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Stella Maris as a minesweeper in British Royal Navy service,
prior to her conversion to a tug.

Name: Stella Maris Official Number: Signal Letters:
Tonnage: 229
Dimensions: 124.5' long, 23.6' breadth, 12.2' deep
Built: Poplar, United Kingdom Builder: Samuda Bios Year: 1882
Registered Port: Saint John, New Brunswick Owners: Halifax Trading & Sealing Co. (Farquhar & Co.)
Crew: Captain Brannan
Career: Was taking barges into Bedford Basin when had to manoeuver quickly to avoid Imo. Stella Maris and crew tried to tow the burning Mont Blanc away from Pier 6 after the collision with Imo. Stella Maris was severely damaged by the explosion and 19 of her crew, including Capt. Brannen, were killed. Remarkably, five men aboard survived. Due to the heavy wartime demands for shipping, she was salvaged, rebuilt and put back into service.
Sources: Lloyd's Register 1916-1917.

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