It’s an incredible way of making your imagination real: whatever you want to do or have dreamt of doing, 3D Printing Systems can take the idea and turn it into a physical reality. While 3D print technology has been around for over 20 years, it’s only now that lapsing patents on early technology has created affordable 3D printers for a vast array of modern businesses.

3D Printing Systems in Auckland leads the New Zealand scene offering top end quality personal and professional desktop 3D printers from $1500 to $40,000.
The printers work by building up fine layers of plastic to create a full model of whatever you want to create. They connect like regular printers and can work off existing software.
“Anything you can visualise we can create,” says Dale Nicholls,technical sales manager 3D Printing Solution, which has the largest installed base of 3D printers in New Zealand (

A must at SouthMACH 13 is to visit their stand 81, where the company will be carrying out live demonstrations to show just how simply – and magically - it all works.
What the technology means in the fast-paced modern manufacturing world is that you can create working prototypes of your engineering needs quickly and effectively, helping seriously truncate project lead times and getting your product to market faster – and cheaper – than ever before.

3D Printing Systems machines have a vast array of applications literally only limited by the extent of your imagination. Prototyping, product mock ups, marketing models, component manufacturing and functional testing are all streamline.
Confidentiality is another huge issue. Companies wanting to keep innovations secret can buy and utilise their own desktop 3D printer, rather than send the printing to be out of house.
In short it means you can quickly, cost-effectively (and in-house) design, prototype and test your 3-dimensional design and rapidly move from concept to production parts.
“Our printers are now being used in educational institutions right across New Zealand,” says Dale. “They are being used by dentists to gain 3D scans of difficult dental work, by jewellers to help them with casting for golds and precious metals, by engineers to help them design tools and see how the tool actually feels in the hand before they go into production.

“The future is looking amazing,” says Dale. “These printers allow you to turn thoughts into actual things. It means you can tweak and change a product and print it out in plastic to see how it’s actually going to work.”
Clarifying design, making complexity simple, hastening production, lowering costs … 3D printing is tomorrow’s technology available today.
3D Printing Systems will be at Stand 81 of the SouthMACH 13 show - come and see the magic of 3D printing for yourself (one of the most unusual print jobs the company has showcased: printing tiny replicas of TVNZ presenters for a breakfast show!)

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See 3D Printing Systems New Zealand on stand 81

3D Printing Systems

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