• Write your own reviews.
  • Control the conversation.
  • Build positive ratings.

Do you guarantee all reviews will stick?

We guarantee that we’ll submit reviews to your selected site, but we cannot guarantee the reviews will “stick”. We do not own the review sites where we post; we just post on your behalf. Each review site has different Terms of Service, so you may want to get to know the ones you plan on using. Review sites have the right to remove any review for any reason, and some do this more frequently than others.

Google Places and Yelp, for example, are notoriously strict and are known to delete well written reviews even from established, well known accounts.

Also note that a few of the review sites implement caching and/or review queues. This means we successfully submit the review, but it is stuck in their business processes. So give it a day or two before you go ahead and submit another review.


Google Places:
There is an uproar on Google Places, with over 400 pages of legitimate businesses complaining about reviews. Businesses complain that their customers have posted, have not gone live, or been lost or deleted. You can read one of the many threads here:


Yelp also has filters that they admit filter out good reviews, and that their filter isn't perfect. So you have to expect that some percentage will be submitted successfully and not show up on the main business page. You can read more about yelp here:

1. http://pixsym.com/blog/reputation-management/yelp-extortion-the-lawsuits-dismissed-are-they-back-at-it-in-2012
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqi-jjbEKcs&feature=player_embedded

I’ve collected my customer reviews. Now what?

Once you have collected the reviews from your customers, you need to add them to the Glowing Reviews site. We will automatically choose a pen-name, making your review totally anonymous, while preserving all of the original content of the review. We do this to ensure the reviewer’s privacy and security while maintaining the comment exactly.

What are "Sample Reviews?"

We offer sample reviews for guidance on how a review should be properly written. This should allow you to instruct your customers / client’s customers on how to write a review for their business. Of course it is possible to use these default reviews, but we discourage it as that would be considered "black hat" and possibly against the given Terms of Service.

Does posting reviews with Glowing Reviews violate TOS of the assorted review sites?

In general, the review sites state that you must be posting for yourself and not for someone else. So in these cases the answer would be yes. That said, if you take the time to actually read the TOS you'll see that it's very easy to break something.

But this really begs looking back at the big picture. Take SEO as an example. Every link that you build to your site, every fiverr gig that you buy, every article you publish on EZine Articles is violating Google TOS. In fact, anything you do to help improve your site's ranking violates Google terms.

Every business plays in this grey area and this service just lets you do it much more efficiently.

Will this work for non-United States businesses

This service is currently focused only on the United States. We may expand this to the UK at a future date.

How can I find my review site profiles?

When you add your business, we give you the option to 'Automatically Find Profiles'. This can save you a ton of time as we'll do our best to auto-populate the correct URLs. You'll need to confirm the profiles are correct as that is where we'll attempt to post your reviews.

Can I choose a gender for the review ?

No, because we need to pre make the accounts in order make them premium we have to create name, gender, etc ahead of time. Because we don't know which customers will get which accounts, we had to make them all women or couples. Please keep the reviews non gender specific or spoken as a woman if you must choose a gender. Thanks.

When are my reviews posted? Are they dripped out?

One awesome aspect of Glowing Reviews is the ability to schedule the reviews to be posted on future dates. It is important (to the review sites and Google) to show a steady stream of reviews coming into a business and show that there is repeat business with a consistent overall satisfaction level. The reviews you schedule will begin posting the following day between 11am and 7pm, which is the most common time for a person to review a business.

Which review sites are supported?

Currently we support 15 review sites, all of which are used as Google citation sources.

The sites are Google+, Yelp, Local.com, Superpages.com, Foursquare, Citysearch, Insiderpages, YP.com, Kudzu, ApartmentRatings.com, ApartmentReviews.net, Cars.com, DealerRater.com and Edmunds.com, local.yahoo.com.

Is it possible to edit reviews after they post?

No. You are unable to edit or change reviews once they are posted.

Will posting reviews get me sandboxed/banned/etc?

Each individual service and Google has their own, unique terms of service. If you are simply transferring reviews from a paper version in your store, you will likely be within the TOS. If you are inventing reviews then you may be violating their TOS. If you have any doubts or concerns, read the policies and decide based upon your desired level of risk.

We are unaware of any cases where a site gets penalized from posting positive reviews.

Does posting reviews this way violate FTC rules?

We aren't aware of any rules or regulations this service violates. However, the businesses you work with may be, depending on how they collect reviews.

The FTC states that there can be no incentive tied to posting a review in your marketing material (including review sites). If you give a coupon, freebie, or anything else for a review, then inside the copy it needs to recognize that it's a paid endorsement. It is also worth noting that any review needs to be traceable back to an individual through an address, phone number, email address, or other personally identifiable information to stay compliant.

You can read the full FTC endorsement guide on their site to judge for yourself: http://www.ftc.gov/os/2009/10/091005revisedendorsementguides.pdf.

What's the difference between Basic and Pro Review accounts

Basic accounts are used strictly for people who need reviews on their businesses. This account can post to our entire library of supported sites.

Pro users are power users that understand the value of reviews on the citation sites. The reviews can rank in the first page(s) of Google, right beside the business itself if they have enough push. Pro users get 100 links pointed directly at each individual review. And, of course, Pro users also get the benefit of all links being routed through Linklicious.me for guaranteed crawling.

Do you have any training videos?

We have around a dozen training videos for subscribers, focusing on sales and strategy.

Here are a few videos detailing common questions we answer: