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Kaffeine 1.2.2 released

Get it here.

Updated (2011-04-17): 1.2.2 fixes a crash after removing channels.
Updated (2011-04-05): 1.2.1 fixes a DVB-S2 tuning regression.

Changelog (1.2):
- add search function to epg
- implement ATSC support for epg
- fix gnome screen saver inhibition
- other fixes and improvements ...


Kaffeine has just switched from svn to git[1]; please update your repository accordingly.

Kaffeine 1.1 released

Two important fixes and some improvements.

- adapt to new shared-mime-info (so that .m2t is assigned to kaffeine again)
- workaround issue that video isn't shown without changing tabs when using QT 4.7
- recording schedule: fix sorting, improve column and dialog sizes,
show a warning about active and pending recordings when closing kaffeine
- program guide: remove the "Refresh" button (not necessary anymore)
- channel editor: allow sorting by drag and drop

Kaffeine 1.0 released

Finally here it is, the dot-zero release. Not perfect, but with important improvements. Enjoy!

- new dependency: libXss
- scheduled programs are shown in the program guide
- the begin and end margins for recordings are configurable
- CICAM is supported
- all audio pids are recorded during timeshift
- subtitle support (also autoloading)
- other fixes and improvements ...

Kaffeine 1.0-pre3 released

Beside all the nice improvements Kaffeine is (again) directly using xine-lib instead of Phonon. This way it has the necessary control over xine and e.g. VDPAU usage is possible.

- new dependencies: Qt SQLite plugin, xine-lib, libX11
(Phonon is no longer needed)
- added configurable daily or weekly repetition of recording schedule entries
- added support for dynamic audio / subtitles streams
- reworked playlist support
- added DBUS interface and partial MPRIS support
- added dvd menu button and deinterlace option

Kaffeine 1.0-pre2 released

Last but not least I'm releasing a further (pre-)release of Kaffeine.

- added screen saver inhibition (using DBUS; org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver)
- added basic playlist features: .m3u, .pls, .xspf (+ old kaffeine format),
drag and drop, repeat mode and shuffle
- added OSD: various notifications, now and next epg
- added DVB-S2 support using S2 API (old API still supported for non-S2 usage)
- improved epg: save and restore events, possibility to schedule programs
- other fixes and improvements ...


The release of Kaffeine 1.0 is delayed for personal reasons (and I don't really want to release a half-baked version). The new target date is 1st August, stay tuned and thanks for your understanding.

Kaffeine 0.8.8

This is a new (and probably last:) kde3 release.
It introduces S2 support, and fixes some bugs.
See ChangeLog for details.
You can download it at http://hftom.free.fr/kaffeine-0.8.8.tar.bz2

Kaffeine 1.0-pre1 released

This is a pre-release of the KDE4 version mainly intended as a preview for curious eyes and distributors (to get to know the requirements and drill their packages fit). A release more suitable for end users is planned 1 - 1.5 months later. Hereby I'm also taking over Kaffeine maintenance from Christophe Thommeret who has done a good job over the past years and also introduced me into Kaffeine ;)

Changelog / Release Notes:
- initial KDE4 release based on KDE4, QT4, Phonon and Solid
much of the code base was rewritten;

Kaffeine 0.8.7 released

The kde4 version taking more time than expected, this is a new kde3 release.
It introduces some important features.

* kaffeine: add MOD/STM mimetypes
* kaffeine: fullscreen fix, patch by Einars Lielmanis
* DVB: updated libdvb, added CAM menu.
* DVB: added multiservices CAM support.
* DVB: added ATSC scanning, patch by "Devin Heitmueller"
* DVB: added 7MHz autoscan.
* DVB: reworked CAM support.

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