higurashi no naku koro ni

Manga Pal and more at Epitanime

Quick annoucement: I received a kind e-mail from the good folks over at Manga Pal regarding their line-up at the Epitanime convention which will be held in Paris, France this week-end. Here's a somewhat belated summary.

The e-mail from Manga Pal actually came in last week, but being in Russia with almost no Internet connection at the time, I was unable to report on this until now (back in France). I hope fellow French bloggers will still have time to pass it over to their own readership.

Higurashi doujin opera

The Nerima culture center was hosting a pretty unusual event today: a performance of the Secondary-work Opera “Higurashi no naku koro ni”, a two-act operatic adaptation of 07th Expansion's sound novel. It was quite an interesting experience, and I'd like to jot down some quick thoughts about it, bullet-point-style.

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