Drilling down Gurren Lagann

Some French friends have organized a last-minute Christmas blogging project (affectionately known as Nyoël Blogging 2011), in which we were supposed to suggest a few anime titles that we'd seen recently and were prepared to blog on, and the others would vote on the one they most wanted to read about. You can find those articles below (in French):

As for me, I was assigned the task of blogging about Tengen toppa Gurren Lagann, which I've happened to watch earlier this year for the first time at an anime club showing back in France. I knew very little about it before beyond the designs of the main characters and the fact that it was a robot show revered by robot show lovers. Based on that information I kind of expected it wouldn't be my cup of tea, but I ended up gnashing my teeth throughout and disliking the experience to a much greater extent than I imagined I would.

So this post will be about Gurren Lagann and what I hated about it. I've already explained that on Twitter, but you'll have it here in longer form for the enjoyment of the Frenchie Christmas crowd, even though there is little Christmas-like about it. Although you could say it does have a bit of Japanese Christmas-likeness, seeing as I'm typing it out alone in my room on Christmas Eve and will mostly be talking about other men's penises. Note that I won't be talking much about thinks I'm either somewhat positive or noncommittal about, like the technical prowess in animation (which I frankly don't care much about to the extent it doesn't serve an aesthetic that I can get behind).

Incidentally, I apologize for interrupting a quasi year-long hiatus with a post about penises that aren't even attached to cute little boys. Speaking of which, I'm rather stoked about that upcoming Akane Shinsha magazine specializing in otoko no ko. But I digress...

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