blogroll [fr]

Tetho's knowledge about everything anime is so extensive it's frightening at times
Colorful, lively criticism by Kabu
The (former?) king of French anime bloggers
Intelligent, passion-infused slow blogging
FFenril has an awful taste in anime, but his blog can be a nice read all the same
nyoronyolo's entertaining rants and bitching
Lazy blogging by kyouray
The French star female blogger
Thoughtful and pleasant to read, though Yuki and I disagree most of the time
AxelTerizaki's realm of maids and Haruhiism
One of the nicer French group blogs
Articulate anime impressions by Panpan
Skav delivers quality posts, if not many
The Frenchie Totally Amateur Anime Podcast
The Reds talking about anime and stuff