1. Icefail

    They Thought The
    Ice Would Protect Them.
    They Were Wrong.

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  2. And why would anybody care?

    This was a land of snow and ice anyway. Nobody was going to notice this particular year the ice was advancing faster than normal.

    In any case, the usual suspects were out in force, rubbishing scientific data as some kind of “old religion”.

  3. They had always seen the ice as a safe haven

    It seems funny thinking about it now.

    The very thing that the community relied on to live, becoming the very thing that threatened their existence.

  4. Because something was different that year

    Very different.

    Call it a feeling in the air.

    Something in the electronic chatter over the airwaves.

    Something people instinctively knew.

  5. Of course, like most immersive web experiences, we’ve done a really cool effect here that doesn’t quite work on your phone.

    To troll you.

    I mean it.

    If you were on your desktop now you’d be seeing some cool stuff just to the right of this text that sets up the next slide.

    You could try switching to landscape.

    But that doesn’t really work either.

    And then we began to see them through the gloom…

    Just a hint at first…

    And then outlines that thickened…

    And hardened, despite the ever increasing snow…

  6. They

  7. Okay, sorry.

    None of that actually happened. I just got bored.

    Seriously, I’ve been writing about snow and ice for six months now. Do you have any idea how dull snow is? IT’S JUST SNOW.

    And let’s be honest, you’re probably the only person who’s scrolled through this far. Nobody actually reads these things.

    Fucking snow and ice.

  8. Whereas walking metal machines…? I mean, what snow scene isn’t improved by massive metal walking machines spitting lasers from their eyes? Way more interesting than some environmental disaster story about snow or a local economy tanked because there was too much or too little goddam ice.

    I mean, c’mon.

    It’s various forms of cold water versus massive metal fuck off robots of death.

  9. Fuck

  10. Snow :-(

  11. ROBOTS!

  12. Snow :-(

  13. ROBOTS!

  14. Ice :-(((((((

  15. ROBOTS*