World War 1 Draft Registration History

Fremont County, Wyoming

Compiled by Cheryl E. Belding

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The population of Fremont County in 1917 was estimated at 12,951 by the US Census Bureau (as published in The Riverton Review 27 Jul 1917). Fremont County consisted of approximately 12,445 square miles, which included approximately 3,108 square miles that was cut off in 1921 to form part of Sublette County. Present day Fremont County contains 9,336.92 square miles.

This collection of draft registration cards contains 3,505 records which represents 27% of the total population of the county in 1917-1918. In the index, I have included name, residence, birth date and birth place. The residence will not contain a county if it is within Fremont County. If it is elsewhere in the state, I have included the county also. On the 3rd registration, the birth place was not given, however, if they marked "native born", I have put * born United States *; if they marked naturalized, it will usually say * unknown *; and if they were aliens, it will say * of Austria *, or whatever country, indicating their country of origin.

My original interest in compiling these records came when I discovered the publication of the first draft registration in The Riverton Review 27 Jul 1917, 03 Aug 1917 and 10 Aug 1917. These lists included the draft number, name and residence. These were followed by additional lists published 24 Aug 1917 and 31 Aug 1917 which included the call number, draft number and name. The call number was the order in which the registrants were liable to be called for service. The first registration was dated 05 Jun 1917 and included only men 21 to 31 years of age. Twelve questions were asked and included:

The second registration was dated 05 Jun 1918 and included men who had turned 21 after 05 Jun 1917. There was also a supplemental registration dated 24 Aug 1918 for those men turning 21 after 05 Jun 1918. This supplemental registration is considered part of the second registration. Names for the second registration were published in The Riverton Review 11 Jun 1918 and 18 Jun 1918. Ten questions were asked and included:

The third registration was dated 12 Sep 1918 and included all men who were 18 to 45 years of age. No lists were printed in The Riverton Review. Twenty questions were asked and included:

The WWI Draft Registration Cards were extracted from LDS film #'s 1993072 & 2022239. These were films of the original cards in the National Archives, Southeast Region, East Point, GA. There are approximately 30 cards missing from the microfilm. This is stated because of missing registration numbers. On the microfilm, there were a few cards from Crook County mixed in with Fremont County. These cards were not included. The cards were also checked against copies located in the Fremont County Court House in Lander, WY. It was discovered that the Court House has only the first and second draft registration cards, or 37% of the total cards. Copies of the third registration were apparently not made.

SLCL Special Collections: Genealogy-WW1 Draft Card Questions is a good site to view samples of the different registration cards.

My thanks to Donna Jean Boyle for her assistance in checking the cards.


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