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Is AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES Getting ‘Unlimited’ in Season Two?

March 29th, 2012
Author Albert Ching

Boom. (Click to enlarge.)

Released on the Disney XD Facebook page, it looks like Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is taking a cue from Justice League Unlimited, and adding a whole lot more superheroes to the show’s cast. (For this one scene, at least.) On Wednesday, the network posted this still from an unnamed episode, along with the caption, “The Avengers have called on some Fantastic friends to help defeat the villains–can you name all of the heroes below? Don’t miss a new season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes every Sunday after Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD!”

You can probably recognize most of the characters present, but no one seems quite sure who the female character between Yellowjacket and War Machine is. Our current guess: Daisy Johnson, Quake from Secret Warriors. There’s a physical resemblance — and seeing as how Quake recently joined the roster in the main Avengers comic book series, perhaps that was another sign of Marvel TV/Marvel publishing synergy, like the new White Tiger joining Avengers Academy before debuting in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. But that really is just a guess, so feel free to let us know who you think it might be in the comments.

Also notable: A clearly grown-up Luke Cage, as opposed to the teen version of Power Man in Ultimate Spider-Man, seemingly confirming that the two shows aren’t in the same “world” — or at least, not taking place concurrently. Plus, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket — is Scott Lang making his animated debut?

The second season premiere of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes airs on the inaugural edition of the “Marvel Universe” block on Disney XD this Sunday, April 1, following the series premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man.

33 Responses to “Is AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES Getting ‘Unlimited’ in Season Two?”
  1. Lee Says:

    Still no Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver? They’ve spent more time as villains in cartoons then they ever did in the actual books, and have been around longer than some in the picture… as avengers

  2. evyllsummer Says:

    They aren’t wasting any time with getting the Winter Soldier in the mix, are they?

  3. Dave Says:

    My guess is that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will get their own large arc down the road. With Wolverine there, they’re clearly establishing the X-Men in this continuity, so maybe they wanted to let some of that rest for now.

  4. Troy Says:

    Look closely. Yellowjacket AND Ant-Man are in there. I’d say that we’re possibly seeing an image of some kind of flash-forward. That could account for a grown-up Fist and Cage, Rhodey having the armor, and introduction of (maybe?) Scott Lang. Note also that one of the FF males isn’t blonde. I think there’s more than meets the eye here.

  5. benwahbob Says:

    i think they’re skrulls. Look at the image.. Yellow Jacket and Ant man are in the shot at the same time.

  6. demoncat Says:

    ant man or yellow jacket could be skrulls infiltrating the avengers or actully scott lang indeed at last though can not believe scarlet witch is not in the group yet since vision and hawkeye are there. or quick silver to finish caps quartet . but mostly still no scarlet witch with the avengers again.

  7. Gwarionx Says:

    Is that Namor in the Fantastic Four?

  8. durkadurka Says:

    I’m pretty sure that girl’s Quake.

    I’m more surprised by the inclusion of Winter Soldier and Wolverine, though. And if Wolvie’s there, why not Beast or Storm?

    I do find it a little odd they are including the same characters from Ultimate Spiderman, including Spidey himself.

  9. Marius665 Says:

    That is Quake. That’s her design from the Secret War mini/event.

    Nothing about this image pleases me. This all feels way to rushed. Avengers EMH is supposed to be the beginng of the Marvel Universe. Avengers, a teen Spider-Man, the original X-Men and the F4 should be the only heroes around. Characters like Luke should be given an intro/origin episode. Winter Soldier was thought to come back but he should be a subplot throughout the entire second season. I want Hank in the Yellow Jacket costume. I’m happy for Falcon & War Machine. And i want Vision to be a villain!

  10. Glenn Walker Says:

    I think what we are actually looking at is the Skrull Captain America addressing his Skrull troops.

  11. Ortiz Says:

    IMO that’s the future, or something like that, maybe Kang is behind all this.


  12. Andrew in Ohio Says:

    That’s not the first time Wolverine has been in this show. He was in Captain America’s webisodes when this show was launching. His character design then was the same as the one from Wolverine and the X-Men. I can’t really tell if it’s the same in the above picture or not. That combined with the Nick Fury that seemed to be a combination of the regular 616 Fury and Ultimate Fury kind of suggest that Wolverine and the X-Men and Avengers: EMH at least take place in the same “universe.” That Fantastic Four also looks like they could potentially be slightly older versions of the team from Fantastic Four cartoon from a few years ago (I really hope not though, that show was terrible).

    I also find the absence of the Thor and Iron Man from the above that gathering a little strange seeing as how the rest of the Avengers line-up is there.

  13. Hypestyle Says:

    Luke Cage has a hoodie!! Excellent, they’d better keep the look.

  14. Tobias Says:

    Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are two separate universes, so don’t hurt your head trying to reconcile the inclusion of Luke, Iron Fist, and Spidey. Cannot wait to see which ep this is, hope it’s the premiere this sunday.

  15. Dan Says:

    Where’s firestar???? Why does she get zero love in either of these series??? Give us 80′s kids and huge fans of spider-man and his amazing friends a bone!

  16. Androoo Says:

    It’s definitely the Skrull impostor of Cap addressing the Skrull infiltrators. Regardless, I’m still surprised they would include Winter Soldier and Quake. Too soon, even if they are Skrulls.

  17. JF Says:

    She reminds me of Silouhette from the New Warriors.

  18. Roy Says:


  19. DBishop Says:


    The picture may have been rushed out but they gave no idea as to when this will take place in the season or what setup will lead to it.

  20. ThePants Says:

    that is awesomesauce. (and i seriously can’t believe anyone is gripping about Quake and Winter Soldier. I think it’s awesome they are mixing it up ala JLU)

  21. beane2099 Says:

    I’m thinking it’s Jolt from the Thunderbolts. It’s a longshot, but her costume looks very similar to Jolt’s. Could be their way of infusing more female characters in the mix. Also, haven’t there been multiple ant-men and yellow jackets? It’s plausible; to me anyways.

  22. Dakota Kaech Says:

    I think the unknown girl is Sage.. Just a guess

  23. popndough Says:

    Could it be a variation of Jubilee in a powersuit from when she was depowered?

  24. STLBaseballFan5 Says:

    Thats Bucky as winter solider right?

  25. jorgenexo Says:

    I don´t like this Thing!!

  26. Tobias Says:

    It’s clearly Quake aka Daisy Johnson. I’m wondering if this is the real Cap (since Skrull Cap has the Utimates uniform now), and if he’s addressing everyone else who’s been replaced since Sue is there.

  27. John Curiel Says:

    I hope they can bring back the Grey Hulk!

  28. Bryant Says:

    That’s a pretty awesome image and a bit of a surprise(was not expecting Spidey or Wolverine, at least not til like Season 3 or something).
    Judging by the commercials I’ve seen it’s probably from later in the season, but the bigger question is what threat is big enough to have them gathering all together.

  29. warmachine Says:

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  30. keithJ Says:

    I like how they augment the cast finally with some non-Avengers team characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy. What I didn’t like is how they are getting too involved with the recent past modern comics storylines like Secret Invasion and trying to cement them into pop culture as if they were great the first time.

    The Skrull invasion gets multi-part episodes this season and already its too much. Anyone who hadn’t read the comic event would think its genius, but after reading the event and making a comparison you can see how watered down this whole thing looks.

  31. Daddymac Says:

    It’s the real Captain America addressing them with Thor and Iron man at his side. This episode probably takes place toward the end of the season at the final battle with the skrulls. Scott Lang is the Ant Man and Hank Pym is Yellow Jacket. Quake is probably from shield. Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes (remember, Cap brought him back last season with the Cosmic Cube). Can’t wait for the Vision, he will come in as a bad guy built by Ultron to destroy the Avengers but will turn good. We’ll actually see Spider-Man though probably not the same one from Ultimate Spider-Man. Luke Gage and Iron Fist obviously not the same as from Ultimate S. It was inevitable, but tired of seeing Wolverine in every TV series. Anyway, here’s hoping for a 3rd season.

  32. Mark Says:

    Spider-Man’s next after the Secret Invasion episode but don’t worry, Wasp won’t die. I’m sure of it!

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