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Blizzard is a vox populi radio documentary about people's reactions to a major snowstorm produced in audio verité style.

Originally recorded during Chicago's big snow of January 1979. The Blizzard web site features audio excerpts from the documentary. Visit the web site for Blizzard.

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Luminescence Media Group
3740 N. Lake Shore Drive
Suite 15B-3
Chicago, IL 60613 USA


U.S.A.: 1-312-602-3302
Latvia: +371-26-403-252



CHICAGO AREA WORK-IN-PROGRESS SCREENING: Sunday, January 29, 11 am, Highland Park Theatre. Advance tickets only.

Friends of Rumbula's Echo (join free above!) and members of participating local organizations may obtain tickets for themselves, family and friends. Click here for tickets. Tickets are free (contributions are welcome but not required).

Work-in-progress screenings held in Riga, Washington D.C., and NY. Chicago is scheduled for January 29.

Press Coverage

December 2011
Latvian Jewish Courier
Producer-Director Mitchell Lieber's speech at work-in-progress screening at annual memorial service of Jewish Survivors of Latvia.

December 1, 2011
Svet Daily Newspaper, Chicago
(Russian language)
feature on Rumbula's Echo's
Sia Hertsberg

July 5, 2011
Latvijas Avize
(national daily newspaper in Latvia)
Coverage of screening of work-in-progress of Rumbula's Echo on July 4, 2011.

July 3, 2011
National Radio Station in Latvia
Gita Umanovska, Executive Director of the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia, discussed the work-in-progress screening of Rumbula's Echo and other National Holocaust Remembrance Day activities on July 4.

November 2010
Harper's Magazine
Photos from Rumbula's Echo, used with credit. Use for book review of When They Come for Us, We'll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry by Gal Beckman.

Ruth L. Ratny's Reel Chicago (which covers the film industry in Chicago) reported on the documentary film, Rumbula's Echo, in Indie Focus of February 24, 2009. See

Chicago's WLUW-FM broadcast an interview with Rumbula's Echo writer-producer Mitchell Lieber on April 18. The interview with Lieber was conducted by Michael James on the From the Heartland program.

The Latvian Jewish Courier January 2008 issue devotes two pages to the LMG documentary film Rumbula's Echo. The Courier is published by the Jewish Survivors of Latvia.

Chicago's monthly JUF News reported "One Family's Reunion Leads to a Website for All" in its World section, in September 2003. The articles and photos are about LMG's educational web site,, and the Lieber family story that led to its creation.

The Jerusalem Post , on December 19, 2002, reported "It's All Relative: History Uncovered". The article is about LMG's educational web site,, and the story behind it.

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Featured Project
Rumbula's Echo
feature length documentary film
and TV mini-series

Rumbula's Echo web site home page.

An American father's genealogy search for his daughter's namesake reveals the rich tapestry of Jewish life in Latvia in the late 19th century. Following the generations leads him to the early days of the Holocaust and the annihilation of nearly all of the country's Jews, including most of his relatives. Three years after beginning research, an e-mail brings a shocking and surprising discovery about his family.

Rumbula's Echo is the first film focused on documenting the Rumbula Forest murders of 27,800, more than a third of Latvia's Jews and among the largest mass shootings of the Holocaust before the operation of the death camps. The film recounts the amazing story of Jews in Latvia before, during and after the Holocaust.

This inspiring true story illustrates that one's own family history may contain twists, turns and surprises that rival even a great work fiction, and is simply waiting to be uncovered.

For an outline of the documentary's story, photos and news about the film please visit the web site for Rumbula's Echo.