her it’s just stress because she is a woman, she must have been disappointed.
  • I guess her husband, who suffers numb feet and severe fatigue, must also be suffering from a feminine stress.

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Published: January 14th, 2012 at 8:57 am ET
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49 comments to Japan Radiation Professor: Women can’t control themselves — Leads to stress, then teeth & hair fall out

  • radegan

    Kimura wants the same infamy the world used to tar Yamashita.

    “…they cannot control themselves.”

    Just like little monkeys they are, not even fully human, better to keep them pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen, eh?

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  • or-well

    Kimura suffers from FEW -
    Foolish Elitist Misogyny.

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      • Everyone knows that when confronted with a case of infectious FEWS in men, women exposed to them start having problems; teeth fall out, hair falls out, skin discolors, nails peel off.

        I am afraid this might become an epidemic, due to the totally overwhelming incidence of FEWS found in men in this country..

        Japan ranks 26th in terms of women’s equality out of 27 civilized countries. Only North Korea has more cases of infectious FEWS than Japan. See womens rights video below for quote on this..

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        • or-well

          @AGreenRoad, I didn’t catch it (wasn’t awake!)and neither did you.

          It should be FEM (!)

          which is even better maybe…

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          • Yup, I stand corrected.. Substitute FEM for all FEWS above. That does make it much better.

            A nuclear survivor warning… Bottom line message; do not wait for the government or doctors or ‘experts’ to help you… it will NOT happen. DEMAND IT. DO NOT STOP DEMANDING, or they will just ignore you and watch you die.


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          • dharmasyd

            I saw it right off, possibly because I’m an over sensitive fem who has lived a life exposed to multiple overdoses of FEM!!!

            Perhaps the most egregious was being turned down for a 4 year Woodrow Wilson Graduate Fellowship. On turning me down, the committee wrote a letter to the professor who nominated me because he was a VIP in the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. He shared the letter with me. This was the 1950s:

            Although we find nothing wrong with Ms. Vilen’s academic achievemnt, grade point, scholastic aptitude, we believe Ms. Vilen is such an attractive young woman she will probably just get married, have children, raise a family, and waste our funding!”

            My fault I guess, for having allowed myslef to be born as the inferior gender.

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            • dharmasyd

              Sorry. the last paragraph, “My fault…” should be outside the blockquote. My comment, not that of the WWFC.

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              • StillJill StillJill

                A simple matter of x’s and y’s, huh? Male or female.
                Yup,…give the gal a ‘handicap’ comin’ out the gate.

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              • or-well

                an astonishingly blunt refusal, but of the times. Such waste. FEM is not constrained by national boundaries, nor are any of its components.
                I contend that mothers with babies should be empowered vocal components of any government that wishes to be considered legitimate, regardless of educational accomplishment. No qualifiers, but that most intimate connection to LIFE.

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  • Bones Bones

    Maybe that guy spoke in code. When he said “stress” he really meant, “radiation.” See how he said “stress” affected women more or they are more susceptible. It is amazing that radiation actually is kind of like aids. Scary stuff.

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    • Bones Bones

      Sorry, I meant “damage from” radiation in the second to last sentence.

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      • Bones, doesn’t the Startrek medical lab or computer database have some kind of cure for the FEW disease, above?

        It seems this infection is raging and infecting all kinds of women, while the men seem to be immune carriers of the dis-ease.

        What would you recommend?

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        • Centaur Centaur

          Hi! :)

          I’m no starfleet physicist (yet ^^), but a Centaur (Chiron, one of us, was the greatest physicist of his time) and FEM is – from my point of view – a psychological disorder. The easiest and most radical cure that comes to my mind is this:

          Cure of Follish Elitist Mysogynie (FEM)

          The patient has to reach the _post-existentialistic phase_ of his personal development, even if it hurts much in the first minutes. That’s always the case, when you make an important leap forward in your personal development process… (Ken Wilber named the direct upfollowing phase the “centauric phase” (“Spectrum of Consciousness”, 1977) – but that’s mere coincidence… ;)

          So: A CALL to ALL, who suffer from FEM more or less: Stop being foolish and stop believing, that you are in any way “better” or “more valuable” than any other person or any other living being on this planet. It is NOT true and you know it. You always knew it deep in your innermost thoughts… and you also know, that the world wouldn’t go KABLOUIEE!!, if you’d admit that and act on it from now on… so grow up and face the fear, which can be felt as a dragging and pulling stomach-feeling accompanied by thoughts and emotions of inferiority/shame/guilt – that comes from the re-actualizations of memories of
          all the evil things, you did up to the actual day.

          They break their way through during that phase. but the unpleasant feelings will fade away after one faces them for a while – as all feelings do…, the thoughts will calm down and find an astonishing solution, that will baffle you. And afterwards, you’ll be a more grown-up human than before. One that won’t live on other living beings suffering anymore – but on it’s own.

          It’s worth the try – you have the chance to exchange that lame misogyny for the real intense feeling of LIFE flowing through your blood vessels (again). :)

          Best regards and get well soon,
          Centaur Flo

          PS: What’s…

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      • ion jean ion jean

        MY DEFINITION of OUT OF CONTROL is a certain Japanese MALE who had 20,000 of his own people Jump Off Cliffs in Saipan with their CHILDREN during WWII.

        Regarding this man’s views about females, he’s either gay, alone or sleeps on the couch a lot…I truly Hope this is not the general view of women in Japan because they would be better off living in Afghanistan!

        I saw that connection too with women being more sensitive to radiation.

        Is this guy I presume a medical doctor or PhD scientist? To me his opinion is worthless, he sounds like a total idiot…

        He should make no conclusions about this woman without her medical history AND radiation LAB TESTS!

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    • or-well

      Maybe Bones. Without speaking Japanese, we can’t know what forms of the language he may have shifted between (if he did) or what specific words he may have used that carry alternate suggestive meanings.

      But if we trust EX-SKFs translation, Kimura may simply be expressing a mindset that trumps objective discipline.

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  • Bobby1

    So the damage to the immune system is supposedly brought about by hysterical foolish women that are stressing out. It’s not from radiation which damages the immune system.

    So Kimura is a sexist as well as a shill.

    The good thing about this is that nobody will believe radiation specialists any more.

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  • arclight arclight

    “and she’s more sensitive to stress because she is a woman.”

    dont know where to start with this sentence!!

    In Japan, Women’s Constitutional Rights in Peril
    By Catherine Makino

    WeNews correspondent

    Sunday, May 1, 2005

    “Japan’s ruling party is pursuing drastic revisions to the country’s constitution, including rewording the guarantee of gender equality. Women’s rights advocates say that if the revisions pass, Japan will return to “a dark period of history.”

    TOKYO (WOMENSENEWS)–The clock will be rolled way back for Japanese women, if the ruling Liberal Democratic Party succeeds in its efforts to change the constitution, women’s advocates here say.

    Some are calling it a return to “a dark period of history.” Many are also outraged that such a drastic change in the constitution began under what seems to be a veil of secrecy.”


    Womens rights in Japan (bit depressing ! :( but OT )

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  • harengus_acidophilus harengus_acidophilus

    Absolutly logical: just a “radiation professor” is able to do a diagnosis on autoimmune desease. And, if your car is broken, just ask the butcher…


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  • arclight arclight


    definately on topic!! as children have NO rights in japan!! but they are working on it……..


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  • arclight arclight

    heres a handy list i found of japanese womens rights organisations that can be contacted.. google for email address`s


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  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Ah yes, the old “women are just naturally hysterical” argument.

    This is like telling a person with asthma who is panicking because she can’t breathe, “you don’t have asthma, it’s just a panic attack.” Then the emergency room doctor won’t treat you, and you almost drop dead at the pharmacy before they can fill the prescription for your emergency inhaler ….

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The Japanese society is very male oriented.
    Woman in Japan..though living in a moderized society…they still live under archaic social rules.
    Controlling themselves is not an option here…they must fight for the healthy lives of their children.
    Women and children are affected first and the hardest.
    It is rude and ignorant to try and blame this on stress.
    But then again… it is very stressful ..holding a ailing child in one’s arms.

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  • shiverca shiverca

    Stress my ass what a cop out!

    Who do they think they’re fooling!

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  • bleep_hits_blades

    Misogyny (hatred of women) – Asian cultures (and many/most others, to varying degrees) – have a history of misogyny.

    Also ‘blame the victim’ is an old stragegy/meme.

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  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    The only entity surrounding this story that can’t control themselves is the nuke industry and the men that run the show. The rest is BULLSHIT!!

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  • I am surprised that this same doc in the box did not also blame women for ‘not smiling’ enough.

    Maybe they use these two things one at a time, so if people get tired of hearing one, they switch to the other.

    Between not smiling enough, ‘stress’ and women not ‘controlling’ themselves, we have plenty of excuses and justifications for EVERYTHING that people suffer from…

    It just CANNOT be the radiation now, can it? And certainly, none of this has anything to do with the explosions, meltdowns, melt throughs, and constant radioactive releases from FUKU?

    Of course not… any radiation measured ANYWHERE is coming from the trees, the stars, bananas, leaves, grass, and grasshoppers.. THEY are all to blame, not the plant operators..

    And any radiation found on your property, is YOUR problem, not the fault of the company that put it there.. Any losses, well, they are all YOUR fault too, not the company that forced you to abandon your property and took away your livelihood…

    Now be polite and sit down, be quiet..

    Class dismissed…

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  • Would it surprise anyone that this same technique and justification for all diseases and cancers is found in Russia around Chernobyl as well?

    Yup, women there are also blamed for ‘infections’, excess ‘stress’ and mental problems, as the cause of all health problems. They have no problem blaming women for the 80% of all babies born with birth defects, health issues or cancers.. Only 20% are healthy in one specific area explored that is more or less the equivalent of Fukushima, only 30-40 years later.

    I would venture to guesstimate that we are going to see an exact repeat of Chernoby in Japan.. Doctors blaming women, nuclear experts saying there is no harm with radiation and everyone avoiding bananas, because we all know they are FULL of radiation.

    It would be funny if it were not so tragic.

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  • Alice Alice

    If the esteemed professor believes that women are incapable of controlling themselves, I hope he won’t be too stressed out if some crazed woman suffering radiation poisoning punches him politely in the face.

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  • I think that he is identifying being female as the cause if her problems.

    Which to me indicates that the root of HIS problems is that he is an idiot.

    “It’s also a female characteristic that, because of that sensitivity, they cannot control themselves. Taking that also into consideration, I think it is appropriate to identify stress as the cause [of her problems].”

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  • Tpac Olam Tpac Olam

    Perhaps its his radioactive personality which results in women not being able to control themselves

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  • Mauibrad Mauibrad


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  • greentea greentea

    “Numb feet and severe fatigue” are symptoms of diabetes. Perhaps a diabetes test is in order for her husband.

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  • patman

    Is there a hell hot enough for the good Doctor?

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  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A dedication to “Dr.” Kimura.
    May in your eternal dreaming.
    May you hear Harpies screaming..
    “To your mother’s womb be true”..
    PS. The japanese have them… too

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