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Seattle's Comprehensive Plan, DPD
Washington State Growth Management Act

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Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The city's Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan), titled "Toward a Sustainable Seattle," is a document created in 1994 that sets out the goals, values and policies guiding us as we accommodate growth over time.

The Washington State Growth Management Act gives Seattleites the opportunity to amend our Comprehensive Plan once a year.  Anyone can suggest an amendment, including neighbors, business owners, councilmembers and City departments.  Proposed amendments (see application) may include changes to policies, the future land use map, appendices, or other components of the Comprehensive Plan. To be eligible for consideration, applications for proposed amendments must be submitted by 5 p.m. on May 15th.

Following the submission deadline, the process involves two separate reviews by the City Council. 

  • Screening: In the first review, the Council holds a public hearing around the first week of July, reviews feedback, and then (by the end of July) identifies the amendments that will be analyzed and considered in the cycle. The City Council uses adopted criteria in selecting Comp Plan amendments to consider.
  • Analysis: Executive staff and the Planning Commission then analyze the list of possible amendments Council identified in the July screening.
  • Final Action: By November 20 of each year, the Executive submits an ordinance containing the Mayor's recommended amendments for the Council to consider. From November to the end of March Council reviews the staff work, hears from the public, and then considers adoption of the proposals. A final, amended ordinance, adopted by the Council before March 31, adds the selected amendments into the Comprehensive Plan.

7- Year Major Update

This year the City will begin a 7-year major update to the Comp Plan required by the Growth Management Act.  The Council may elect to defer amendments proposed in May to consideration as part of the 7-year major update or the first annual amendment cycle after the 7-year update.  For more information on the 7-year major update, please contact Tom Hauger of the Department of Planning and Development at 206-684-8380 or


If you have questions or would like additional information about the Comprehensive Plan, please call Peter Harris of Council Central Staff at 206-684-8368,  


Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability Committee (PLUS) meetings are subject to change. Sign up here to receive agendas for upcoming PLUS meetings.

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