Science Fiction Hall of Fame

Honoring the lives, work, and ongoing legacies of science fiction's greatest creators.

Featured Members

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    Ray Bradbury

    Ray Bradbury is a beloved author whose career has touched on science fiction, fantasy, horror, and beyond, from classics such as The Martian Chronicles (1950) and Fahrenheit 451 (1951), to the screenplay for Moby Dick in 1956. Bradbury discovered science fiction fandom in the 1930s upon publication… more

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    Joe Haldeman

    Haldeman burst onto the science fiction scene in 1974 with The Forever War, a novel that blended imaginative hard science fiction with a heartfelt examination of the impact of war and homecoming on the combatants. The novel won the Hugo and Nebula Awards. In the following four decades, Haldeman has … more

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    James Tiptree, Jr.

    Tiptree was the pen name of Alice Sheldon, who kept her identity secret for the majority of her career. She is best known for stories that explore sex, gender identity, male/female relations, and death. The Last Flight of Doctor Ain and The Women Men Don’t See are two notable works among many. In 19… more

Founded in 1996, the Hall of Fame was relocated from the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas to its permanent home at EMP in 2004. Hall of Fame nominations are submitted by EMP members. The final inductees are chosen by a panel of award-winning science fiction authors, artists, editors, publishers, and film professionals.

Hall of fame MEMBERS

  • Brian W. Aldiss
  • Poul Anderson
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Betty Ballantine
  • Ian Ballantine
  • Alfred Bester
  • James Blish
  • Chesley Bonestell
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Octavia E. Butler
  • John W. Campbell, Jr.
  • Sir Arthur C. Clarke
  • Hal Clement
  • Samuel R. Delany
  • Vincent Di Fate
  • Philip K. Dick
  • Gordon R. Dickson
  • Gardner Dozois
  • Harlan Ellison
  • Ed Emshwiller
  • Edward L. Ferman
  • Frank Kelly Freas
  • Hugo Gernsback
  • William Gibson
  • Jean 'Moebius' Giraud
  • Harry Harrison
  • Ray Harryhausen
  • Robert A. Heinlein
  • Frank Herbert
  • Damon Knight
  • Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Fritz Leiber
  • George Lucas
  • Richard Matheson
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • Abraham Merritt
  • Michael Moorcock
  • C.L. Moore
  • Andre Norton
  • Frank R. Paul
  • Frederik Pohl
  • Richard M. Powers
  • Gene Roddenberry
  • Eric Frank Russell
  • Ridley Scott
  • Rod Serling
  • Mary W. Shelley
  • Robert Silverberg
  • E. E. Smith
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Theodore Sturgeon
  • Douglas Trumbull
  • Wilson Tucker
  • A. E. van Vogt
  • Jack Vance
  • Jules Verne
  • H. G. Wells
  • Michael Whelan
  • Kate Wilhelm
  • Jack Williamson
  • Connie Willis
  • Gene Wolfe
  • Donald Allen Wollheim
  • Roger Zelazny