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Make a sound investment in New Jersey's non-profits

The Center for Non-Profits is the only umbrella organization for all New Jersey 501(c)(3)s. Since 1982, the Center has provided advocacy, resources, training and information to strengthen non-profits and help them thrive. Learn more about how the Center:

  • Saves non-profits time and money.
  • Provides timely resources and training.
  • Promotes and protects the non-profit community.

The Center for Non-Profits is seeking an energetic, motivated and tech-savvy individual
with strong communications skills to be our Membership and Communications Coordinator.
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Next week (June 4-6), the Center for Non-Profits will be traveling to Washington, DC, to participate in the National Council of Nonprofits' annual Lobby Day.  Tell us what you would like us to convey to New Jersey's Congressional Delegation.
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2013 NJ Non-Profit Trends and Outlook Report

March 25, 2013 - New Jersey non-profits reported some modest signs of improvement in their circumstances compared with one year ago, but rising demand for services and flat or uncertain funding streams continue to create a cautious outlook for 2013, according to a report released by the Center for Non-Profits.

Our deep thanks to all who participated in the survey.

Press Release
Full Report


With Congress failing to reach a deficit reduction agreement by March 1, 2013, across-the-board budget cuts ("sequestration") have begun to take effect. If nothing is done, the cuts will cause significant damage in our communities and will hamper non-profits' ability to provide programs and services that people need. Find out more from the National Council of Nonprofits, and then share your own story.

Report Highlights Solutions, Process for Improving Government/Non-Profit Contracting

Non-profits and governments can reduce their own costs, improve services provided to constituents, and return greater value to taxpayers by creating government-non-profit task forces to develop and implement recommendations to reform contracting practices and procedures. That is the key finding of Partnering for Impact: Government-Nonprofit Contracting Task Forces Produce Results for Taxpayers, a new report of the National Council of Nonprofits.

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Tips for Making Informed Giving Decisions

An overview of some of the factors to consider when considering giving to charity.  Feel free to share with your board members, donors and others.  Read the article

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