JB VST plugin bundle

Latest version: v2.0 [Dec 2009]

This bundle of old(!) VST plugins is provided free of charge and comes with no warranty or support. Feel free to use these plugins, but use them at your own risk. The plugins are based on the VST 2.3 specification, and provided for Windows x86 platforms only. For improvements and completely re-designed versions of these plugins, including native support for x64 platforms, Mac OSX VST and Audio Units, please move over to ToneBoosters.

Download free bundle [5646kB zip]

Bundle contents

Auditor Pro - Metering plugin

Auditor Pro is a zero-latency professional metering plugin that features the following properties to be measured:

  • Amplitude of left and right signals (with clip indication)
  • Amplitude of mid and side signals (with clip indication)
  • Peak amplitude of left and right signals
  • Peak amplitude of mid and side signals
  • RMS of left and right signals
  • RMS of mid and side signals
  • Realtime spectrum
  • Realtime correlation (or stereo phase)
  • Inter-sample peak (ISP) analysis
  • RMS using 'true' RMS or AES17 specification
  • Barricade Pro - Limiter plugin

    Barricade Pro is a multi-factor limiter operating in four domains simultaneously:

  • Waveform limiting
  • Envelope limiting
  • Loudness limiting
  • Correlation limiting

  • FSynth Pro - Audio resynthesizer

    FSynth Pro is an audio effect that allows to modify the envelope and filter characteristics of existing audio events as if they were generated using MIDI. FSynth Pro detects new audio events in the incoming audio signals, and configures an internal synthesizer in real time to sound very similar to the detected event. The envelope and filter characteristics of this internal synthesizer can subsequently be modified to drastically change the character of audio events. FSynth Pro is very suitable to spicen up drum or percussion tracks, and to generate sound scapes from real-time input.

    This demo version has the following limitations:

  • The parameter display is disabled;
  • The stereo 'width' knob is disabled.
  • Isone Pro - Binaural simulator

    Isone Pro comes as bundle of two plugins:

  • Isone Pro - for simulation of a stereo loudspeaker setup; and
  • Isone Pro Surround - for simulation of a multi-channel setup.

  • With Isone pro, a virtual reproduction system and listening room can now be experienced simply using a high-quality headphones. The virtual reproduction system supports a variety of known reference loudspeakers. Furthermore, the reverb time of the virtual listening room and the distance to the virtual loudspeakers can be fully customized.

    Red Phatt Pro - Dynamics processor

    Red Phatt Pro provides flexible and powerful dynamics processing. Whether you need smooth and transparent dynamic range reduction, gating, expansion, New York-style compression, or simply squeeze a drum track to phatten the sound, Red Phatt Pro will perform the job for you.

    Its zero latency allows to use Red Phatt Pro in the studio and on stage. A dedicated, zero-latency integrated peak limiter can be enabled to protect against overs and to add 'warmth' using dynamic waveshaping techniques.

    Smash Pro - Spectral processor

    Smash Pro provides extensive control to create a fat and warm sound. Compression, harmonic excitation and equalization processes can be carefully controlled as a function of frequency by simply drawing (discretized) frequency curves.

    Smash Pro is based on an innovative signal decomposition that allows extremely accurate analysis and modification of audio signals. During processing, the input signals are up to 40 times oversampled to allow detailed simulation of non-linear processes. This results in a very distinct and unique sound character.

    Due to its flexibility, Smash Pro can be used for a broad range of processing applications, such as dynamic equalization, de-essing, enriching harmonic content within certain frequency ranges, multi-band distortion, New-York style compression, and alike.

    Barricade - Brick wall limiter

    Barricade is a simple yet effective brick wall limiter. The gain ride curve is very smooth and its time derivative is continuous, to ensure minimum distortion and aliasing artefacts. The gain knob adjusts the signal level before entering the limiter.

    For analog-style tube warmth a tube-emulation circuit is provided as well.

    Ferox - Tape simulator

    Ferox is a free tape saturation modeller VST plugin. It has separate controls for saturation and hysteresis effects. Feedback with variable tape speed is provided to simulate vintage tape echos.

    Broadcast processor

    Broadcast combines the dynamics processing from the PC-2 compressor, spatial processing from OmniSone, and brickwall limiting from Barricade in a multi-band fashion. A manual was kindly provided by Yann D.

    SEND - Spectrum enhancer

    SEND combines resonating low and high-pass filters with non-linear elements that generate even or odd harmonics.

    Omniverb - Reverberator

    Omniverb is a reverberation plugin with separate control of the reverberation time, echo density, room size, and early reflections. It can also be used as a gated reverb.

    Omniverb was awarded 'best free vst plugin' by Computer Music in June 2008.

    Omnisone - Spatial processor

    Omnisone is a free spatial image processor VST plugin, with control of the side signal level, means to enhance the ambiance, and to re-pan both input signals individually, even outside the loudspeaker base. A manual was kindly provided by Yann D.

    PC-2 Psychoacoustic compressor

    Conventional compressors are based on peak or rms-level estimation to compute their time-variant gain or attenuation. This property of most compressors often causes undesirable intermodulation distortion and pumping/breathing artefacts.

    PC-2 features a 'psycho-acoustic relevance' mode. Instead of using a peak or rms-level estimation, this mode employes a perceptual loudness model to compute the loudness of the input signal. This perceptual loudness model is combined with advanced attack and release stages that model peripheral adaptation of the human auditory nerve. The result is a very transparent compression characteristic, even with very short attack and release times.

    On the other hand, the simple, classic compression behavior can be engaged too by simply switching off the complex loudness model.

    Timemachine - Vintage sampler

    The ultimate digititus creator! TimeMachine is a VST plugin that provides accurate reproduction of the characteristic sound of vintage samplers, such as the Commodore 64, or older Akai samplers. The (virtual) sampling rate can be varied, as well as the number of bits used for digital representation. furthermore, aliasing distortion can be generated individually for AD and DA conversion.

    TimeMachine was awarded 'best free vst plugin' by Computer Music in June 2008.