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Robert Block - The Fall of Srebrenica (The Independent)

Rod Nordland - "Death of a Village" (Newsweek)

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ITN Channel Four News - "War Crimes in Bosnia"

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"Delta Force" (Catma Films for Channel Four)

BBC Radio 4 - 'Out of the Fire'

Theodore Liasi - Land mine victim in Kabul

Television Documentary

Winner - Catma Films for Channel Four for 'Delta Force'

Delta Force
Producer/Director: Glenn Ellis
Writer/Researcher: Kay Bishop
Editor: Sally Hilton

Catma Films for Channel Four

Ken Saro-Wiwa, filmed while being kept under house arrest by the military authorities in Nigeria


Voice Over: In a further attempt to break the people's spirit the military authorities did not permit the Ogonis to observe their cultural festival in January of 1994. They did permit a modest church service that was surrounded by soldiers - the guest of honour was missing.

Delta Force - Church service: 2.7MB

Ogonis sing 'Onward Christian Soldiers' at a church service - the only concession made by the military authorities to people wanting to observe their cultural festival.


Ken Saro-Wiwa: I wake up in the morning and I find that there are troops at my gate. My chauffeur, alarmed at the presence of the soldiers, tries to lock the gate, but then they order him to stop, to come out and I watch as three blows are rained down on him.

They finally gain entry and infest the area, making sure that I do not go out or that no member of my family or my household gets out. All day and all night for three days I have to suffer that particular inconvenience, but I guess I'm used to it and I expect a lot more of it.

Delta Force - Ken Saro-Wiwa: 2.8MB

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