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LINKED Athletics offers the most comprehensive training system available in the Metro-Atlanta area. The professional coaches at LINKED apply science and revolutionary exercise concepts to create our training methodology. If you are looking to improve your fitness level, lose weight, be the best conditioned player on the team, train for an extreme race or just love a true fitness challenge, LINKED Athletics will help you reach your goals!

Adult Conditioning

Everyone has a place to train at LINKED Athletics because everyone trains as an athlete. We offer 2 adult conditioning programs designed to accommodate anyone’s ability, LINKED Fit and LINKED Elite. Our goal is to help you reach yours. With over 20 sessions available per week, a price to fit anyones budget, and everyone receives a *FREE trial week*, LINKED Athletics is the best option for your fitness needs.

Youth Conditioning

If your youth player is not training like a professional athlete, they should be! As the official Strength and Conditioning Coaches of the ECHL Gwinnett Gladiators LINKED Athletics believes every athlete deserves professional strength and conditioning coaching regardless of age. Regardless of gender or sport, if you are looking to get to the next level, LINKED Athletics can enhance your game and help you realize your true athletic potential!

Professional Athletes

LINKED Athletics provides a complete off-season and in-season training program for professional athletes. The LINKED coaches are Twist Sport Conditioning Certified Coaches. This training methodology is utilized by world class athletes in many countries around the globe.

* Free trial week consists of 3 training sessions within one training week.

Chiropractic care

LINKED Chiropractic care is for anyone looking to maximize their truest potential.

LINKED Nutrition

LINKED Athletics offers nutritional guidance to support you during your training as well as a full line of nutraceutical grade supplements that will enhance your training results.

Post Rehabilitation Training

More Information Coming Soon!

LINKED Athletics now offers IGNITE 360 Assessments!

Coach Brian at Ignite 360 Certification

What is an i360 Assessment?

The i360 Fit Evaluation provides a valid and reliable protocol to uncover weak links,identify efficient movement patterns and evaluate functional physical skills that are essential to helping athletes of all ages maximize their performance. This innovative testing protocol evaluates athletes using tools and techniques commonly found in Ignite Performance Training workouts to quantify an athlete’s balance, coordination, whole body explosive strength, agility and energy capacity.

Learn more here..LINKED i360 assessment

Hockey Skills and Performance Camp

Every Saturday and Sunday from May 11 to June 30, 2013

LINKED Athletics Off-Ice Training

Did you know that your puck handling skills and stick work will improve MORE with off-ice training than with on-ice training??? It’s TRUE! Dry-land skill training is so effective that you will see benefits on the ice after JUST ONE SESSION! Dry-land training allows the athlete to focus solely on the skill that makes players like Pavel Datsuk, Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux some of the best in the NHL without the expensive cost of ice!

Take a look at LINKED Atheltics 2013 Hockey Camp

LINKED Lifestyle

The LINKED Lifestyle is about making the right lifestyle choices.

Making good choices everyday promotes wellness and allows for progressive health development. We want each member to get the most out of their lives, hence at LINKED we say “Enhance your Game. Enhance your Life.”

There are 5 areas of lifestyle that directly affect health and wellness:


Recovery/Rest is obvious, we understand that the body needs time to heal and that the most healing happens when we sleep. We encourage recovery and rest regularly.


Adaptation refers to your ability to cope with everyday stress. Stress affects us in three different ways: physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress. Having coping strategies, or adaptive skills, in place to handle stress is very important. Learning to adapt to stress is a vital skill to master and will better your quality of life.

Nervous System

A properly functioning Nervous System is the specialty of chiropractic. Chiropractic is the best method in aiding spinal pain syndromes and athletic performance, but did you know that it also helps to balance the bodies Nervous System. Adding a chiropractor to your wellness schedule will allow you to live at your maximal potential.

Clean Diet

A good clean diet is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle. Your food is the fuel by which your body runs. If you feed it junk, your body will give you junk in return. However, if you fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, it will give you gold.

Consistent Training

Consistent Training is quite possibly the most spoken about, yet most overlooked of all 5 aspects. So many people have gym memberships, and for those that actually go, a large percentage have only the vaguest idea how to train. LINKED Athletics offers the best in current strength and conditioning training methodologies so that you get the most from every workout.

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