Reports: Fukushima women losing their hair — Resemblance to chemotherapy? (PHOTOS)

Published: January 3rd, 2012 at 9:58 am ET
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Fukushima women are losing their hair, Fukushima Diary, December 31, 2011:

[... A] woman posted the hair of her old friend (42) from highschool. She says that she always wears a wig but once she takes it off, it looks horrible.

The blogger woman and her friend both started losing her hair from October. Only within 3 months, it became like this.

Report from Fukushima (2) Minami Soma: A Woman Speaks Out on Her Health Problems in Post-Accident Fukushima, EX-SKF, January 2, 2012:

[...] My Japanese blog readers sent me the link to her blog some time ago. I read the posts, researched the response to her blog from people I trust on the net. I have little reason to doubt this is a fake, she sounds sincere, though it is my personal judgment and I could be wrong. [...]


  • Probably [...] early 40s
  • Live in Minami Soma City [within 25 km of meltdowns]
  • She was a high school teacher until 2 years ago, and now she teaches children at her home

From the entry on 12/31/2011, on her friend’s hair

A very good friend of mine since high school just dropped by to say hello. We occasionally talked over the phone about my head (balding and hair falling off) and her condition. She’s 42 years old.

She came wearing a wig. When she took it out, I had no words to say.

She evacuated (after the accident) to the inland area near the Fukushima-Miyagi border. But when the reactors were exploding and when the vent was being done, she was right near by (in Minami Soma). [...]

She and I both started to lose hair in large quantities starting October. This is the head of a healthy, 42-year-old woman. She is quite active, and she works.

Can you believe it? In 3 months she has lost so much hair. Now you understand why I wanted to cut my hair short to 3 centimeters long. Right now, I have more hair than her, but if I had kept it long I would have lost much more hair. [...]

Minami Soma Woman

Minami Soma Woman

Chemotherapy Patient

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Published: January 3rd, 2012 at 9:58 am ET
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20 comments to Reports: Fukushima women losing their hair — Resemblance to chemotherapy? (PHOTOS)

  • arclight arclight

    “Right now, I have more hair than her, but if I had kept it long I would have lost much more hair.

    i thought that you would still get the hair loss no matter the length??

    if this article represents a condition or symptom.. to the initial explosion that she was near, the hair loss would have begun sooner i think..

    if it is due to bioaccumulation from food and water, though, ….. i will remain speechless!!

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  • jec

    Hair loss, bleeding, nail loss and more. What happens next? By now, the victims are so tired, and ill –they dont have the energy to fight only to quietly “go away”. Probably the government plan all along.

    Has anyone heard about the illness workers or TEPCO officals who were reported ill and hospitalized? NO? Are they okay..or ______?

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    • arclight arclight

      not a peep! apart from the odd rumour, seems some might be missing!
      heres an old article from april 2001 from the socialist worker, worth a read because they mention nuclear union busting techniques like sending the “boys” around to threaten your family!! cant imagine the temporary workers talking about any illnesses they aquired.. and no free health care in japan.. very sad

      Fukushima’s disposable workers

      Nicole Colson looks at the deplorable conditions workers at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant were forced to endure even before one of the worst nuclear accidents in history.

      April 19, 2011

      “As Saletan wrote, “To put it crudely, TEPCO and the Japanese government have calculated how far safety standards must be lowered and how much money must be offered to deploy enough humans to clean up Fukushima.”

      While the media continues to focus on the “natural disasters” that caused Japan’s nuclear crisis, for Fukushima’s nuclear gypsies, their jobs always carried tremendous risk–even in what is supposedly the safest and most technologically advanced nuclear industry in the world.

      Before another Fukushima is allowed to happen, we should ask whether the risks to human lives–not only in surrounding communities, but to the workers who make nuclear plants run–is worth it.”

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    • fredlvie

      at that point it reminds to me the 2 workers who got radiactive water into their boots and were evacuated by ambulance to hospitalization.does anyone know if they are still alive or do they have massive radiationsickness?ore are they dead already??

      pls send comments here.

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  • radegan

    I imagine a wig you wore around Tokyo would become pretty contaminated in time.

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  • Human0815

    I really don’t understand this Women,
    instead of Blogging she should come to Tokyo or Sendai
    to get a full medical Check,
    there are many Reasons why a Women at her age
    lose/ (loose?) Hair (Meno-Pause)
    but in combination with F”Shima
    she should do this now!

    Life can be much easier
    when the People start to be Rational!


    Tokyo, Radex1706+ Dp66M,
    5 min, 10cm above dry Soil:
    and i got the smae Readings from Colleagues
    in Saitama Prefecture!

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  • arclight arclight


    good news!

    and agree! with your idea for her them both to get to a hospital! save some hair samples for when independant testing becomes available in japan, and get checked for internal contamination.. its a no brainer!!

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  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    How long does is take during a chemo cancer treatment to lose one’s hair? I would think it’s much faster than 3 months, no? And if you’re so irradiated that you lose your hair, don’t you feel horrible then – horrible enough to stay in bed, instead of walking around Tokyo?

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel terribly sorry for these women, but at first sight…..mmmmhhhhh. It’s not too obvious for me.

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  • unspokenhermit

    This is so sad. Many people suffering, and it is practically impossible to determine the cause with 100% certainty.

    The Japanese people are not happy.

    Many realize a significant portion of Japanese soil is not suitable for habitation. Just last October a leaked Tepco documented indicated the total amount of plutonium and neptunium emitted from the plant. This stuff sticks around for millions of years…

    If you haven’t seen the dispersion maps for plutonium they are published here:

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  • aigeezer aigeezer

    “I have little reason to doubt this is a fake”

    I assume this is a translation issue, and the intended meaning is the opposite of what it says. (Otherwise there is no story).

    I’m wondering why this appears as a “woman story”. Wouldn’t men be affected similarly? Perhaps it’s just that male pattern baldness wouldn’t be noticed so much?

    It’s worrisome, worth paying attention to, but not proof of anything in this form.

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    • hbjon hbjon

      Wondering is good. People have so much misinformation to sort out. People have preconceived facts that mislead. An interesting observation is that the hair loss resembles chemotherapy. What is chemothereapy? It is a wonderful cancer treatment that is good for you. Conclusion, hair loss is a side-effect of a beneficial curative agent, such as chemo, radiation, and other toxins in the environment. Buy a wig and stfu.

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  • mikael

    I am abitt stunned by some of the comentarys thats displayed here, a discontent and a even more disturbing(primitive) Alfa male drivel.
    One has to be a druling idiot not to figure out why and whats happening, and to somehow plase a “dubth” on some people reports “beacuse” they came from “Whining Women Syndrom”.
    Then you are a fu.. discrase for the Human rase.

    And the constant Facebook world of drivel and stupid coments are well under here and well establised, and I never sease to be anoyed by the peking order already established, and also regarding whos Credibil or not.

    You do, not only ofend our intelegence, but also ripp the fokus away and drule it down in drivel.
    If you can dicus anything without behave like a stupid brute, this site wil be deserted and you can enjoy all this by your self.
    All alone.
    Capice, shittheads.

    This is to fu.. serious to lett premature morons drivel this site down, or shutt up(my advice).

    As Mr. Foreman says(the 70 show), I have a foot to Park somewhere.


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