King of Hearts

King of Hearts (2008)

Jim Henry's eagerly awaited new recording is finally here! King of Hearts features four fabulous Jim Henry originals -- "Up to Me," "Broken Man," "Get to You," and "Melody of You"-- plus one of the best versions of Richard Thompson's "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" you're likely to hear. Henry shows off his guitar and mandolin chops in the blistering Irish fiddle tune "28th of January," and offers listeners a brand new take on the classic "Home on the Range," featuring surprise guest artists.

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One-Horse Town

One-Horse Town (2005)

An all-acoustic, seven-song duo EP featuring Jim Henry and Tracy Grammer. Beautiful harmonies and stunning instrumental accompaniment on guitar, mandolin, violin and dobro. Includes songs by Jim Henry, Doc Watson, and a previously unrecorded version of a Dave Carter original.

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The Wayback

The Wayback (1999)- available by download only

Jim Henry's latest solo release features a cream-of-the-crop band, top-shelf song writing and the smooth, warm vocals fans have come to expect. Includes the Americana anthem "Drive-in Movie Picture Show," the 60's retro-blast "1967," and the haunting "Sound of the Whistle Blow."

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Ring Some Changes

>Ring Some Changes (1997) - available by download only

Instrumental album of guitar duets with fellow Massachusetts fret-wizard Brooks Williams. Featuring originals and covers by such artists as Richard Thompson, Django Reinhardt, Robert Johnson, and Joseph Spense.

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Jacksonville (1995) - available by download only

Jim Henry's second solo album reached high on the Americana charts in 1995 and 1996, supported by steady touring and stellar reviews. Guest appearances by Duke Levine, Jennifer Kimball, Brooks Williams, Maria Sangiolo and Ellis Paul.

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Into the Blue

Into the Blue (1993)

Jim Henry's solo debut - the title cut was featured in New Country magazine. Produced by Darleen Wilson.

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