The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - Alice in Chains
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  • Summary: Nick Raskulinecz returns to produce the fifth full-length studio release for the hard rock band and its second with William DuVall as lead singer.
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  1. Jun 5, 2013
    The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is up there with the best Alice in Chains albums, with each track a conquest of structure and composition.
  2. May 28, 2013
    What The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here leaves one with is a feeling that Alice in Chains have returned to the top of their game, confident and back on firm ground.
  3. Jun 3, 2013
    At its core, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is a rock solid record that sees Alice In Chains settling in the confines of their own style.
  4. Jun 6, 2013
    Nothing sounds new, and yet it has no parallel in the old Alice catalog, because they were just so much weirder than we remember.

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  1. This album is absolutely amazing. It had the dark tone of AIC that we so love and yet a new dimension to their sound. Layne is gone now, but they're keeping his legacy alive very well. Expand
  2. 10
    Wow, im just blown away by this album. I was a big fan of "Black Gives Way To Blues" when it came out. Now I'm forced with the task of deciding which one is better, because "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" is undoubtedly some of their best. Expand
  3. Jerry Jerry Jerry you are a genius. Alice has returned with their 2nd most amazing album yet (you all know what the 1st is). Heavy bass lines, intelligent guitar tracks and unique harmonizing vocals make this one of the greatest rock albums of the year. My only complaint is the standard drum tracks and standard production. Which is strange because those two elements are from musicians that are known to be excellent in their field (Raskulinecz excellently produced One by One and the previous Alice outing Black Gives way to Blue). Besides that this is a great album from an amazing band. Expand
  4. 5
    I basically grew up listening to them so i’m biased (i’m pretty much always biased but the reasons are different so i like to specify why) but but here i am trying to crank out a few words about this record.
    It all sounds good, a little “boring” for my taste but there are some moments that make this listen worthwhile, it’s great that they got back together after everything but i don’t think that this record is able to add anything else to what they already tried to say in the past, and more importantly they don’t add any evolution to the genre.
    A good listen but don’t expect too much. Is it entertaining? Sure.

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