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To say that hasn't been very active on the blogging front this year would be a euphemism. We have, however, been involved in various projects of an otaku nature, some of which will be presented this Saturday on the last day of Comiket 81. Here's a quick round up ahead of the big day.

By the way, I'll be there on Saturday, and maybe tomorrow as well. You can catch me on Twitter.

To appear on C81

  • Circle La Muette, which publishes commentaries on the international otaku scene and the spreading of otaku contents overseas, puts out a doujinshi entitled 『表現規制から見たフランスの事情』 (in Japanese). This basically consists in a chat between Toqmitz and I on the subject of freedom of speech issues in France from an otaku perspective. Loli material is of course the main concern, although we cover some other issues as well. You can find the book on Day 3, booth 東P40a. Toqmitz should also have some previous books available.

  • The Animerca Production Committee, that oversees the doujin anime critique journal Animerca1, puts out a special issue on manga, 『マンガルカ vol.1』, which, in the middle of very prestigious material like an interview of Natsume Futanosuke, publishes a modest discussion between chief editor Han=Anime Hihyou, Toqmitz again and myself on the state of manga consumption and the manga market in France. This is a non-expert take on the subject, but interested readers might find some of the references useful. You can find the book on Day 3, booth 東Q30b, probably with some back numbers we have also participated in (see below). A few copies should also be available on Day 2, booth 東ポ28a, for the Friday crowd.

Previously published books

  • We have a few previous contributions to Animerca. In 『アニメルカ vol.4』, we held a panel discussion with several French bloggers (Axel Terizaki, Enthousiaste, Pazu, Tetho, Tinkastel/nyo) about the origins and state of the French otaku fandom in the 2000s. That was a funny ride. At C80, Animerca also published a special issue about Mahou shoujo Madoka Magica, where I translated two articles by Tetho about the reception of Madoka in France and various aspects of the show he thought went wrong. I also added a quick “translator's note” on what I felt were the most common criticisms of Madoka among Western viewers. It's likely that both books will be available at the Animerca booth this Saturday.

  • Based on those previous Madoka contributions, I helped Han=Anime Hihyou put together a short chapter about the reception of Madoka in the French- and English-speaking fandoms for 『超解読まどかマギカ』, a special volume of Madoka analysis from the editors of quaterly magazine Gendai shikaku bunka kenkyuu. It's available through standard distribution channels, like Amazon.


  • Earlier this month, 2DT kindly invited me to talk (in rather general terms) about the appeal of erololi material on his very classy podcast. You can listen to it here (in English).

  • I occasionally speak on the (not quite so well produced) French aniblogger podcast Skouetch. Last summer, I was on HebdoSkouetch #5 and on the impromptu Skouetch Live recorded on the last day of Japan Expo (both in French).

  1. Followers of the aniblogosphere may have already heard of Animerca, as it has previously published contributions from such prominent figures as wah, Alex Leavitt and kransom (who, by the way, put me in touch with Han=Anime Hihyou in the first place; thanks again!). 

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