Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. PC: How the hardware specs compare

Xbox One vs. PS4

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With just two weeks until E3, Microsoft has finally shown off the Xbox One. Unlike Sony, which is being very mysterious with its PS4, we now have a fairly good idea of the hardware inside the Xbox One. This isn’t to say that we know everything about the Xbox One, but, as with the PS4, we know enough to corroborate the specs that have leaked over the last few months. We can now say with some certainty that the Xbox One and PS4 are powered by very similar hardware: The CPUs are probably identical, the GPUs are only slightly different, and while there are underlying differences to the memory subsystem, they will ultimately have very similar performance and game visuals. For a detailed discussion of how the PS4′s hardware compares to the Xbox One and gaming PCs, read on.

From Microsoft’s mouth, we know that the Xbox One (formerly known as the Xbox 720) has an 8-core AMD CPU with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, HDMI in/out, USB 3.0, and Gigabit Ethernet. For more detailed specs, we must look towards the latest info from the games development sector, which has been programming Xbox One games since last year and thus has intimate knowledge of the hardware. The latest leaks suggest that the Xbox One will have an 8-core 64-bit x86 Jaguar AMD CPU @ 1.6GHz, coupled with a GPU that’s very close to the Radeon HD 7790. The Xbox One will have 68GB/sec of bandwidth between the CPU/GPU and RAM, the GPU will have 102GB/s of bandwidth to a local 32MB SRAM cache, and another 30GB/s of bandwidth to gamepads, Kinect, and other peripherals.

Xbox One hardware diagram, including ports

Xbox One hardware diagram. Note the ports on the back.

The PS4, in comparison, has an 8-core Jaguar AMD CPU, with a GPU that’s around the same level as the Radeon 7870 (which is significantly more powerful than the 7790). The PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 RAM, providing 176GB/s of bandwidth to both the CPU and GPU. The Xbox One mostly ameliorates this difference with 32MB of high-speed SRAM on the GPU, but it will be a more complex architecture to take advantage of.

In both consoles, the CPU and GPU will be on the same die (an AMD APU). Just as the PS4 has 8GB of high-speed memory that is shared by the CPU and GPU, the Xbox One – by virtue of being based on the same APU heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) — will probably be the same. In short, while there are small hardware differences between the consoles, they will ultimately have very similar performance characteristics. The PS4, with its one, big block of fast RAM, and bigger GPU, probably has the edge.

It’s a little bit harder to compare the Xbox One’s Kinect 2.0 with the PlayStation 4 Eye. From what we know so far, the Xbox One sounds like it has the edge on movement tracking and gesture controls. We should know more at E3, when Sony finally reveals a few more details about the PlayStation 4 Eye.

PS4 DualShock 4 controller

Finally, the last piece of hardware that we can compare between the Xbox One and PS4 is the gamepad. As we have already covered in some detail, the PS4′s DualShock 4 controller is really quite spectacular. There’s built-in movement tracking, so the console can track who’s holding each controller, a built-in speaker (like the Wiimote), and a multitouch touchpad. The Xbox One gamepad, in comparison, is basically just a refined version of the Xbox 360 gamepad. The only new feature seems to be Impulse Triggers — which are normal triggers, but with a rumble function built in. The PS4 controller definitely seems to have a richer feature set, but in practice the most important thing will be which controller you prefer to hold.

In comparison to a modern PC, you can probably guess how the Xbox One and PS4 compare. There’s no direct comparison for the 8-core Jaguar CPU — AMD’s own parts based on the Jaguar core, Kabini and Temash, are quad-core parts destined for ultrathins and tablets. From leaked benchmarks, the Jaguar core is around 10% faster than its predecessor (Bobcat). A dual-core Brazos (Bobcat core) about 10 times slower than the latest Ivy Bridge parts, in a very naive comparison. So, all in all, an 8-core Jaguar might manage about half the performance of a current-gen Core i7. The GPU comparison is easier: The Radeon 7790 is a $150 card.

In short, then, today’s PCs will stomp all over the Xbox One (and PS4) in terms of raw computation power. In terms of gamepads and other peripherals, the Kinect 2.0 will also come to the PC (though Microsoft hasn’t given a timeline yet) — and, presumably, as with the Xbox 360, you should be able to use the Xbox One gamepad with your PC. With some hacking, you should be able to use the PS4′s gamepad with your PC, too.

Xbox 720/One hardware

It’s not how big it is; it’s what you do with it

Another way of looking at the Xbox One and PS4, though, is their power relative to their predecessors. In terms of raw, synthetic performance, the Xbox 360 could churn out around 300 gigaflops; the PS3 was around 400 gigaflops. The Xbox One and PS4, however, should both be above two teraflops — about six times more powerful than their predecessors. Remember, the output resolution (1920×1080) is unlikely to change — so, with six times more power, we’re looking at a significant improvement to image quality.

Using teraflops as a stand-in for real-world performance, though, to quote our hardware analyst Joel Hruska, is like “giving the fuel efficiency of a car going downhill with an 80 mph tailwind on helium-inflated tires.” What it ultimately comes down to is how efficiently developers use the hardware — and in that regard, we have high hopes. With the shift to x86, and a GPU architecture (AMD’s GCN) that’s well known, developers will be able to hit the ground running. Compare this to the Cell CPUs at the heart of the Xbox 360 and PS3, which took years for developers to fully understand.

It’s also important to remember that, in recent years, there has been a fundamental shift away from games that do the bulk of their computation on the CPU, to programs that use the CPU to offload computation to the (much more powerful) GPU. With the Xbox 360 and PS3, both consoles had a monstrous Cell-based CPU and an equally large GPU — the PS4 and Xbox One, on the other hand, have wimpy, many-core CPUs and much larger GPUs. With both consoles moving to fill more of a media center/set-top box role, rather than focusing on gaming, we can foresee those cores being dedicated to background tasks, such as downloading updates or listening for voice commands. Ultimately, this will come down to the software — and while we have quite a few details on the Xbox One’s software, we know almost nothing about the PS4.

Ultimately, with both the Xbox One and PS4 having such similar hardware, real-world performance differences will probably come down to how well the consoles make use of those eight CPU cores, GPU offloading, and differences in the memory subsystem. It’s also important to bear in mind that a huge speed-up is available when developing games for a fixed platform with known performance/latency characteristics. Realistically, we wouldn’t be surprised if games on the Xbox 720 and PS4, just like the current generation, look very similar. Likewise, games will probably look better on consoles for a few years, and then PCs will probably pull back ahead.

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  • crazypete1

    I guess my big question is why do I need one of these? When the PS3 came out the graphics were pretty amazing compared to a mid-range PC. In addition there were many games made for the PS3 (and xbox 360) that were unavailable for the PC since no one wanted to take the trouble and port them over.
    But if these new consoles are using x86 architecture then all the games made for them should run on PCs without the need to recompile.
    I guess I’m having a hard time figuring out how these are different from a PC, except for branding. Maybe I’m not understanding something…

    • Phobos

      I wouldn’t put too much though into it, just pray that the games won’t cost $70 or more.

      • chojin999

        Maybe they will price directly at $100, obviously with online DRM checks.

        • Phobos

          at 100$?? I hope they do, two things can happen. One no one will buy them and they will have to make dramatic changes so people will buy them at a reasonable price. Second and the most scary one is that people will buy them at that price range!

          • Edward351

            I don’t know about that. I bought Deadspace 3, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinite for the 360 and haven’t paid over $40 for any of them. You just have to wait a couple of months for them to go on sale and drop price.

          • Anthony Woods

            Good luck with that since they are trying to shut down the entire used game industry.

          • chojin999

            Exactly. But sheep here and on other forums don’t pay attention and just trust whatever marketing lies the managers can come up with.

          • hitman0300

            sony has already stated that it will be up to the developers and publisher’s to make that decision so there will be used games for the ps4 and it is also up to the gamimg company if they want a drm check with their games and if they is they might charge a 5$ dollar fee which will be included when you buy the game and you will be given a code which you enter on the game menu

          • df7823f7u

            He bought them on sale, not used…

          • Last Titan

            I like Steam.

          • Angel Ham

            The nasty part is that they’re likely to release them within the $60-$70 price range and then include about $30-$40 worth of DLC distributed in small $2 and up pieces.

          • Phobos

            It’s just what they are trying to do with the pc games, steam anyone??

          • Angel Ham

            My concern is development costs for AAA games. They could even sell 2, 3, even 5 million copies and even then they’re considered failures.

          • mazty

            Dev tools are getting much better. More detail =/= more time needed, therefore the cost of games doesnt have to increase.

          • Angel Ham

            Better tools are being counterbalanced by the ever increasing work load.

          • mazty

            And an increasing workload should be offset with experience and more efficient workflows…
            Part of the issue is they hire the runts of the managing computing world, mainly due to not paying enough, so efficiency is shockingly low.

          • Morris Buel

            That is true, however they interviewed developers working on next gen games in Game Informer and found that the team sizes have not increased, and they’ve been able to bring the game to market a year earlier.

            That’s a huge cost savings, and may keep the games at $60.

            (Fingers crossed on that one!)

          • hitman0300

            that is how it is now

          • Felix Tejeda

            my n℮ighbℴr’s ℮x-wif℮ mak℮s $64 hℴurly ℴn th℮ cℴmput℮r. Sh℮ has b℮℮n withℴut a jℴb fℴr 9 mℴnths but last mℴnth h℮r pay was $17315 just wℴrking ℴn th℮ cℴmput℮r fℴr a f℮w hℴurs. R℮ad mℴr℮ ℴn this w℮b sit℮…….

        • Paul Bleemstra

          Consoles are already inferior to a mid-range PC, why pay $60 for a game that they either give away for free with a video card (never settle bundle) or will be on sale on steam? These next generation consoles will already be obsolete in 2 years, save your money and upgrade or buy a new PC, will last you much longer in the long run.

          • Dustin Wagner

            In the effort to save costs and time likely PC and console games will be made almost identical and then simply ported to the three systems.

      • rfx60

        Lol no they wont (not for ps4 at least) Sony promised that games for the ps4 “will be no more than $60 dollars”. To keep a good rivalry microsoft will probably do the same thing and keep the games normal priced. That being said, if the games are gonna be normal priced, and the xbox 720/ps4 specs, the consoles are going to be REALLY expensive.

    • chojin999


      But Microsoft, Sony and AMD CEOs and managers hope you and millions of people worldwide will be sheep enough to buy their frauds. Because selling cheap scam products makes them richer and richer with no effort on R&D.

      They really spent almost nothing on the fake next-gen consoles.

      They want an easy big check in return for their clever fraud.

      • dns7950

        Would it kill you to write one single comment without the words “fraud”, “scam”, or “fake”?? Your comments are nothing but a joke, you write the same thing on every single article and you never know what you’re talking about. It’s pathetic. Get a life.

        • Phobos

          I’m thinking when I search on the dictionary for the definitions of fraud, scam and fake chojins name will come up.

        • Anthony Woods

          You can be brainwashed all you want. What changed with the “New” slim console? Nothing but the revenue coming in. You really needed a wireless adapter if you already bought one. The old hard drive you can use in the “new” 360 just by removing the ugly bulky case. Would it kill you to do some research.

          • tgrech

            Just because the externals didn’t change much doesn’t mean the internals didn’t, there was a fairly sizable rework of the whole CPU/GPU/RAM system, with a new process (Original was 90nm, Jasper was 65nm, Slim was 45nm). It probably cost quite a lot to change all of this, and although really it was more of a fix(Heat/power issues) than a new feature, it’s still far from just a new case and a couple of features chucked in(Though I’m sure it was intended for people who didn’t yet have an Xbox).

          • Kegan Scott

            Microsoft is always going to have an advantage on speed and graphics games are always going to be better on the XBOX

          • RJ

            Umm… The PS3 has far better internal specs than the Xbox 360, and the PS4 has slightly better specs than the One. I own the Ps3 and 360 both for their respective exclusives, and I enjoy both, so no bias. Have a good day.

          • matrix

            the ps3 has always had good spec for graphics they could do alot more, but heres the thing no developer wanted to sit there for long amounts of time making these games to take full advantage of the ps3 gpu and cpu because it would simply take too long

      • ArchAngel570

        Is it not common business marketing to manufacturer a product for cheap and sell it for profit? Not everything is fraud. Microsoft and Sony are making a product to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible and they will both make hundreds of millions of dollars off these consoles over the years. And I would dare say the majority of the consumers will enjoy their choice of console!

        The next gen console does not mean it has to outpace even the fastest computer on the market. Using that logic with new cars would be stupid. Every year when a new car comes out you don’t hear the masses mitch and boan that it doesn’t exceed Bugatti specs do you? I don’t think the consoles are being developed to compete with pc gaming rigs. The price point for consoles is ~$400. This is hundreds to thousands less then top of the line pc gaming machines. It will be profitable based on price point and acceptable performance.

      • Yoon YoungJo

        Seriously, I don’t see the fraud anywhere. They are releasing a product. They are fully transparent about what it does, what’s in it. Furthermore I haven’t seen anywhere the companies are claiming it cost them 10 billion dollars to develop these. There is no fraud here. Just some nut that is upset about something else.

        Now a company that needs to go to great lengths to hide something or something their doing, like a MMO company named Perfect World Entertainment. That’s fraud. Using fake players in your products to cheat and out play people from the inside, that’s fraud. Making promises about your product, then chnging your mind about it once you have their money, that’s fraud. Claiming 3rd party virtual goods sites are against your terms of service, and banning “buying” customers for using them but allowing the “sellers” and 3rd party operators to operate without hindrance…. That’s fraud.

      • ProgressivenessMan

        “fake next-gen consoles” What is your agruement? Are you suggesting that Sony is lying and there is no PS4?

      • Alex Garris

        I agree with you. They spent nothing on R & D on these machines. They simply took existing architecture, AMD’s APU, and threw it in a box with some ram and a hard drive. It’s basically a LAN Box. Why are you getting down votes. We got console fan boy’s running around in here? PC for life!

    • VirtualMark
    • Tom

      The overall architecture is way different than a normal pc as the processor is on the same chip as the ram which is shortening the moving of the data… etc. pc’s are way different than consoles trust me, also u said some pretty stupid things :)) joking but yeah

      • chojin999

        Way different, what? Way cheap.. not way different.

        Unless you buy the marketing bull.

        The AMD APU is nothing new in the industry.
        And it’s not the most efficient architecture either.

        SoCs with CPU and GPU core exist since many years ago already.

        The best ones actually are the Apple Ax ones with custom ARM CPU cores and PowerVR GPU cores.

        • Phobos

          so the APU is nothing new to the industry says who? you? I laugh at you.

          • chojin999

            You are an ignorant like other little kids that go on forums and blogs insulting people. Or you are just using multiple accounts here to insult anyone that says anything you can’t understand and you have no clue nor technical background about.

          • tgrech

            “You are an ignorant” I’m afraid ignorant isn’t a noun.
            However, the Jaguar cores are probably the only cores that fill the job. Intel can’t work with consoles because they probably won’t do custom chips, and will have a load of hurdles and extra costs that’d make the cost insane if they did.
            ARM cores simply aren’t powerful enough.
            Since HSA is possibly the only major way to progress with performance now, and APUs have been getting much faster year by year(Compared to Intels 5-10% speed increase for example), an APU seemed like the obvious answer.

            Do you want to suggest a better legally and financially viable method without sacrificing performance?

          • Phobos

            he can’t.

          • Carsten Haase

            sry, but the APU architecture is far away from new to the industry – AMD introduced their APU in June 2010.

            quote from Tom: “The overall architecture is way different than a normal pc as the processor is on the same chip as the ram which is shortening the moving of the data… etc. pc’s are way different than consoles trust me,”

            that my friend is just bullshit – The AMD APU is and was introduced as an integrated CPU/GPU Processor for use in Netbooks, Notebooks, Tablets and normal PCs you can buy them just for home Desktop PC everywhere – it´s just a different socket..
            And the CPU and RAM is NOT on the same Chip – where did you get such nonsense??? – APU just means that CPU and GPU is on the same DIE!

          • Phobos

            is 3yrs really that old? I know ever sense AMD bought ATI they had the idea of cpu/gpu on the same die. So what’s your point?

          • Digitaldreamer7

            In the tech world, 3 years is nearing obsolete.

          • Phobos

            I’m not alone on this, but I’m pretty sure more than half of the people that comment in here will agree, you always talk out of your ass.

          • Bose321

            The PC market has known it for years. For consoles everything is new. I laugh at you.

          • Phobos

            Any proof of it?

          • Lewis Mason-Hathaway Powers

            Ohhh gosh looks like anouther kiddy on the block….As stated below amd released llano in 2010. there first apu in single (oem) dual and quad core veriations. despite this amd released road maps annually and the majority of the public who were in the need to know basis ( i.e Works With I.t For a living ) Knew About AMD’s aspirations for a cpu and gpu on the same bit of scilicoln for a long time. Whats going in the ps4 and xbox is a custom extended 8 core cpu ( Paird Quad Core Design ( abit like the core 2 quads with double core count ) each core pair share set of level 2 cache and a LOW POWER Design . theres a reason its only running at 1.6 ghz. it was never designed to be a power house. your poberly looking at a 30 w TDP maybe 50 in worse case senario. my fx 8320 with same core count runs at 3.5ghz and can turbo a pair of cores to 4ghz. and sits on a 140w TDP motherboard. ( cpu rated for 130w) THEY ARE BASICLY SISTER CPU’S WITHOUT THE GPU DIE !!!! except your was designed with media in mind not all out power. its not to say its not a good work horse ( built a few trinitys of late ) and the quad cores handle xfire no probs . but you need to go back to school and learn something befor declaring things as stupid

          • Phobos

            So the implementation of cpu and gpu on the same die is nothing new, I don’t know about you but before llano what cpu there was that implemented cpu/gpu on the same die?

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      It’s not a matter of need, it’s a matter of want. I want one for games similar to PS3 games like Heavy Rain and The Last of Us. I also want it for the low price, certain Sony features and the sleek Sony style, with no worries about repairs and upgrading. Now, I love repairing and upgrading computers — but I don’t want to be unable to game just because my PC is reduced to its constituent components strewn over my office floor at the moment. Only game I really play on PC is Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations, anyway.

    • mazty

      Existing console owners can upgrade, and in terms of value for money, they do offer a good deal. Personally I run a 560 Ti, and upgrading wouldn’t be worth it if the consoles can outmatch that performance for at least 12-18 months.

    • Taskermatic

      $1000+ PC or $400 console? Get it now? Most people don’t have a PC nearly powerful enough to emulate the next gen consoles. These people will go for the cheap option and buy a console.

      • Carsten Haase

        that just counts for the US market – in europe we have a way different view and here – most people have a PC that outperformes the consoles easily

        • jjgnc

          Personally I’d pass on crappy Windows computers AND crappy Microsoft consoles.

        • Taskermatic

          I live and work in the uk. If you think most people here have a PC that can outperform next gen consoles you have a lot to learn.

      • Persei

        A $500 self built PC will trump these new consoles from day one. Why? Physics. Both consoles will be limited by noise levels and heat generation. The fact that an APU is harder to cool than a default CPU+GPU solution due to the limited surface area simply means they will not be able to pull out the same performance.

        As above: “So, all in all, an 8-core Jaguar might manage about half the performance of a current-gen Core i7.”

        At the end of the year any Haswell i5 or i7 will trump the CPU, and a $200 GTX760 or a HD8770 will wipe the floor with the GPU. Add to the the improved porting of new games and the PC will still be a valid alternative to consoles for years to come.

        • Jaron Swain

          $500 build? What are you trying to run? A clean version of MS Paint?

          • Sam Frankelli

            What do YOU need to run? LAX, lol.. $500 will get me a gaming machine that will surpass any next-gen. Ive built them for under that.

          • Sam Frankelli

            Not sure if Persei was talking new build. existing build it can be done, new build at least $800 to start

          • Bose321

            Get your head out of your arse. Look up what you can buy for 500 dollars.

          • Lewis Mason-Hathaway Powers

            500 pounds yes dnt know about dollers lol ( and yes without windows , we can use linux and emulate with wine for most games ) fx 8320 , £120 , 8gb ddr3 1866mhz patriot ram ( £40 ) cheap-o am3+ mobo £30 500w corsair gx psu £50 , standerd atx case ( £20 ) 120gb ocz agility 3 ( £70 ) Gtx 660ti £170 …….. probs about 600 dollers and im sure he measn with pirated WINDOWS haha But he not far off

          • ProgressivenessMan

            Idk the prices in Europe but here is the cost of that computer in the US. FX 8320=$160, 8gb ddr3 1886mhz=$90, atx case=$50, 120gb ssd=$90, 660 ti=$300
            $690 in all, pretty decent computer.

          • Lewis Mason-Hathaway Powers

            yh not far off mate. imprt bump out prices up slightly although from wa I can tell out graphics cards are cheaper but stik anouter 15$ dollars on every part bought from Britain

        • Denzo

          It’s not that simple in real life. I’m not being argumentative. And certainly not trying to be rude, but how a PC performs compared to a console isn’t all that different. I have an i7 975X processor, SSD extreme, a new 7970 Asus card 3GB TOP, and 12 GB ram. This thing even without over clocking can keep up with any game basically 60FPS solid. I finished Bioshock infinite, tombraider, and crisis 3(almost). Max settings.

          I can’t say what the rig is worth cause its overpriced Alienware and maybe you could get the parts cheaper as a budget build it yourself rig. But still, this PC cost around $5,500 back in 2009- I added an SSD the new video card and ram I mentioned. And yeah it goes well. But seriously – I play my Xbox 360 and run Forza or Gears of War 3/Judgement – or run my PS3

          • Digitaldreamer7

            Yea bro, you got ripped off

          • Persei

            This may have been true for previous generation of consoles due to the PowerPC and Cell architectures, but since the switch to x86 the playing field is level. At the launch, PS4 will be equal to a medium to high end PC and the Xbox One to a medium range. Don’t forget both Nvidia and AMD are releasing their new architectures at the end of the year as well, with especially the HD9000 series looking promising. Nvidia seems to stick with the GK104 chips but higher clocked.

          • Denzo

            Obviously there is no way you could know if the PS4 or XBOX is more capable at this stage. Ps4 has faster ram. But Xbox has 32MB SDRAM which is equally important. It will come down to software and how it’s written.

            As for the new AMD and nvidia cards looking promising- they say the same thing every year. It really just doesn’t change that much which is my whole point.

            Look at my GTX295 I had- it’s a 2008/9 model card. Best one you could buy. 5-6 years old now. Since the 200 series, there has been 400, 500, 600 and now 700 soon. Seriously, yeah there’s an improvement. But even when you compare that old GTX 295 with say a GTX680 and you play a game on a normal 1920×1200 24 inch for example- there really isn’t that much difference. And the cards cost so much more now- but they really don’t do THAT MUCH compared to the old cheap ones.

            When you used to buy a PS1, then get a PS2 you would say “wow looks amazing now”. When you got the pS3 over the PS2 you would say the same thing. Same thing for Xbox to 360.

            PC is getting a lot more expensive- and the gains returned are so small compared to what you pay.

            I’ll finish by giving you a real life example. When I play my GTX295 and I run Tomb Raider (the latest one) it looked awesome. It ran about 30-41 FPS.

            Now what do I get for spending $480 on a new AMD 3GB 7970 TOP Asus card? Her hair looks better. I get about 10-15 FPS more. Seriously? For nearly $500? You think it’s worth it? Nice hair on a video game ?? Keep in mind the mon tesslx hair already looks good enough.

            Look I wanted to do it, it was fun to try it but if your a bit younger and thinking of where to spend your money don’t believe everything you read. Even reviews on websites sometimes are paid advertisements at the end if the day. I know this for a fact even in car magazines they can’t say anything bad otherwise the company doesn’t give them new ones to review anymore (if they give a bad review).

            Sorry for the long story. Hope it helps guide someone and save someone a hard earned dollar.

          • matrix

            heres the thing pc games havent really stepped up, even if you have a really good graphics card your playing games that aint going to use all that power, if they had more game developers making proper games for pcs graphics would look much more better but they dont coz they put all that time into consoles instead

          • webduelist

            a lot of the things you are saying are not really true since the price of a pc has fallen way off from where it use to be.

            As for a new gpu and not seeing frame increases its most likely that your CPU northbridge is bottle necking your GPU. This does not mean that the CPU is not performing, its just to old to use the GPU to its fullest.

            Also you are forgetting that your computer is also a computer not just a gaming console. To get the same functionality with getting a Xbox one (computer tasks (excel, word, indie games etc) and gaming) you will have paid $1420 for a xbox one, a computer, and xbox live for multiplayer.

            But really a 7970 should have been averaging 60+ fps. Something else is causing it not to perform more than likely your cpu.

          • matrix

            pcs are always going to be more powerful then consoles

          • Agustin Freyre

            You may be the single most rational PC player in the world. I salute you.

        • Zeratul Zum

          Not sure… that new architecture is very promising. Change that number to 750$ and I will believe you.

          • Persei

            That architecture is x86-64, it’s what the PC has been using for the last 10 years.

        • Digitaldreamer7

          Current mid range I5′s and 7850′s are already ahead of these in performance.

      • Bose321

        What are you blabbing about? Who says you need to get a 1000 dollar PC? A 400-500 dollar PC will outdo any console hands-down.

        • Cai Phillips-Jones

          let me see that build?

          • Ben Pottinger

            Ok, easy enough. Lets go intel since we know its faster and we will match the GPU of the XboxOne (7790). Newegg has an OC7790 for 135$ right now.

            There is a PDF with the wishlist. Total is 560$ish. It would easily beat the XboxOne and could be made 100$ cheaper with some deals and the 100$ could be spent on a controller and a decent KB/Mouse combo. I didn’t include a OS because you will spend the same on windows8 as you will your first year of M$’s “live” service most likely so its a wash.

            The Big savings comes when you install Steam and you never again pay more then 30$ for a game, and you instead usually pay 5-7$ per game. In a year you will have hundreds more games then you would for your console and you will have spent less money on them in total. Oh, and you can spend that couple hundred bucks you saved over the year buying cheaper games on a new video card and a year after you bought your “SteamBOX” it will be crushing both consoles from both companies. Just drop that box behind your TV and enjoy your new “console”!

          • Cai Phillips-Jones

            Ok, seems like you cut some corners with the OS and lack of monitor. I can’t imagine using a tv unless you have a separate desk computer that is just as powerful a productivity booster as a high end gaming pc. My gaming rig has saved me countless hours of homework time with its 6 gb ram and ability to have dozens of windows open. The thing is, if you want to spend 300+ for something that only plays games, then you should get a console. However, you can spend double or triple that, and, as you point out, you will eventually make much of that difference back with cheaper games, and also get a multimedia workstation that can also be upgraded for less than the cost of a console. My point is, 4-500 is a bit of an exaggeration for a new PC comparable to the next gen consoles. However, what you get is so much more, so there is really no need to exaggerate.

          • Ben Pottinger

            BUILD LINK IS HERE: (

            Lack of a monitor? So we are going to include the price of a TV into the cost of the consoles right?! 560$ is *NOT* an exaggeration. In fact its overkill in some ways. You can game extremely well (1920x1080x60fps) on ivybridge i3 CPU that costs 99$ (so remove 80$ from the total) you would need to upgrade the video card before the CPU caused you any real problems (and it would still be more then enough for most all modern games at high @1920×1080). So remove the i5, swap an i3 in and buy windows 8 for 90$. Price is now 562.94 after rebates.

            Your going to hook this PC up to your TV and use it as a console in STEAM “Big Picture Mode”. I did this with a spare pile of parts and the GTX460 I pulled from my main PC when I upgraded. It sits behind my TV and is wonderful for playing games with a controller just like any other console. It can boot right into Steam Big Picture and a totally clueless newb could walk over, pick up the controller, start a game and start playing. Should he want to buy a game and install it he can do that just as easily, very similar to how its done on the PS3/Xbox360 for digital downloads.

            So, for fractionally more then these new consoles are likely to cost you will get a full PC capable of anything any normal PC can do, you can install media-center on it or XMBC or Plex and use it as a streaming media home theater PC *AND* use it as a console with steam big picture mode, AND surf the web, etc etc.

            Its not the PC hardware that makes it better, its not windows that makes it better (LOL), its *STEAM* that makes it better then any other console on the market and any other console currently scheduled to be released. Steam makes PC gaming stupidly easy and makes it stupidly inexpensive and gives you access to a stupidly massive library of games. Sony and M$ didn’t put PC hardware in their consoles because it was better then the alternatives they did it to attract the gigantic army of developers pumping out amazing indie software on the PC. They want those developers and those games.

            On xbox360 there are 1504 games available as of 2/18/13. Steam (as of today) has 2002 windows compatible games. Thats just on steam and you can easily install Desura, GOG, and other online services as well.

            I have a PS3 I bought for PS3 exclusives. It might happen again with the PS4 if they continue to offer their online service for free. But the reality of 2013 is not the world of 2006. PC gaming in 2013 really is “console easy” and costs about half as much (per game) with better graphics. Seems a easy choice for me.

          • Cai Phillips-Jones

            You may want to include a tv as part of a consoles price. Either way, it would be a waste of a pc to hook it up to a standard tv with a standard slow reaction time, or a 17 inch monitor for gaming.

            basically pc gaming is more expensive for a couple reasons
            1. proper gaming monitor is quite different, larger and with a better reaction time required.
            2. the i3 you’re talking about most likely will not be competitive with next gen consoles.
            3. I don’t understand why you removed the OS from the equation.
            4. pcs require a large initial investment, consoles require a small initial investment and incremental game purchases.

            I just don’t think that the prices are equivalent. The power supply you listed isn’t big enough to power that gpu. With an OS and decent power supply the total would be more like 750. That’s without mouse, keyboard, controller, monitor, or assembly.

            You can spend $450 on a pc but it won’t match up with the neg gen systems.

            The laws of economics are pretty straightforward:

            the console manufacturers buy huge amounts of components at scaled down prices. They also sell at a loss, unlike pc manufacturers.

        • Cuylar Blair

          Show the build or STFU

          • Ben Pottinger

            Its listed in the link above yours (twice). Its a decent case with a decent power supply and then matched the XboxOne in every area I easily could. The new consoles use dinky 8 “core” (not really) CPUs so instead I matched CPUs based on what you need to push a game at 1080p with med/high settings in most games and still get 60fps(ish). Remember current consoles most often push 720p and 30fps so even a really basic current gen video card crushes current systems.

            Sure you can spend a fair amount more should you want to, or by buying top tier gear. Even then you can easily build a *nice* gaming rig for 1000-1200$ that will easily play anything out now maxed (more or less).

            Heck, I just bought a Lenovo *LAPTOP* for 850$ that *crushes* the specs on these new consoles. 8GB Ram, ivy bridge core i7, GTX 750m, 1TB HDD and 15.6″ 1920×1080 panel. Thats an amazing gaming machine for less then 900$ and its a laptop!

      • Digitaldreamer7

        You can build a PC based on the sam (ish) APU for 400…. a 500 PC with a separate GPU and CPU will tear this new console gen up.

    • Tom

      “I guess my big question is why do I need one of these? When the PS3
      came out the graphics were pretty amazing compared to a mid-range PC.”

      Not true and the PS3 was only marginally more powerful than the 360. When you play on a TV, which tends to be large, one isn’t going to notice the lo-res textures while playing since the texture consistency is across the screen, unless they really stop to look. A better comparison would be looking at PS2 games compared to PS3 games. While there are some games that do look really nice, the AA is almost non-existent, else the games would crawl along in frame-rates. Example, I can play games on my 52″ Samsung at it’s native max resolution of 1080p, even with a controller. I played Fallout 3 (as one example) using my PC version and used my 360 (yes I bought both since I got Fallout 3 on the 360 before I got this PC, my previous PC wouldn’t run it). I can tell you it was night and day with the resolutions without the mods. With the mods was off the wall. Personally though, playing PC games in front of my 24″ monitor is better :).

      “But if these new consoles are using x86 architecture then all the games
      made for them should run on PCs without the need to recompile.”

      Honestly, that was never an issue with the 360 anyway, but yes it will be easier with the Xbox One considering it is based on Windows. Many games today, as opposed to years back, are ported to PC now. I don’t like it, but the modding community makes the graphics and gameplay much better. Example, Skyrim was a clear console port to PC, but the mods are off the charts with increased resolution, plus the PC version allows for console commands.

      “I guess I’m having a hard time figuring out how these are different from
      a PC, except for branding. Maybe I’m not understanding something…”

      The difference is that a mid-level PC will still out-perform these consoles. While the Xbox One and PS4 will definitely afford higher resolutions than the PS3 and 360 along with better performance, it’s only because the TVs will still be using the 1080P standard while they are using much more powerful hardware, they will look good. PCs don’t have that limitation to just using 1080p, they are now hitting 4K resolutions already (3840×2160 which is 4x 1920x1080p). A decent mid-range PC today would run 2x the 1080p setting.

      Having said that, my quad core i7-950 with my 2x Radeon 5870s in crossfire still kills these new consoles by a mile and my PC is 3.5 years old now. Running @1920×1200 resolution with 8xAA and 16XAF @60FPS with ultra res mods. I used to play consoles (Xbox and Xbox360) a great deal up to Modern Warfare (I am primarily an RPG freak), but shooters didn’t evolve, they all wanted to be MW and I went back to PC. If these newer consoles would allow save game editors and modding tools for RPGs in single payer mode only, I’d probably go back since the looks of the game graphics are getting better. Will wait and see what games they offer whether I buy into tit or not.

    • Xellion

      this IS a PC, it just has a lot less options.

      its like a gimped car.

      the plus side are game titles that you cant get anywhere else, besides that its obviously not worth it if you know your way around a keyboard.

    • Marlon Pineda

      That’s exactly my thought..but the odd things about it, is, the consoles have been slowing down PC development and bringing it to a cripple with exclusive rights on any titles that sound remotely interesting, not to mention, developers rather go where less pirating is occurring and that is on the console front. There’s also a 3rd element. Developers are now affecting the way they maximize for PC games, since, they have little time to work with. So, they design an engine/ game based on a happy-medium and one that require the least amount of work possible to get them to work on all platforms…so, they give the PC version an extra effect or two, expand the level size and add higher resolution maps and call it a day…when, in all reality, PC’s are a completely different beast and should be turning out CG movies by now. Why is it Killzone on PS4 looks better than anything we have seen on PC? When, PC has the hardware to turn 20 times that? I’m running a 4.6ghz, 8 core setup with two AMD 6970′s and 16GB of RAM and yet, the best I can attain, is what the console already has, but with more anti-aliasing and bigger levels, and higher resolution maps…woohoo! 1k+ well spent! I’ve been running this setup for nearly two years and I have not seen any amazing PC games. Amazing PC games that pushed PC architecture, died after Crysis 1 in 2007. Everyone despises the name of the title now because Crysis became the foundation of PC expectation and the thing at which all future PC games were measured against, but the fact of the matter is that it is the truth.

  • Phobos

    If most of the work is done by the gpu what’s the need for a superior cpu? If the cpu is more than capable to do the job, it should be alright then.
    Chojin, cheap APU’S are taking over!

    • chojin999

      You can’t run everything on the GPU.

      All the work done on the GPU it’s a marketing lie.

      And publishers will just recompile their standard PC x86/x64 code with the XBox720 and PS4 own libraries and encrypt for DRM and that’s it.

      No optimizations for sure.

      • Phobos

        Who says you run everything from just the gpu? If the gpu does most of the work. There are a lot of factors to considered but overall the gpu does more work thank the cpu at least on games.

        • Evgeni Bykarskij

          Dont forget, GPUs shine at hghly parallel tasks, and almost anything to do with graphics is parallel, as you have a very high number of idetacal taks (like, per pixel).
          Otherwise, if there is little parallelism GPUs suck as they are very, very weak processors compared to CPUs. Their streangth is in their numbers

          • chojin999

            The majority of algorithms don’t run on GPUs. And when parallelized for GPUs it usually means way lower precision than on CPUs.

            For games that trick could work only for some algorithms and it’s not something that can always be acceptable. It depends on the game type and 3D engine quality that needs to be achieved.

            The GPUs can be used to calculate many things yes but it’s not always that wise to.

            In fact although current GPUs seem very advanced with programmable units similar to full DSPs .. well, they are not full DSPs at all. Still missing too many features, proper DSPs are more efficient and faster.

            GPUs consume a lot of power, feature many limited DSP like units and still after so many years can’t perform properly.

            The real GPU revolution could have come from Intel with their Larrabee project for real-time ray-tracing that thanks to shrinked vectorized x86 units could have acted as a network of very fast x86 DSPs. But they dropped the project for GPU and turned it into a powerful series of expensive co-processor cards for High Performance Computing, which still proves being a far better approach than what AMD and Nvidia have to offer for GPGPU tasks but it won’t be available for cheap GPU use.

          • Phobos

            You’re talking out of your ass like always. An example that i7 for all its cpu power can’t not run(and if it does it will barely run it) a damn game without a dedicated video card. And when I mean a game I mean like BF3, COD, Skyrim etc. not angry birds.

          • chojin999

            Go on being rude and arrogant. Foul language is not going to make you sound cool nor right.

            You just sound pathetic.

            You have no clue what you are talking about.

          • dns7950

            I wouldn’t say he’s being rude or arrogant, i’d say he’s probably just frustrated by having to read your retarded comments, just like everyone else. If you think what he said is foul language, you should hear what i’d call you if these comments weren’t moderated.. And has anyone ever told you how stupid it makes you look when all you ever do is parrot whatever people tell you? People tell you that you have no clue what you’re talking about and you sound pathetic, and before long you’re going around saying the same thing about everyone else.. You’re like a toddler who just learned a new phrase and feels the need to go around repeating it..

          • havor

            Have you ever wondered that people how say that your full of shit most of the time only get one downgrade, and only from you!

            And a lot of ups from others.

          • Phobos

            And you know what you are talking about? I laugh at you, again and gain.

          • hawk_97

            My laptop with an i7 and no dedicated graphics runs skyrim just fine :). Makes me wonder why people use consoles…

          • Phobos

            Any proof of that?

          • jjgnc

            But for how long? We all know how long PCs stay relevant.

          • havor

            My BS detector went of AGAIN when reading you comments. ^_^

            = “In fact although current GPUs seem very advanced with programmable units similar to full DSPs .. well, they are not full DSPs at all. Still missing too many features, proper DSPs are more efficient and faster.” =

            Actually the modern GPGPU units in the cards from AMD and nVidia are way more advanced then DSPs.

            Why DSP are often still kicking most GPGPUs butt, is because DSPs are one pony tricks, and are made to do one thing, and do that one thing very well.

            GPGPUs on the other hand can do everything from displaying pritty pictures, till pretty advanced calculations, as long as they are not to complex in OpenCL or CUDA.

  • IneffableCause

    Uhh, the 360 does not have a Cell CPU. That’s always been the PS3′s big disadvantage, Cell is harder to program for than Power PC.

    • Sebastian Anthony

      The Xenon (Xbox 360 CPU) was a Cell chip:

      No SPEs in the Xbox 360, though — and they were the hard(er) bit to program. The Xbox 360 probably has a better software tool chain than the PS3, too.

      • IneffableCause

        Proven wrong. Shows how good my memory is.

      • chojin999

        No. It wasn’t anything like the Cell.

        The Cell was an all new design by IBM and Sony with features taken from the expensive IBM Power (not PowerPC) CPUs although using the PowerPC cores.

        • dns7950

          Every time you try and argue with someone you make yourself look like an idiot. Instead of providing facts, links, references or any kind of proof whatsoever, you offer your own misguided opinion and try to pass it off as as fact. You really do sound like a ten year old when you have nothing better than to say than “No. It is not”. I can just picture you sticking your fingers in your ears and going “lalalalala” so you don’t have to listen to people trying to explain why you are wrong. You really are an ignorant fool.

          • Phobos

            There should be a warning on chojins comments, “warning reading chojin’s comments can cause sever lost of neurons, read at your own discretion”

          • havor

            They have my vote if they implement that! ^_^

            But a warning like, “The following comments may contain a lot of BS, dont take it at it face value” would be enough.”.

            Man he never stops spouting his delusional BS, dose he, wonder if he dose it just to Troll, or really believes it, also wonder which of the two is more sadder. o_0

          • dns7950

            I wondered the same thing, but i’m pretty sure he really does believe it.. I think he’s just so stupid he doesn’t even realize how stupid he is… And that is the sadder of the two, at least trolls can be funny…

  • Oren J. Maurice

    You’ve got it wrong… ps3 was based on cell, but xbox 360 wasn’t. It had a much more “normal” triple core cpu made by ibm.

    • Johnny-Adam Nilsson

      The cores in the Xbox 360 CPU are sligthly modified versions of the PPE that are in the Cell Processor of the Playstation 3, so yeah it is also a Cell.

      • chojin999

        No. It is not.

  • VirtualMark

    Damn, going by the title of the article, I thought the specs had been released. I don’t understand writing an article the day before the unveil? We’ll know for certain tomorrow.

    Still, it’s kinda fun guessing what it’s going to be called. I hope the new one can play .mkv files too, the media support on the 360 is shite.

  • juanrga

    “So, all in all, an 8-core Jaguar might manage about half the performance of a current-gen Core i7.” Yes if you compare a PC to a PC, but we are comparing a PC to a console right? This is a famous tweet from Carmack:

    “Consoles run 2x or so better than equal PC hardware, but it isn’t just API in the way, focus a single spec also matters.”

    Therefore, the 8-core jaguar on the PS4 will match an i7 on a gaming PC. The same about the graphics card: a Radeon 7870 will perform as a GTX-680 on a PC (1.84 TFLOP x 2).

    Precisely Epic has selected an i7 with a GTX-680 in their PC-PS4 comparisons.

    • Sebastian Anthony

      Yep, that’s a fair comment — and Carmack knows his stuff, of course.

      As I said at the end, the eighth generation of consoles will be very hot when they first come out :)

      • Cai Phillips-Jones

        there are youtube videos of a card that is pretty close to xbox 360′s xenon, the radeon x1900, running crysis and gta 4 decently with fraps. I don’t see evidence that the previous generation’s gpus were utilized twice as well on consoles, even in recent games.

    • crazypete1

      That tweet was from a while ago though. The old consoles were built very
      purpose-specific: they were there to run games. Everything about them was
      designed to run the games in the most efficient way possible.

      Now that we have moved to an x86 instruction set I would argue that the assumptions Carmack based his comment on have shifted significantly. The x86 chips are jack-of-all-trades processors, as are the basic APUs that these systems are based on. Some game-centric tweaking appears to have been done, but simply retooling existing models may not yield the 2 X difference seen previously.

      It was also difficult previously to compare apples to apples because the games required a significant recompile/ code optimization (and recoding as well) to port them to PCs –and often this was done without as much care as the original due to the reduced market for the PC. You will still need to recompile based on OS, but the jump will be much smaller and we may find that the performance gap tightens considerably.

      Of course I could be wrong… we’ll see shortly I assume…

      • VirtualMark

        Yeah I always hated console ports, they were rarely done right.

      • juanrga

        Carmack is mentioning the DX API overhead of PCs. That has not changed because we still have DX11. The overhead on a PC with windows has nothing to do with the architecture of the cpu on a console. The new consoles are also built for a very purpose-specific: run games in the most efficient way possible. Think of them as a machine much more specialised than a gaming PC to run games.
        For the sake of completness I am adding what Lottes (Nvidia developer) wrote a pair of months ago (he also mention Windows API bloatness):

        “The real reason to get excited about a PS4 is what Sony as a company
        does with the OS and system libraries as a platform, and what this
        enables 1st party studios to do, when they make PS4-only games. If PS4
        has a real-time OS, with a libGCM style low level access to the GPU,
        then the PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC simply
        because it opens up what is possible on the GPU. Note this won’t happen
        right away on launch, but once developers tool up for the platform, this
        will be the case. As a PC guy who knows hardware to the metal, I spend
        most of my days in frustration knowing damn well what I could do with
        the hardware, but what I cannot do because Microsoft and IHVs wont
        provide low-level GPU access in PC APIs. One simple example, drawcalls
        on PC have easily 10x to 100x the overhead of a console with a libGCM
        style API.”

        • Angel Ham

          The PS4 and the new Xbox are going to use DirectX. The Wii U uses OpenGL. Does this means that the Wii U is going to be better (for a while) because of better access to the GPU than the competitors?

          • juanrga

            The PS4 will use an improved version of DX11 for compatibility with PC but will also provide a lightweight API plus API-free access to hardware (read what Lottes write about “PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC”). The Xbox will also provide a customized version of DirectX (not available on PCs) with special functions that will allow for something similar to the close-to-metal approach for increasing efficiency and performance.

          • Angel Ham

            It is one of those moments when you can’t help but think why Sony is runnind DirectX on their PS4 since MS doesn’t play nice with the competition unless there’s something really nasty happening behind closed doors.

            Maybe it’s all about making it easier to port games between these two consoles. Or something Gabe Newell said about how sluggish DirectX is compared to OpenGL.

          • juanrga

            As said above I think is all about compatibility. Most game developers uses DX and, thus, there are lots of legacy code using DX. By providing DX support on the PS4, Sony guarantees that game developers can reuse code and port games to/from PC. Instead wasting time and resources on re-coding, develoleprs can spend time and resources on improving visuals and gameplay.

          • crazypete1

            So really we are paying for the OS more than anything else. What we need is a bare metal hypervisor that we can then choose to run an OS optimized for gaming only. Maybe Steam should develop a gaming only OS that we can run from Hyper –V or Xen.

        • crazypete1

          So this may be a very naïve question but now that we are running on an x86 architecture would it be possible to port Sony’s OS to a PC? I suppose it would have to be pretty similar to the PS4 in terms of hardware for that to work. Maybe it would have to be exactly the same in which case you are really just building a PS4 anyway….

  • Souldestoyer

    This article is wrong in so many places I had to stop reading.

    The author clearly has no clue.

    • Phobos

      I just don’t get it what was sooo special about the cell in the ps3?? at the end of the day what matters is the software not the hardware. The hardware is fine.

  • Scrublord

    Pc games will look better in a few years?

    Wrong, they already look better, UE4 already was superior running on a PC compared to a PS4.

    • Guest

      Yeah sure fine — go ahead and spend what will be 1200+ absolute minimum when you can get close enough performance for what will probably be around 1/3 the price. With exclusives.

      • GatzLoc

        Um, fx something is $100x, mobo is 100, case is 50, psu is 50, ram is 30, gpu is 2-300.

        So bit more, but you can re-use parts, or buy used and that drops everything by half.

        So you can realistically get a better pc for the same or less, and spend the difference on steam sales. And you save $60 a year. :P

        • Chaoshunter587 .

          psn doesn’t cost $60 a year XD.

          and if you were gonna spend that much money on a pc, than that pc sounds mighty shit, kinda like a netbook.

          • Phobos

            he forgot the os another $100 and a hdd $60-100, yeah much cheaper than a console. Oh yeah I almost forgot, why would you want to spend $200-300 on a video card with a $100 cpu? ram for $30? so you only want 4GB for a pc? Get real if you want a decent pc spend at least $600-800.

          • GatzLoc

            If you pay for an os, and pay $30 for 8gb ram I say nothing.

            I assume people have atleast something, as almost everyone has a computer.

            You can recycle so many things, You should spend more but you don’t have to. You can beat a console for less. That’s been true for awhile, especially if you know how to use kijiji, ebay, and amazon and go used.

            I know I seem ‘stupid’ and I guess with a new gen it isn’t as true as it is later on, like the 8800gt wiping the 360 for $180 like it was a few years ago, but w.e

            Include the HDTV you have to buy too, troll. :P

          • Phobos

            recycling some parts can only take you so far. The 8800gt wiping the 360? not by much. relax mini troll you can always use crt and save some $$$

          • webduelist

            8800gt BF3 1080p @ 60fps, 360 720p @ 25-30 fps


    The launch of the next-gen consoles are unimpressive compared to the launch of the current-gen consoles:

    The $500 to $600 PS3 launched in 2006 and performed on par with the best PCs. The Cell processor had a floating performance of 1.84 teraflops per second. The cell processor alone was valued at $1000 in 2006. The graphics card was similar to a nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX which would have cost $200 in 2006. Total cost in terms of performance power for CPU + GPU = $1200

    The $430 to $530 PS4 will launch in 2013 and perform on par with the midrange PCs. The AMD APU (CPU + GPU) processor has a floating performance of 1.84 teraflops per second. This means the Cell processor was a better CPU than the AMD APU because the 1.84 teraflops includes the computation done by the GPU. More importantly the 8 core AMD APU at 1.6 GHz is equivalent to a 4 core AMD 3.6GHz processor which computes roughtly at 1.8 teraflops per second. The cost of a 4 core AMD 3.6GHz processor is $105. The cost of an AMD HD 7850 is $200. Total cost in terms of performance power for CPU + GPU = $305.

    Conclusion the next-gen consoles will have a low end CPU and midrange GPU. Also Sony will be profiting off their consoles on day 1.

    If every 7 years people are going to buy a PS4 (~$430) and a PC ($400) for home or school use. Why not just built or buy a gaming PC. For $750 you can build a PC with an AMD Radeon HD 7850 which has the same performance as a PS4 or $830 build a PC with an AMD Radeon HD 7950 which is more powerful than the PS4 or buy a prebuilt PC for $830 with an AMD Radeon HD 7850 which has the same performance as a PS4. Also most PC games a backwards compatible and cost $5 for a digital download during sales.

    Conclusion people should not buy consoles unless PS4 cost $300 for PC builders or $430 for prebuilt PCs on day 1.

    • juanrga

      I have read lots of misinformation about the PS4 on internet. It seems that some people has not still digest the fact that AMD won the contracts for both the PS4 and the next Xbox. Moreover, when I read someone labelling himself as THE TRUTH I prepare myself, as a rule of dumb, for reading lots of misinformation and even lies. Your claim that Cell processor on PS3 has “1.84 teraflops per second” did me laugh a lot of. Now you only need join with chojin and call the FBI for denouncing what he consider is a scam/fraud at planetary level. Good luck!

      • Phobos

        They keep forgetting that consoles only play games, so the hardware built into the consoles is perfectly fine. It should last longer. Any good example of what the cell cpu can do in a game?

        • Angel Ham
          • Ace Korneya

            Yeah…. that was drop a long time ago by sony..its not possible anymore…

          • Angel Ham

            I know. It was good PR for touting how powerful the Cell was back then BUT back then they were selling the console at a steep loss and since the only ones who could easily afford them weren’t buying them for the games..

          • Phobos

            that cell didn’t offer anything special that the 360 couldn’t do. Only a steep price.

          • Angel Ham

            It couldn’t do anything special due to how little RAM it had. Had that thing carried more or had a unified one like the Xbox360 that would have changed things way more.

          • Phobos

            Even so it should show something at least, but it didn’t.

          • Angel Ham

            Apart from IBM making a supercomputer out of them and AMD chips?

        • juanrga

          Yes, consoles have hardware and software optimized for gaming.

        • Saren Bonacker

          You keep forgetting that consoles havent “only played games” in almost a decade.

          • Phobos

            so what’s your point?

  • Thom Frost

    can we be seeing the end of the dedicated console gaming system’s and everything moving to pc hardware with a dedicated os?
    could we soon be seeing a dedicated card that you add to your pc that will let you play ps4 and xbox 720 games?

  • Calvin Garcia

    consoles will all ways be way behide pc gaming pc’s give birth to games so much more a pc can do in real time gaming more eye candy more clear more real things look consoles use mobile gpu’s laptops that is my gpu in my pc has 2048 Stream Processors
    4.3 Billion Transistors of Pure Performance
    my pc will be good for years to come but consoles age in 3-5 year old when my gpu gets old il upgrade it that be in like 10 years

  • bafrayd

    “Likewise, games will probably look better on consoles for a few years, and then PCs will probably pull back ahead.”


    Inferior hardware/inferior graphics. These new consoles are already far outdated in terms of GPU performance, and they will not go on sale until the end of 2013.

  • EasyEEE

    Infinity? With Disney Infinity coming out in August? Something tells me, no…

    • Fybre0ptix

      Have you OCd the processor?

  • Fybre0ptix

    “Likewise, games will probably look better on consoles for a few years, and then PCs will probably pull back ahead.” Too bad the Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks better on PC than it does on the PS4 already. And before you tell me that they look the same: no, throughout the whole thing you can see the PC looks better. It becomes extremely apparent when the doors burst open and the wind rushes in. The particles look terrible on the PS4 version compared to the PC.

    • NiggggersAreScum

      Who cares? Looks aren’t really that important because the PS4 looks great and the controller is amazing

      • Fybre0ptix

        ^0/10 troll.

      • Fybre0ptix


  • Hector Macias Ayala

    The tech comparison is naive, for the sole point of not taking into account console games are coded in a much more optimized way than their PC counterparts, which on the other side, are to deal with endless problems, and usually require a lot more computing power, but dont deliver that much more in terms of playability and visuals.

    A gap that grows smaller as time passes, anyway.

  • Chaoshunter587 .

    the guy who wrote the articles says that both ps3 and Xbox 360 had cell processors.

    yet it was only ps3 with the beast 3.2ghz 7 core.

    Xbox had a xenon triple core 3.2ghz processor.

    He also wrote that both ps4 and the next box 720 degrees Celsius were gonna focus more as a media entertainment box rather then gaming.

    Wrong again, only the Xbox will focus as an entertainment media box.

    Sony has clearly stated that ps4 will be a gaming machine at heart designed just for games.

    The media features are just a bonus on the ps4.

    call me a Sony Fan boy but i’m just stating the facts.
    The thing about the author of this article is that he barely knows what he’s writing about.

  • ya right

    I fear that gta v will be the last game I ever buy

  • ya right

    I fear that gta v will be the last game I ever buy

  • Chaoshunter587 .

    last thing

    xbox 360 wasn’t cell

    Dumb asses who think otherwise

    also if you look at

    it says “These cores are slightly modified versions of the PPE in the Cell processor used on the PlayStation 3″

    If you idiots can read, then it says that the cores of the Xbox 360 are modified versions of the PPE in the cell processor.


    besides the xbox 360 doesn”t have any spu’s or SPE’s like in the ps3 and other cell processors

    • crazypete1

      You seem to get very worked up about semantics. Do you you also yell at people who call a “couch” a “chesterfield”? It must be exhausting for you to go through life spending massive amounts of time and energy yelling about things that are simple semantic differences. Oh well, as longs as you’re having fun.

      • Randall Nelson

        Well he has a point. that bugged me too. its more like talking about cars, acting like you’re some sort of authority and than calling it a Dodge mustang with a Hemi inside. When it’s actually a 5.0 mustang.

  • Robert Olson

    well you aren’t going to out preform the servers that are handling the information. so to keep the cost down by not upgrading the serves it allow for better security. they are selling new hardware not for you. its for the servers handling the games.. that is all. Microsoft already said this is the last xbox they’ll make. The new hardware will also monitor your imputes and impulses. think of the new xbox 720 as Facebook on steroids.. Facebook is the key to over coming apple..

  • Guest

    what about the wii u?

  • The Black Hand

    The 360 used an IBM PowerPC CPU, NOT a CELL. That Sony’s propietary PS3 CPU.

  • warcaster

    6x the graphics at the same 720p resolution. I mean most games on the current consoles aren’t at 1080p right? So if most on PS4 and xbox720 will be at 1080p, then the graphics will only improve by 3x, since it’s powering 2x the pixels.

  • Lance Colton

    “games will probably look better on consoles for a few years”

    ummmm, no, unless you are talking about $500 PCs or something. They might be able to keep up with a PC but they’re not going to magically look better. Plus, we don’t know how bloated the “OS” is going to be on the new xbox or PS3, they might lose their advantage of not having windows if they load it up with too much fancy background stuff for the new dashboards.

    • PC WON

      PS4 = $700 custom built PC in terms of equivalent gaming performance
      Xbox One = $670 custom built PC in terms of equivalent gaming performance
      If every 7 years people are going to buy a PS4 (~$430) and a PC ($400) for home or school use. Why not just built or buy a gaming PC. For $750 you can build a PC with an AMD Radeon HD 7850 which has the same performance as a PS4 or $830 build a PC with an AMD Radeon HD 7950 which is more powerful than the PS4 or buy a prebuilt PC for $830 with an AMD Radeon HD 7850 which has the same performance as a PS4. Also most PC games are backwards compatible and cost $5 for a digital download during sales.
      Conclusion: people should not consider buying consoles unless the PS4 cost less than $350 for PC builders or less than $430 for prebuilt PCs on day 1.

  • Tarthus

    Why do you continue to call it the Xbox 720?

    • WatDah

      Exactly my first thought!

      • PC WON

        because that’s the resolution the Xbox One will use

  • Sam

    For “Oldest”
    The difference is not only branding, but also making the system and hardware much cheaper since its mass produced rather than building it yourself.
    A console with the specs of the XBOX ONE is close to a pc you could build for around $700 if your being stingy.
    The PS4 however is comparable to a pc close to around $900, excluding its rather interesting GDDR5 Ram its sporting.
    And yes its x86 architecture will make it possible for pc exclusives and ps4 exclusives alike, to be ported back and forth without any serious modifications to the source code on the dev’s part making the party much bigger for both customer and developers.

  • Chris Potter

    [quote] With the Xbox 360 and PS3, both consoles had a monstrous Cell-based CPU[/quote]


    The 360 had a 3 core 800mhz processor…

    • Avatar28

      If you’re going to call out someone else for incorrect information, you should probably make sure that YOUR information is correct..

      The Xenon CPU in the 360 has a 3-core CPU running at 3.2 GHz. I have no idea where you got 800 MHz from.

      • Nick Estrada

        before you call someones info out dont use wikipedia as a source, use offical information

        • Randall Nelson

          At least his info is correct. Wiki also has sources at the bottom to, if you have a problem with wiki look at those sources.

  • Dan Wendell

    Will these boxes be able to handle 4K (3840×2160 or 4096×2160)? I would think Sony would want to push a 4K capable game system so they can sell 4K TVs.

  • RoadShow

    isn’t it GDDR3 ram too and not 5 like PS4? All the good news is still in Sony’s court.

  • ¡Alejandrö!

    I can honestly say, I’m not impressed with either console. Sure, they have their perks here and there, but they don’t seem like a huge upgrade from the predecessors. Maybe it’s just me.

    • PC WON

      8 core AMD processor at 1.6 GHz is weak sauce and is equivalent to a $100 4 core AMD CPU at 3.6 GHz in terms of floating point performance. When PS3 was released it had the Cell processor at 3.2 GHz and was equivalent to a $1000 processors in terms of floating point performance.

      • juanrga

        The 8×1 core AMD CPU on the PS4 gives 102.4 GFLOP (assuming it is clocked @ 1.6 GHz). The expensive 4×2 core Intel i7-3770k gives 112 GFLOP. But the CPU from AMD has HSA which implies it can peak beyond those 102.4 GFLOP when assisted by the GPU cores. Intel lacks this next-gen technology.

        • chojin999

          What are you talking about ? On par with an Intel i7-3770K in your dreams.. not in the real world.

          If that was ever true AMD wouldn’t have been almost gone bankrupt and Intel wouldn’t be selling so many CPUs.

          Benchmarks here show that AMD APU is slower than Intel Core i3.
          The new AMD APU version on PS4 and XBoxOne it’s not going to be 3 times faster. No matter how much the marketing lies.

          • Phobos

            Are you high or something? they trade blows.

          • juanrga

            Data I have given is found in many technical places (it is not Sony marketing). Your benchmarks are not about the PS4 8-core custom chip neither measure GFLOPs. However, your data still shows how a 4×1 core Kabini @ 2 GHz beats a 2×2 i3 @ 2.5 GHz. Kabini gets a 840.7 score whereas the i3 only 749.6.

  • Vulcanproject

    Please Freakin listen to the technical stream that was on after the conference. The GPU in this machine is quite a ways inferior to ps4′s. Did nobody else watch it? He clearly stated it is a 768 thread GPU as was leaked a while back, a 12 CU part that will get its arse handed to it by ps4′s 18 CU part with 50 percent more ‘threads’ 1152 to be precise by way of ps4′s vastly superior memory bandwidth. Yes, that’s right. The key component is the GPU and ps4 strolls this comparison because of it. That’s a huuuugeee gap considering how close ps3 and 360 are.

    • PC WON

      PS4′s GDDR5 RAM has twice as much memory bandwidth when compared to Xbox One’s DDR3 RAM provided that the memory clockspeeds are the same. For AMD APU’s having faster GDDR5 RAM will increase the overall performance in games by over 30%.

      Now for the graphics core, if PS4 uses an AMD Radeon HD 7850 and Xbox One uses an AMD Radeon HD HD 7790. PS4′s graphics core will increase overall performance in games by 20%

      Conclusion: PS4 > Xbox One by 56%

      • Vulcanproject

        Depending on memory clock speeds, PS4′s main system memory bandwidth will be at least twice as much as xbox one, but potentially as much as 3 times. It’ll be offset by that ESRAM in Xbox, but thats a sticking plaster solution. Sony just dismissed that and went the whole hog with the better GDDR5 solution, although it will cost more it’ll pay off.

        I actually believe that unless they have managed crazy high clocks on their GPU (they won’t have, consoles never do), it’ll never be as fast as a 7790. That is a 1.7 teraflop GPU. More accurate is a 7770 which is much closer, as a 1.28 teraflop GPU.

        PS4′s GPU is close to a 7850, Xbox one’s is close to a 7770 1ghz. Go see any PC bench for rough idea. Theres a big gap.

  • Jim Dawkins

    Its a basic gaming pc in sheeps clothing except you pay to play online as bonus…

  • Stacey Bright

    Its funny that people debate over console hardware, be it with other consoles or vs PC. Its utterly pointless what goes in to the console as long its enough to play games at 30-60 FPS, and manages to do it while looking better than the previous generation. This is the primary task that, with media playback being the only other real use you’ll ever get out of it. The PS3 atleast had the capability/potential to do more, but Sony took that away. I have a PS3 and never cared for the XBOX, but I’m primarily a PC gamer. No matter how much one spends on a ‘gaming’ PC in comparison to a console, you’ll ultimately end up doing more than gaming on it. The ‘more’ will continue to extend beyond that of any console. My PS3 at this point is relegated to primarily bluray playback, mostly due to it happening to be in closer proximity to my TV than my PC. I don’t even need it for streaming anymore, cause my TV will do that by itself now.

    • Daniel Heartland

      All that matter now are exclusives.

  • jjgnc

    Not impressed. I don’t need a new home multi-media system. I want a gaming system. Visual performance is already great on the current systems. They will remain at 1080p . I will wait until next year to make a decision. My PS3 will remain relevant for quite some time. I don’t even think technology right now justifies a new generation of consoles.

    • Ironmanxrs2

      Games aren’t running 1080p right now – they’re upscaled. Also, besides DX11 support, AI and physics will get a huge boost. It’s not all about exporting a 1080p picture.

  • hihime

    the ps4 does not have 8GB of GDDR5. GDDR 5 is strictly meant for GPU’s. all modern GPUS’s use GDDR5 for their ram but no current GPU has 8GB of GDDR5. the report says the ps4 is using a 7870 which only contains 2GB of GDDR5. modern CPU’s use DDR3 ram with a normal quantity being 8 GB. They have their facts mixed up here and xbox hasn’t announced their GPU which of course will contain GDDR5. THE G denotes its for a GPU…. this is a really dumb mistake on every one of these stupid reports lately…

    • juanrga

      No. The ps4 has 8GB of GDDR5. The PS4 uses an innovative unified memory design (hUMA) where the ultra-fast GDDR5 memory is used for both CPU and GPU. The PS4 does not use DDR3 because is too slow. The PS4 is not using a 7870 but a custom GPU, which you cannot find in any PC.

      • Randall Nelson

        The GPU’s are GNC cores. (1150 PS4) and 750(Xbox one) of them. You can find them in PCs. How they are connected to the CPU and Memory systems maybe different. But they are still very very similar.

        The reason PS4 uses all GDDR5 unified memory is to save on costs. It was a good choice but its one born out of compromise.

        • juanrga

          You cannot find the GPU of the PS4 in PCs, because is a heavily modified Radeon GPU: “The original AMD GCN architecture allowed for one source of graphics commands, and two sources of compute commands. For PS4, we’ve worked with AMD to increase the limit to 64 sources of compute commands — the idea is if you have some asynchronous compute you want to perform, you put commands in one of these 64 queues, and then there are multiple levels of arbitration in the hardware to determine what runs, how it runs, and when it runs, alongside the graphics that’s in the system. The original AMD GCN architecture allowed for one source of graphics commands, and two sources of compute commands. For PS4, we’ve worked with AMD to increase the limit to 64 sources of compute commands — the idea is if you have some asynchronous compute you want to perform, you put commands in one of these 64 queues, and then there are multiple levels of arbitration in the hardware to determine what runs, how it runs, and when it runs, alongside the graphics that’s in the system.”

          The 8GB GDDR5 on the PS4 are anything except cheap. The unified memory architecture was not choosed by economic reasons but because simplifies the work of game developers and increases performance by eliminating PCI bottlenecks. GDDR5 was the logical choice because DDR3 is too slow and DDR4 is not ready

  • Gamer84

    Even tho, many ppl think 8gb ram in either console is not enough for heavy graphics games or online games, i thik it is enough for long term potential! But pointing at the PS4, i have a ?, with it having 8b GDDR5 ram, how much of that ram is utilized for other things and how much ram we will actually have left? Is it total 8gb or some of it cut to other things to make it actually 6/7 GB?

    With that being said, the processor does sound solid and good, because it is power efficient and an 8 core processor to be utilized to the max at everything you do. As far as the GPU goes, thats the only part of the system that i hope doesn’t get too dated by the time the system launches because these days, new video cards come out so frequently for PC gaming! But since the GPU is custom made with 1.84 TFLOPS, 800mhz clocked, and 176 GB/sec bandwidth, i think thats fast enough and puts it in the 7850-7870 AMD RADEON, which those GPU’S can still play most and modern games today at high settings or almost maxed out!

  • Angela Foster

    Well we waited and now we know n e one with common gaming knowledge knows we want total recall (original) gaming!!!

  • Darkshit

    PS4, Xbox One, Wii U…I’m buying all 3 of these systems around November.
    Just won some money on a scratch off Lottery ticket worth $10,000 dollars! Don’t
    really care who wins the console war, I just want to play games all of them for that

  • tomo008866

    Xbox is awesome.

  • Austin Wold

    like i tell every one pc’s are the best gaming hey it has no direct competitor


  • Knowles2

    Actually my big fear is that with x86 code we will just end up with sloppy, inefficient code everywhere, with game studios more interested in shipping games on the largest number of platforms than optimising games there games to run as fast as possible on the hardware available

    • andrewi

      Why? x86 is no less efficient than Cell or PowerPC. In fact it’s a hell of a lot more efficient in a lot of things.

      • Knowles2

        It can be more efficient, it perhaps should be. It won’t be because games companies will choose to hire less experienced staff to save costs on development of new games, and because of the lesser learning experience the business suits will think they cut the number of staff for project, relative to the size of the game they are hoping to deliver.

        Nothing to do with x86, it the business practices that will mean less quality third party games.
        First party may be different.

    • Daniel Heartland

      That might be the case for 3rd party developers, but with the quantity of exclusives coming out for both consoles, and with SONY and Microsoft’s desire to better each other with said original IP’s, we actually could get some of the most amazing, creative and competitive games to date. And none of them will port to the PC.

    • chojin999

      Exactly. That is the point.

      These fake next-gen outdated ultra-cheap slow AMD APU driven consoles have been built to maximize profit and lower production costs to both Sony and Microsoft as well as software houses publishing games.

      There is not going to be any optimization anymore on consoles.

      Software houses might instead cripple the PC version on purpose to then let the XBoxOne/PS4 re-compiled released look better just because they are getting more money out of such operation as long as millions of people act sheep and buy the scam consoles.

      • dns7950


        Fake: ✓
        Cheap AMD APU:✓
        Fraud: ✘

        OMG Chojin you forgot to tell everyone that it’s a fraud! Only 4 out of 5…You must be slipping! Maybe you should just copy/paste a comment from a previous article, then you could save time instead of having to type up the same rant on every article.. It’s not like your comments are ever relevant anyway..

  • Cody Taylor

    I’d like to see this $400-500 computer that is going to run games better than a PS4……..if that’s upgrading it might be a valid statement but for anybody building a new pc? Goodluck. Don’t exaggerate. Also 3-4 years from now the ps4 is going to have better looking games than your magical $400 gaming pc.

    I built a pc, spent under $1,000 and I can run anything but a new build for $400 that’s going to look better than ps4…. You’re just blowing smoke

    • PC vs PS4

      You forgot to add in that every 7 years people are going to a PC ($400) for home or school use.
      PC ($400) + PS4 ($499) = $899
      Why not build or buy a gaming PC. For $700 you can build a PC with an AMD Radeon HD 7850 which has the same performance as a PS4.
      Custom Built PC ($520) + AMD Radeon HD 7850 ($180) = $700
      Or buy a prebuilt PC for $830 with an AMD Radeon HD 7850 which has the same performance as a PS4.
      Prebuilt PC ($650) + AMD Radeon HD 7850 ($180) = $830
      Also most PC games are backwards compatible and cost $5 for a digital download during sales.
      Conclusion: people should not consider buying consoles unless the PS4 cost less than $350 for PC builders or less than $430 for prebuilt PCs on day 1. However, PS4 will cost $499 so none one should buy it.

      • Phobos

        yes a pc is for something much more than playing games, a ps4 is more for gaming. I love pc but the way things are going I’m not spending $$$ on a beefy video card so I can play a console ports.

        • PC vs PS4

          PC gives you more bang for your buck by $69 compared to PS4 so by default every gamer should switch to PC. Also the upcomming console ports are going to be better optimzed for PC gamers than ever before.

          • Phobos

            I don’t know what your talking about? is that you chojin?

          • PC vs PS4

            if you want to have the best gaming performance for the least amount of money buy a PC.

            The PS4 and Xbox One are built with PC hardware. Both consoles use a x86 AMD processor. The x86 architecture is the same as most PCs, thus allowing developers to port console games to PCs easier and more effectively.

          • Daniel Heartland

            Developers will be able to port their games more easily, but they won’t, because the best and most creative IP’s will be sucked into the Exclusive Category as both consoles try and out class each other with exclusive content.

            PC loses big.

          • Phobos

            Sad but true, they just feel like that because they wasted $$ on beefy video card, cpu’s and PS. And realize that in 3-6yrs they wont be able to play in 1080p.

          • Randall Nelson

            Like Eve online, Stalker, Mech Warrior online, Mech Warrior Tactics Arma, Dota, Elder scrolls online, End of Nations, Never Winter, Iracing, (the list really does go on) .
            oh wait those are all PC exclusives.

          • Phobos

            Yes they will share the same x86/64 architecture but does not mean it will be the same, remember that its still a console with modify hardware and that little difference could change the whole thing. Plus until we see the games on ps4/xbox one and the pc we can only speculate.

        • Cole Shores

          Just replace the Windows shell with Steam.
          Problem solved.

      • Daniel Heartland

        This means nothing as you won’t have the best games available. The upcoming Console Wars will be defined by how many more Exclusives will be coming out for each console.

        So While Theif and Watchdogs will get a PC port, there will be no “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain”, or “Grand Theft Auto V”. No “Last Guardian”, or “Infamous: Second Son”, or “Drive Club”.

        Bottom line. Get the Console with the Exclusives that you want.

        • Jonathan Bennett

          Why mention Grand Theft Auto V? That’s coming out on the current generation of consoles. And every major GTA game has had a PC release… it’s very possible GTAV will come to the PC too.

      • juanrga

        In the first place the PS4 will have a superior performance than a gaming PC with a 7850 because consoles are at least 2x more efficient at using the hardware. An equivalent gaming PC will need something as a GTX-680 to match console ports.

        Beside that, your conclusion is incorrect because you are missing important data. Some examples:
        - People who already has a PC and will only buy the console.
        - Kids playing on the console whereas mom/daddy makes some work on the PC.
        - Gaming PCs needing continuous updates/upgrades to run recent titles.

        • Randall Nelson

          Umm. Where did you get 2x as efficient stuff. That’s total BS. I think what leads people to this conclusion is PC games on ultra don’t seem to look THAT much better ( at least on YouTube lol). The problem is developers use easy things that take TONS of processing power and provide little in the way of graphics, like HDAO and those kinds of effects. Hopefully this new console generation will fix that for a while.

          For young kids id agree that console gaming is better. But Daddy and Mommy on the other hand can upgrade their PC for less than the price of a PS4 and have a gaming PC.

          Console games ALSO need continuous updates to run recent titles/ Xbox one needs to be online. PCs with 5 year old hardware can run mostly any game today. So no they don’t need constant upgrades.

          • juanrga

            A console is bettween 2 and 3 times faster than a gaming PC with comparable hardware. You can find a quote from Carmack here in the comments. You can find Metro developers saying the same in eurogamer You can find a technical discussion by Huddy on Bit-tech. Being online and receiving automatic updates is one thing, upgrading PC hardware and installing new drivers or fixes/patches is other.

      • juanrga

        In the first place the PS4 will have a superior performance than a gaming PC with a 7850 because consoles are at least 2x more efficient at using the hardware. An equivalent gaming PC will need something as a GTX-680 to match console ports.

        Beside that, your conclusion is incorrect because you are missing important data. Some examples:
        - People who already has a PC and will only buy the console.
        - Kids playing on the console whereas mom/daddy makes some work on the PC.
        - Gaming PCs needing continuous updates/upgrades to run recent titles.

  • Kriziam Ortiz

    Ok so…xbox is better than the ps4 because of the processor while the ps4 has higher ram…well most PC’s now days use up roughly about 8gb ram for games and thats whats the xbox has…so the xbox is the winner when it comes to smoother graphics and better gameplay.

    • Jimmy Lin

      Reread the article. Both have 8gigs of ram, the difference is PS4 have GDDR5 and XBOX One use GDDR3. (GDDR5 being faster)

      XBOX One reduce the difference between the speed through the SRAM on the GPU. Meaning currently it seems fairly even spec wise.

      • REP

        Not proven. Also how come nobody talking about the fact that Xbox One only have 5Gig of RAM available for gaming while PS4 has 7.5Gig. Isn’t that a HUGE significant?

    • PC vs PS4

      Both Xbox One and PS4 have the same 8-core Jaguar AMD CPU @ 1.6GHz

      Xbox One uses 8 GB DDR3 RAM and PS4 uses 8 GB GDDR5 RAM

      PS4′s GDDR5 RAM has twice as much memory bandwidth when compared to Xbox One’s DDR3 RAM provided that the memory clockspeeds are the same. For AMD APU’s having faster GDDR5 RAM will increase the overall performance in games by over 30%.

      Xbox One uses an AMD Radeon 7790 and PS4 uses an AMD Radeon HD 7850
      For the graphics core, if PS4 uses an AMD Radeon HD 7850 and Xbox One uses an AMD Radeon HD HD 7790. PS4′s graphics core will increase the overall performance in games by 20%.

      Conclusion: PS4 > Xbox One by more than 56%

  • Iamm Vaporizzing

    Great comparison, but your missing the point about PC comparison, Consoles are always a Gen. behind the latest PC hardware, but NOW they are X86 architecture, So finally PC, PS and XBox can all be on the same page when it comes to Game Titles. Make one and you have it done for all 3 now, sorry Nintendo Wii U (not X86), your always too early to the party, no pun intended, as why EA just said they are not currently working on any titles for the Wii U. Sad.

  • jgrif91

    Cell is exclusive to the ps3.

  • Curtis Acree

    its now not big it is???????

  • KillerB

    The 7790 is about 3-11fps slower than the 7850, and the 7850 is usually doing 32-34fps @ 1080p games maxed out. These 2 cards have no visual differences between the 2 of them, you will get the same experience playing both.
    Do you also think that the people programming are going to add in AA or AF to the different console versions? Hell NO! PS4 and the Xbox ONE are going to be programmed with the same code looking virtually the same way as the other.
    The PS4 may get 65fps and the Xbox One will do 57fps if that.
    Do you people really think that some magical programmer will blow your mind with new age graphics, if so why the hell have they not done it with PC’S? As they had the ability many years ago to do so.

    • PC vs PS4

      PS4′s GDDR5 RAM has twice as much memory bandwidth when compared to Xbox One’s DDR3 RAM provided that the memory clockspeeds are the same. For AMD APU’s having faster GDDR5 RAM will increase the overall performance in games by over 30%.

      Xbox One uses an AMD Radeon 7790 and PS4 uses an AMD Radeon HD 7850
      For the graphics core, if PS4 uses an AMD Radeon HD 7850 and Xbox One uses an AMD Radeon HD HD 7790. PS4′s graphics core will increase the overall performance in games by 20%.

      Conclusion: PS4 > Xbox One by more than 56%

      • KillerB

        it does not matter PC’s have up to 100x more bandwidth than the ps4 but the graphics are not 100x better, did you not read what I said…man you people are dumb

        • PC vs PS4

          Games do look better on systems with better hardware. Instead of using a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps you can use 6400 x 4000 at 60+ fps which is a drastic difference.


          • Killerb

            resolution increases that is it

          • Killerb

            lmao. **3 x gtx titans with I7 3970x**
            crysis 3 @ 5760*1200 avg fps =47
            farcry3 @ 5760*1200 avg fps =52
            hitman @ 5760*1200 avg fps =73
            sleepingdogs @5760*1200 avg fps=65
            max payne 3 @ 5760*1200 avg fps=56
            I dont know anyone who can game @ 6400*4000 and get 60fps,
            what are you talking about!
            Gaming @ 6400*4000 would probably get 10fps with 3 gtx titans ($3000.00 in gpu’s), If the GPU’s could support that resolution…big IF
            Changing the resolution does increase the graphics but again not by 100%, more like 25% MAX…I know because I game with a 31 inch 2560*1600 lcd, 3 1080p leds(for flight sims) and I have 3 gtx580 in SLi.

      • webduelist

        ok first I think the xbox is using ddr3 as system, the gpu should have GDDR5 like all GPUs released in the last 3 years do. Second do we know what the GPU is on the PS4? its speculation, heck GDDR5 has never been used as system memory for a reason, who knows how it will perform.

  • Jake Lafeve

    Games will never look better on consoles unless you’re a cheap ass lol

  • PC vs PS4

    “From leaked benchmarks, the Jaguar core is around 10% faster than its predecessor (Bobcat, a dual-core Brazos).”

    i guess my 5 year old Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 will be good for another 7 years.

    • webduelist

      lol I have one of those, its true its will probably still be good for internet browsing for years to come, but anything intensive, gaming, photo editing, etc you should probably upgrade.

  • Aaron Sinclair

    “It’s now not big it is; it’s what you do with it” bahaha at the innuendo and grammar :D

    • Sebastian Anthony

      Oops :P Will fix, thanks.

  • mikegorton

    “Xbox One will have an 8-core 64-bit x86 Jaguar AMD CPU @ 1.6GHz”
    This line is sort of incorrect in nomenclature. 64 bit CPU’s are designated as x64 CPU’s not x86 (32 bit).

    • juanrga

      “x86-64″, “x64″, and “AMD64″ are used as synonym.

  • George McDowell

    Goodbye, SonyRootkit. It wasn’t very nice knowing ya.

    • PC vs PS4

      Sony’s securom is required to download Origin games via EA download

  • Cai Phillips-Jones

    my 2.5 year old pc is more powerful *dracula laugh*

    • Daniel Heartland

      Enjoy “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain” — oh wait…haha!

      • Cai Phillips-Jones

        i’ve never played a mgs game

        • howdy

          Metal Gear Solid 2 is my 9 th favorite game of all-time, however the Metal Gear Solid series went down-hill after that game

          • webduelist

            which can be played on pc in a emu at 60fps

  • Kierre Hodges

    This is stupid and who cares… as long as it plays the games and I can watch netflix/vudu on these bs systems.

    • Jamie MacDonald

      People who care could do this on the old XBox.

  • John Jordan

    Does anyone know or hear if the Box has a power source inside or are we going to have the brick on the outside?

    • eAbyss

      In the released photos and video it’s often in shadow but you can see what looks like a power port on the rear lower left hand side of the console and I could be wrong but by the looks of it, it appears that the power source is external. You don’t want to bring all that heat inside the case by making the power supply internal anyways. I just hope that it will be a lot smaller than the 360′s.

      • John Jordan

        Thanks and I saw that also but on the back it looks like a 2 prong (like the PS3) and that area you saw and me also looks like a USB port. Thanks anyway. This is going to be a great console war as I see it. But M$ has had bad press so far.

  • John Jordan

    All we saw was a Box, controller and a camera. It (the box could of been empty for all we know) because I did not see them use it or the controller. Saw them use the camera and that was all. So you make the call.

  • ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ

    It’s very suspect that both the Xbox One and PS4 have almost similar specs, similar features, like voice command, face recognition and motion control. A friend of mine mentioned this to me. I never thought anything of it at the time, until I seen this. This tells me that Sony and Microsoft may have been in constant communication over the years, sharing technology ideas, and even setting up a date when to launch the consoles.

    If true, the Console War or “beef” is just a marketing campaign. A war that never existed.

    I think both Microsoft and Sony are planning together to push Nintendo out of the market for good. When you think about it, it all makes sense. EA stopped making future games for the Wii U, then ended online passes OUT OF THE BLUE, then MS announces the new Used games policy. Coincidence? Hell no. Gamestop, EA, MS, and Sony are ALL plotting together to take down the Wii U. They’ve been planing to take Nintendo down for years.

    • Kurrm

      Dude, everything you jus said is making too much sense. I just found this a day ago. Wow, sony and MS are really gonna go for it. Messed up indeed.

    • eAbyss

      It just makes sense to go x86. it’s an architecture that programmers are extremely familiar with and because the PC, X1 and PS4 all now share the same architecture it should be simple and painless for game makers to port games between them, decreasing the time and cost it takes to make a game.

      Anyways the Wii U was never a real contender with last gen specs, an idiotically designed touchscreen controller without multitouch, and a Blu-Ray drive that can’t play Blu-Rays or DVDs. The whole thing was half assed.

  • Raul Robles

    New ring of death????,,

  • Grinning

    Not to nitpick or anything. The Xbox 360 and PS3 both used PowerPC processors. But the PS3 was the only one that had the CELL optimizations(?). But these optimizations where a pain in the butt to program for compared to the 360 CPU.

    • Phobos

      And what was the reward in using the cell?

      • eAbyss

        Nothing besides media playback, it was a huge mistake for Sony. The complexity of the Cell processor made it extremely difficult to program resulting in no real world edge over the 360 in gaming.

        • Denzo

          Yeah in the later PS3′s models, they didnt even activate all the cores on the CPU, because they didnt use them in the games lol. Im serious by the way, look it up. –

          By the way, its unbelievable what they can do if all the cores are activated on a PS3. Examples? Watch this.

  • Dbakeca Italia

    waw….looks great

  • Clarence Thompkins II

    Just some facts to clear up: Xbox 360 had a PowerPC CPU while the PS3 had the CELL Broadband CPU. Xbox One is mainly focused on becoming a set top box while the PS4 is focusing on the gamers. Xbox One 1.2TeraFlops PS4 1.84 TeraFlops.

    • webduelist

      Tflops are irrelevant, there are cards that do over 2 Tflops but are creamed by newer cards that only do 1.5 Tflops. To be honest they are probably the same system just in a different case with a different bootloader.

      • Clarence Thompkins II

        I was just helping out the author of the article with some of the facts that he missed or was misleading.

      • Randall Nelson

        the GPU in the PS4 has 1152 GNC cores, the Xbox one has 768 GNC shaders. Same architecture, PS4 just has more. Games will either run smoother or look better.

  • Xbox One Forums

    Going to the x86 architecture will be a game changer. –

  • zeeshan khan

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  • tomtomtom

    If you don’t have cash for new xbox go home and cry there.

  • Coolbot

    Did no one notice that this article states that Cell chip were used on both Xbox and ps4

    • eAbyss

      Yeah, the guy’s an idiot. Any gamer would know that isn’t true and it would have taken him less than two minutes to Wiki the consoles.

  • Robert

    Just like they knew the next xbox would be called Infinity and have online only DRM

  • Yoon YoungJo

    Reply @Chojin, in case you missed my reply. These companies are conducting fraud. I will give you an example of a company committing fraud and then going to extreme lengths to hide it.

    Take for example a Chinese MMO company named Perfect World Entertainment. The company allows fake sponsored players to cheat, harass and out play ONLY paying customers. The purpose? Who knows, I am no criminal so I could never completely figure this part out. What I do know is that these sponsored players are allowed to “sell” and utilize (make money off of) 3rd party virtual goods websites. Here is what doesn’t make sense. These virtual goods sites should be stealing from the companies legitimate profits. Their answer to this problem? Ban “buying” and “paying” customers giving the company and the virtual sites money to stop the 3rd party virtual goods resellers that are taking profits from the company. Oh, but leave the sellers and operators of the 3rd party virtual goods sites alone. Also making promises about your product then changing your mind AFTER you have the customers money…. That’s fraud. I don’t see anywhere Sony or Microsoft is being fraudulent. My example above, now that’s an example of fraud.

    • Phobos

      Dude don’t waste your time explaining what a fraud is to chojin. its best to just make fun of his retarded comments.

  • stevenshearing

    Last generation I chose a high end PC instead and what a mistake that was.
    At that time 7800gtx was high end gpu.
    It started great it was better graphics and better gaming with high fps but then slowly over time that dropped, in the end after 7 years it could not even play the same games as the console on its lowest setting at 30fps yet the xbox360 was able.
    One example the xbox 360 was able to play crysis 2 while the pc could not get past 20fps on 800×600 low settings, it can’t even play crysis3 what so ever and teh consle does.

    I won’t make the same mistake this time, ill buy ps4 and be able to play from start to end with no upgrades saving lots of money.

    • webduelist

      7800gtx infact it was phased out and replaced in march of 2006. 8800gt (fall 2006) not even gtx will still plays todays games at 1080p at 60fps. Your 7800gtx also did not support dx10 only dx9 which is one of the major problems you are having.

      your PC is way older than what you are making it out to be, and also from that time where you had to upgrade every year, the upgrade every year thing has fallen way off and a single gpu gtx 660 ti and up will last you 6+ years

      PS consoles cant play Crysis 2 or Crysis 3 without lowering the textures, no AA, and only at 720p @ 25-30fps in other words completely nerfing them.

      • Phobos

        What are you talking about? the ps3 and 360 only play dx9 games and some games on the pc give you the option to play them in dx9,10 or 11. It is true you buy a console you are good for a couple of years, were as a pc you will need to upgrade to a new video card and possible new PS more $$ just to play console ports.

        • webduelist

          again because current gen consoles games are nerfed. Also as I stated earlier, back in 2006 the constant upgrading every year was a serious problem, now its not nearly as bad and newer gpus can get you years of play.

          • Phobos

            Only time will tell.

      • stevenshearing

        You seem to misunderstand the point.

        At the lunch of 360 the gtx7800 was high end, a pc with one cost 3 times more then the console.

        Not talking at about 60fps or 1080p, no i’m talking on the same level as the xbox 360, it can’t do the same yet it was a better hardware.

        A console will play at 30fps and 720 from day one to game over 7 years later, crysis 3 lowest frame drop is 26 on consle and most times it is at 28 on 720p, yet 7800gtx can not run crysis 2 on 800×600 20fps yet stronger card in specs.o

        • webduelist

          let me break it down a little. a good gaming computer will run you anywhere from $700-900 right? That sounds expensive, however if we look at it this way.

          Most people have a computer and a gaming console. Most people are going to go to their store of choice and spend around $400-600 on said computer that most likely wont perform well. They are also going to buy a gaming console that could range from $200-400. So now that we have most peoples bed rooms (lol) broken down into prices they are going to be spending $600-1000 on a computer and a console. But then we have xbox live if your on xbox which is $420 dollars over 7 years. The grand total for playing xbox hardware not even games is $620 – 820.

          Now lets move onto PC, lets say make a build for $910, that is a build with dual gtx 660s which is above the performance of a current gtx 680. A little bit more than playing xbox right? However the thing a lot of people forget is that its also a computer, so lets add the price of the computer mentioned before onto maximum cost of playing an xbox for 7 years, $1220 – 1420. So now lets say your PC starts to show its age after half of that time and you want to upgrade your GPUs lets say we are getting 2 GTX X60s and its going to be around $400 like the twin 660s That brings the grand total of the build up to $1310, $110 dollars bellow the maximum of getting both a computer and a console (at $400 which is 360 launch price) and only $90 above the minimum.

          And to top it all off the PC will perform better than a walmart PC obviously and you also said your self the graphics are better on PC.

          (this is fair because this is what it takes to get the same functionality. a xbox is not a PC therefor you need a PC to fill in that functionality.)

          So to recap maximum cost of playing xbox and buying a new PC $1420, Cost of PC $910, with optional GPU upgrade mid cycle $1310.

          Ya Ya I know PS is free to play online, but they have also been hacked a couple of times, been down a couple of times, I guess if you take the PS route it would be cheaper by $420 But that is only the mid cycle upgrade on the PC GPUs.

          • Ironmanxrs2

            And your PC will sound like an airplane taking off and will get bogged down with crapware.

          • webduelist

            only if you install the crapware, (use virtual machines if you must install stupid stuff) and actually I can’t hear mine, a little if I am trying to hear it, but much quieter than any 360 or ps4 and there is always water cooling that is completely silent.

      • juanrga

        Let me know how many seven year old gaming PCs with 256 MB RAM can play crysis 2 or 3 with the same quality and gameplay than the old consoles. Exact: zero. Of course, if you choose a modern gaming PC with 8 GB RAM and about 10–16x the graphics performance of the old consoles then you will play with larger textures and higher framerates. You would be very worried if a 10x more powerful, noisy, and expensive PC could not do that. By the year 2020 you would post here again how you can play Crysis 5 better than the PS4 or the Xbox One.

        • webduelist

          actually, ya, a 7 years old computer can play crysis 2 or 3 better than a xbox 360 can, its not really relevant anymore that “consoles take better advantage of the hardware” back in 2001 it was not anymore. Not to mention the console version is so nerfed that a PC version with that low of graphics is not available.

          PC are also not noisy if you know what you are doing, you can even water cool them and make them silent.

          I can tell you have been out of the PC game for a while, I suggest you get caught up.

          • juanrga

            There no exist seven year old computers (neither modern) with 256MB RAM and 256MB VRAM that can _load_ crysis 2 or 3 still less _play_ them with the same graphic quality and gameplay than the old generation consoles. Water cooling is expensive and only a tiny minority of gaming PCs use it; moreover, not all water cooling kits are noiseless. Consoles are much more efficient than PCs, that is a fact that everyone knows albeit some few reject.

          • webduelist

            um actually I can prove that seven year old computers will do it. Also my system is not water cooled and isn’t as noisy as my 360,

            Again if you know what you are doing you can make a system silent and still perform, “water cooling kits” well ya, DIY and know what you are buying helps a ton.

            Yes Consoles are more efficient but not terribly so, in the same way a 4 banger and a v8 will both get you to 70 mph, one just has a lot more head room but uses a lot more gas getting there.

            Typically the efficient thing comes from porting to different architectures, but the ps4 and the xbox one are both AMD APUs that are x86, which will make porting a lot easier.

          • juanrga

            You couldn’t prove it just like you couldn’t prove that the Earth is flat… Nobody said that you cannot build a silent system, do you read? Not all the PCs are silent, most gaming PCs aren’t. As noted by game developers the consoles efficiency factor is between 2x and 3x, with 2x coming almost exclusively from API overhead.

          • webduelist

            so my 7 year old computer with a single 8800gt must not be real then?

          • Marexxx

            juanrga what are you talking about?

            I have 6-7 year old pc, q6600 @3,4GH, 8800 GTX, 4gb RAM, and I play Battlefield 3 Hight-Mid settings at 50-60 fps!

          • juanrga

            Did you read my post? If yes, then use only 256 MB RAM and 256 MB VRAM and say me if you can _play_ games with the same graphics quality than the PS3. Oh! wait you couldn’t even _load_ BF3. If you didn’t read, then read it.

    • Denzo

      Funny thing was thats the boat I am in too.. my previous PC, and first decent one I ever owned was the Dell Dimension 9150 (anyone remember those bad boys lol). It came with a 7800GTX 256MB.. it played Doom 3 awesome and at the time you could say it had better graphics than the consoles.. but for some reason.. that nVidia product didn’t want to support Blu Ray.. even though it obviously could! So that is what made me (tricked me?) into upgrading to the monstrosity I have now. Worst thing about it.. I dont really watch movies on my PC cause I have a nice Samsung TV to watch via my PS3 LMAO!! After all that!!

      Anyway, yeah next gen Im going console and I am pretty much done upgrading my PC.. I have a decent PC now and that will last me for all my Word, Web Surfing, Music, Videos etc and will only buy replacement parts now if something breaks. For my PC gaming, im just going to play my current PC into the ground and then stick with consoles after that. The returns on graphics for PC compared with what they charge is just too much. Im not broke I have a disposable income but I am not crazy. If you want top of the line graphics you have to spend. If you want the TESSLX and PHYSX etc.. you need a GTX670 or 7850 minimum. You need a decent power supply. You need some decent ram. You want a decent looking case. A decent mouse. A nice monitor etc.. I got a 7970 3GB now from Asus, after upping from my a GTX295 and it really was like.. yeah.. cool.. give me my money back, the REAL benefits are minimal.

      • webduelist

        Your CPU is bottle necking the 7970, A CPU from the time of the GTX 295 can not use a 7970 to its fullest because of a slow North Bridge.

  • Some Dude

    It’s hard for PC to pull ahead from consoles looking better, when current PC hardware is already better then the next-gen consoles.

    Yeah, these consoles are years (about 8, to be exact) ahead of last-gen consoles, but, as always, any top of the line made-for-console game will just be run of the mill on PC.

    • Ironmanxrs2

      It’s awesome that you know that owning no next gen games for console because they’re not out yet. PC is good for strategy games & MMOs. For the rest, console is the best.

      • webduelist

        So the fact that I just beat, Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, and Farcry 3 just this month and play BF3 in 32 vs 32 servers and have BF4 pre-ordered plus all of the games look better than they do on the console says what exactly about PC being only good for strategy games and MMOs?

        • juanrga

          Do you really wait that an ancient console with only 256 MB RAM can have better graphics than a 10x more powerful PCs with 4GB or 8BG RAM? Consoles are good but not that good. That is why a new generation is going to born. Moreover, read what Metro Last Light developer said in a recent interview about the next gen consoles.

          • webduelist

            “It is no secret that 4A Games do want to release an SDK for Metro, finish the extremely promising multiplayer component and release this in some form, and investigate a PlayStation 4 version provided it makes commercial sense,”

            “Although no development has started on any next-gen console versions [of Metro: Last Light]. We have confirmed these hopes and ideas plenty of times before.”

            “However, all these ideas are just ideas at the moment. It will be some time before we can officially commit to any of these projects or suggest when they might materialize. They genuinely might all happen, but equally none of them might happen. Anyone expecting Metro: Last Light as a PS4 launch game is probably going to be disappointed…” – Deep Silver

            Also that was not the point of this comment, the point was PC is not just for MMO’s and Strategy games, its a serious platform with AAA titles.

          • juanrga

            The OP did not say that the PC is only for MMO’s and Strategy games, it said was “good” for that. Regarding metro last light developers, the relevant part is when he destroys the argument against consoles that you tried in another part of this page.

            Digital Foundry: Do you think that the relatively low-power CPUs in the next-gen consoles (compared to PC, at least) will see a more concerted push to getting more out of GPU Compute?

            Oles Shishkovstov: No, you just cannot compare consoles to PC directly. Consoles could do at least 2x what a comparable PC can due to the fixed platform and low-level access to hardware.

          • webduelist

            Your confusing efficiency for performance. Yes if a PC was running the exact same specs the console would win hands down. But they are not, PCs are running much higher end hardware than the consoles, and no I am not talking about the $4000 super builds, i’m talking the $700 – $1500 builds.

            What this doesn’t mean is PC’s which on average are going to be 4x more powerful than a console are going to be beaten by a console. The console would only be capable of half of the power as the PC even with the fixed optimizations available.

            See a PC with similar specs to the 360 and PS3 are going to be beaten by them. But a computer built around the same time they came out (my 2006 build) beats them because the hardware was already more powerful.

            You then also have the issue of the “fixed” platform, things are not going to get better on consoles, they are going to stay exactly the same for the next 7 years or so, PC’s will continue to get better over the next 7 years, and if you feel like your system is getting dated and you don’t like the way it is running (halo 4), you can put new parts in it, if you are happy the way it is running leave it like it is.

          • juanrga

            Weird reply. It is a combination of stuff that I am saying to you mixed with off-topic and unrelated stuff.

          • webduelist

            “Consoles could do at least 2x what a !!!***COMPARABLE***!!! PC can due to the fixed platform and low-level access to hardware.”

            Comparable – Able to be likened to another; similar.

            This means the PC would have almost the same specs as the console. But no one builds computers with with the same specs as the PS4 or Xbox one, PCs specs are vastly better.

            Again your confusing efficiency for performance.

          • juanrga

            And you repeat again what I said to you before, just to ignore my point once again. Weird.

          • webduelist

            ok, what the hell is your point then? Because the only point I see you trying to push is that consoles are more efficient which isn’t even up for debate cause its a known fact. Again efficiency is not performance.

  • ops17

    if u read this, I like ur conspiracy thought but how are they frauds?
    Do you know how much it would cost to build a home computer to be like the ps4 or Xbox one, over $1200 dollars.
    Just the CPU and motherboard alone is over $300 depending on which
    board you buy atx or btx but they are customizing theirs and the graphic
    cards they are using can go from $300 to $400 shit graphic card can go
    for over the thousands, the ram easily $150 to $200 and the blu ray player still in the $100′s. Plus the case alone $200 and wires,power box,fans,heat sinks ROM and hard drive that not all. Shit look at the operating systems for windows from $200 to $500. So are they frauds well if you bought over 500 million CPU’s from AMD Im pretty dam sure they would give you a discount.
    In stead a CPU costing $150 they bought enough im sure you could get
    them for $25 to $50 its called buying in bulk which almost all large
    size family’s do And think a average computer program designer can make
    over $100,000 salary and how many are employed with Sony and Microsoft.
    So if they want to buy cheap, build the system and pay for the labor and
    give me a decent price on there gaming systems then how is that fraud? I could see if the systems were over a grand.
    And if you ask why does it cost so much to buy AMD’s shits well chips
    circuity are made from gold and hiring people to build them are not
    cheap. And for your hole think about CPU being obsolete i agree but people don’t know what the hell to do with a 8 core clocked at 4.0 GHz in there computer as it is and its only takes 3 cores to run a game, i mean shit some people can barley us a dam tablet or a smart phone and they only 1 core clocked at 1ghz. So why the hell would the government give dumb as American higher tech?

    • Phobos

      I’m not sure I understand you, but here at least in the U.S building a htpc is not really expensive, it doesn’t have to be as powerful as the next gen consoles but can get the job done well enough. Don’t get me wrong I like consoles but I will only use it to play games and that’s it. With a HTPC is way more flexible than a console. As for the parts it depends where you look for them for a cheaper price. Also if you go INTEL is bit more expensive than going AMD performance wise is not that much different.

    • webduelist

      Ok well I had this long drawn out thing about how this is completely wrong a PC does not cost that much, but then backspace happened so abridged.

      Wires & heat syncs included ($0), Dual GTX 660s (on paper better than GTX 680 @ $500) ($400) ($200 a piece) , Ram $100, Mobo + CPU ($300) Case ($40 – 60), PSU (50 – 100) Blue Ray Rom ($56), keyboard and mouse ($20). TV can be used as output same as xbox and ps4 $0

      Xbox one $400 + $420 xbox live over 7 years

      So Xbox one $820

      PC $920

      Functionality break down

      Xbox one plays games and tv, is not able to do PC tasks such as video editing or MS office

      PC plays games and does PC tasks such as video editing and MS office, does not watch tv unless card is bought to do so.

      :Final Thoughts

      So to do the same tasks photo edit, MS office etc, with Xbox one you are also going to need to buy a PC which brings your total up to $1220 – 1420 depending on the computer this is based on walmart computers and prices which we all know are mediocre at best.. and a custom build is going to perform way better.

      PC at $920 does everything you would need to spend up to $1420 otherwise.

      Furthermore its pretty common knowledge that the xbox one and ps4 are hovering around the low – mid range pc level of performance which you could build for $500 – $700 which again does all gaming and PC functions as well.

  • B_Boss

    “With both consoles moving to
    fill more of a media center/set-top box role, rather than focusing on

    Great article but as I came across the above comment, it was a head scratcher considering the different philosophies adopted by each company regarding their flagship consoles. Of the two, MS is the company dedicated to creating a console to take over the living room as an ‘entertainment/media hub’. Sony’s goal seems to be exactly what this article seems to deny (and many would consider, the opposite from MS): a focus on the PS4 as primarily a gaming console and a powerful one at that. The PS4 announcement clearly showed this, focusing on Developers’ visions and the games for the system.

    • Ironmanxrs2

      It’s ironic considering that a large chunk of PS3′s sold in the US was due to it being a cheap Blu Ray player. The same reason so many PS2′s sold as a cheap DVD player.

      • B_Boss

        For sure lol.

      • oddvintagetaco

        I wouldnt word it like that. Its more like a Trojan horse idea. People Buy PS3 why would they buy a HDDVD player? PS2 was also a trojan horse… VHS? i have this DVD player already. With the PS4 they dont have format(B-Ray) nor a technology (Cell Chip) to push but their gaikai & 4K streaming.

  • superdynamite

    Microsoft dumped all their first party developers. Basically, the XB1 is a glorified cable box. No thanks!

  • SiliconNooB

    This article is shockingly poorly researched.

    360 didn’t have a cell processor – believe the word you were searching for was Power PC processor.

    Also, PS4 is 1.8 TF, while Xbone is closer to 1.1TF – both are a far cry from 2TF.

    • juanrga

      The PS4 APU (CPU+GPU) has (102.4 + 1843) GFLOPs = 1.9454 TFLOPs. This is usually rounded to 2 TFLOPs. The Xbox has slightly weaker GPU but it is rumoured that has a slightly stronger CPU, therefore must be also close to 2 TFLOPs total.

      • SiliconNooB

        Incorrect. Xbox One has the same CPU as PS4.

        • juanrga

          Link confirming same CPU and clocks?

          • SiliconNooB

            You don’t know how to use Google?

            I have neither the time nor inclination to remedy your ignorance.

            Both consoles are using 2 X AMD Bulldozer quadcore CPUs clocked @ 1.6 GHZ – you can either believe that, or not; it matters very little to me.

          • juanrga

            Besides lacking a single link you now confound bulldozer cores with jaguar cores… LOL

  • Locust76

    Xbox 360 didn’t have a Cell processor, as this article states.

  • eAbyss

    Do your research. The 360 has a 3 core PowerPC processor and the PS3 has a 7 core Cell processor. The very unique architecture of the Cell processor made it extremely difficult to program for so although it made it more powerful than the 360 there was no real difference between the two when it came to real life gaming performance, it did make it a media powerhouse though.

    Also the X1 is not the 720 and the X1 wasn’t “formerly known as the Xbox 720,” it was codenamed (formerly known as) Durango. The public made up the name Xbox 720, along with a few others, when they were trying to guess what the X1 would be called, they simply doubled 360 to get 720.

  • Marlon Pineda

    Yeah, I read somewhere that the nextgen consoles (if, there were going to be any) were going to be more of a direct reflection of today’s economy. Of course, this was stated more around 2010, back when Microsoft and Sony had hoped to have “true” nextgen hardware out, but instead, were thrown off by the economical downward spiral that had occurred in 2008. So, blame the times between then and now. They did also mention that the “nextgen” aspect would namely take place within services and on the software front, than in the hardware. Looks like they were right, these are piddly specs.

  • Marlon Pineda

    Clearly ExtremeTech forgot to mention that the “only” significant thing that makes the 7790 and 7870 different from eachother, in the PC world, is the memory interface. It’s a completely different market than the console market in terms of architecture. Consoles are built for longevity. I highly doubt that the 7790 is going to feature the same, narrow, limited 128bit interface that the PC counterpart does. After all, it is not the PC 7790 going into the Xbox, nor is it the PC 7870 GPU going into the PS4…they are “Based On” their PC counterparts, with different architecture as a foundation.

    With these projected bandwidth specs, you can through 128bit memory interfaces out the door. Both of these consoles are probably going to be sitting on something more similar to the high-end 320bit interfaces, to achieve this sort of throughput. The only reason why PC gamers opt for the high end, expensive cards, is because there is little bottlenecking, e.g. they typically sit on a 320bit+ memory interface. Take the 128bit inteface out of the equation and you have virtually identical GPU’s with the 7870 maybe sporting a few extra stream processors, that’s it. There’s barely anything to debate outside of that. In fact, you probably couldn’t even factor in the stream processor count on these things. We don’t know what their shipped configuration will be yet.

  • PC

    $185 Intel Core i5-3470 + $190 nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 > PS4 > X1

    • juanrga

      You forgot to add a case, hard-disk, memory, motherboard, cooler, PSU, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, Windows license… and finally you got an expensive gaming PC with less performance than the PS4. The high-end gaming PC used by Epic and other developers in their comparison with the PS4 is an Intel i7(with Hyperthreading activated) + 16 GB RAM + Nvidia GTX-680(2GB), and no gaming developer can assure that high-end PC will be able to play all PS4 ported games because it will not.

      • webduelist

        Console Developers are going to talk up Consoles and talk down PCs, especially when they can’t release their exclusives for PC because of contracts and stuff. Also it is well known the GPU in the PS4 is mid range, equivalent of a Nvidia 550 ti or 650ti. Its also a 1.6 Ghz 8 core APU, you are really going to tell me that it can keep up with a 3rd or 4th gen i5, let alone a 3rd or 4th gen i7, maybe a i3 or a older i5.

        So lets see here,
        first it was
        “computers are loud” = false
        (quite fans and heatsyncs (noctua nh-d14), or water cooling can make your system almost inaudible.)
        “computers are expensive” = false
        (bigger down payment but less or the same in the long run)
        “seven year old computers can’t game” = false
        (yet you insist otherwise, I have a 7 year old system next to me, do you?)
        “you can’t load bf3 on a 8800 gt (7 years old)” = false

        (note the cpu is the bottleneck, with a proper cpu the gpu would perform better)

        Just stop, you don’t know what you are talking about, you cite articles from console developers who have exclusives on that console, or was mistranslated, such as the interview with the 4A developer.

        I have no doubt in my mind that you believe what you are saying is correct, but its not.

        • juanrga

          Another weird reply. You avoid the main part of my post and use your ‘reply’ to post a collection of fake quotes with barely resemblance to what was really said to you in other parts. LOL

        • Ω GUNTZ

          My tip young man, is to save your money and you will soon become rich.

          • webduelist

            ? now i’m just confused. PC’s are per function cheaper than Consoles, if you trying to imply that you can save money by buying a console its simply not true over the long hall.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            Then you’re even more full of crap than I thought.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            You got one of those faces that look better at some angles than at others. Sometimes hot, sometimes not.

  • Samad Majidi

    i believe Microsoft is getting ahead of its self with the new Xbox and with Blue-ray drive in both consoles i believe PS4 will beat Xbox this time

  • Dustin Wagner

    I like how people keep claiming the PC still trounces its rivals. Sure it does, however that really wont play into the PC gaming market.

    Rather than making three different versions of games, to save costs and time you are going to see identical games brought out on all systems, with slightly different exclusive features for each console and the PC so that we are more likely to buy multiple copies.

  • WoodyHD

    “games will probably look better on consoles for a few years, and then PCs will probably pull back ahead.” Wait a minute. You actually think PCs are ever going to fall behind. I laugh at you sir.