Date Selected: 4/23/2013

Tuesday, April 23, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Level IIEducation Hill Day Advocacy and Training

Matthew Farber, Alec Stone, Suzanne Miyamoto, Cara Tenenbaum, David Pugach

This full-day session will be an experience like no other. Set on Capitol Hill, just blocks from the White House and across the street from the Supreme Court, Advocacy Day is an opportunity to learn the latest health policy topics and ONS priorities, and then set them in motion. Advocates will be taught the issues, how to convey them through message development, ...

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Session Key

  • track16 Ancillary Event
  • track11 Education
  • track10 General
  • track7 Leadership
  • track8 Nursing Self-Care/Growth
  • track2 Practical Aspects of Clinical Practice
  • track12 Research
  • track17 Satellite Symposia
  • track3 Survivorship
  • track9 Types of Cancer and Treatment
  • Level I Level I
  • Level II Level II

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