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Your visual source for Haunting How-To's


HauntProject is a collection of links to Halloween related how-to's, organized by category,
each represented by a picture of the finished product.
This allows you to see what the how-to is representing, making it easier for you to pick a project.
If you have a project with a how-to out on the web, feel free to submit your link here.
A good portion of the projects on HauntProject were submitted by the user,
and it seriously makes my day when someone submits a project.
So whatcha waiting for?

There are 1008 approved projects in our database!

The last project added was in the Static Props category

How to design, cut, carve, sand, scale and paint a prop made out of foam.
from Terra
posted on HalloweenForum.com.com
Added on 4/30/2012
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3/31/2012 - Congratulations to Raph-Halloween for submitting the "official" 1000th link!
Links come and links go, so there have been much more than 1000 over time, but this is the first time HauntProject has had 1000 live links at a time.
Raphael wins a Mr. Thrifty from Skeleton Store, courtesy of moi.
When I told myself I was going to send a Mr. Thrifty to the 1000th link, I didn't think I'd have to pop for shipping to France. :)

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