We've launched an exciting new project of our own! Introducing the Kickstarter app for iPhone!

A Hat in Time is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer in the spirit of the classic Nintendo 64 titles you know and love!

We know that you guys are awesome, so in the case that we exceed our goal we have prepared a set of stretch goals. If we can raise more than $30,000, we really want to extend the game both in game length and in features! We will try our best to make all stretch goal additions entirely free for everyone (but we realize that not all platforms support this form of distribution).

For all additional chapters, we'll let the community decide what the theme should be!

  • $40,000: Developer commentary will be released where we talk about the ins and outs of the development process  
  • $50,000: A co-op mode will be available as free DLC post-release
  • $80,000: An additional 6th chapter of your choice will be available as free DLC post-release!
  • $95,000: All character dialogues will feature full voice acting! No more blips and bloops, real voices!
  • $110,000: An additional 7th chapter of your choice will be available as free DLC post-release!
  • $150,000: Grant Kirkhope, the composer of Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye 007, Donkey Kong 64 and Perfect Dark will create a song for one of the game's levels!
  • $165,000: We'll make a harder difficulty mode where you can play as the co-op partner Timmy through the entire main story!
  • $180,000: You'll be able to hear the characters speak just like in Banjo-Kazooie! Eekum bookum!
  • $200,000: We'll design a whole new HUB world taking place inside Hat Kid's spaceship!

(Please note that most of the money in the $150,000 stretch goal goes to improving existing chapters by adding enemies, NPCs, items and new abilities! Mr. Kirkhope has been very generous!!)

The exclusive virtual Kickstarter hat is now also available for backers $40 and above!

Bring the Magic back into Games!

A Hat in Time is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer in the spirit of the beloved Nintendo and Rare games from the Nintendo 64 era. Think Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64 all in one! 

Like many of you, we grew up with those games and became fascinated by their huge magical worlds. We want to re-create that feeling of exploration and excitement. Many modern titles simply don't have the same magic and wonder as games from the 90's - we want to change that!

Time Travelling is awesome!

So, you are probably wondering about the game's title. It's because one of the most awesome things in the world is of course time travelling! 

Time is falling apart and it is the job of the brave interstellar-travelling Hat Kid to collect all the time pieces and put them back together! But watch out, you're in a race against the evil Mustache Girl who wants to use time for evil!

The game mashes the best from old-school 3D platformers and gives it a modern twist!

Not only can you navigate terrain using traditional gameplay mechanics such as running and jumping (and wall jumping - everybody loves wall jumping!), but you are also provided with your trusty umbrella, which can be upgraded to provide a wide range of abilities!

Platforming is the biggest aspect of A Hat in Time, and we want to make traversing the levels as fun, easy and interesting as possible!

Hat Kid can wall jump, slide and double jump. As her story progresses, she unlocks additional moves like the hookshot, ground pound and pogo upgrades!

In previous collect-a-thon titles, combat has played no bigger role than a mundane task. In A Hat in Time, we want to fully integrate combat into the game, and we've done so by giving every new upgrade Hat Kid finds an alternative combat functionality!

In addition, and unlike previous platformers, combat is rewarding: obtain unlockables, such as new abilities, by defeating strong enemies! Here you can have your cake AND eat it!

If the fan-release of Super Mario 64 multiplayer has taught us anything, it's that it's incredibly fun to mess around with a friend, even if it is a designed singleplayer experience!

We want to be able to provide that same experience with co-op, but making all game code network-compatible.is not as easy as the flick of a switch - there are a lot of difficulties that need to be taken into consideration (screenshot above is just a test). So many, that we wouldn't be able to include it with our initial budget - that is why we have included it as a stretch goal! If you would like to play this game with a friend, then you can help by pledging more money.

Chapters and Acts

A Hat in Time is split up into five story segments, "chapters", and each chapter is split into several "acts". If you have ever played Super Mario 64, this is the same as choosing different stars on the same level: you have different objectives and the environment changes depending on the act you have selected.

The chapters differ greatly, ranging from big cities to spooky forests, vast deserts, and even the moon!

In chapter 1, Down with the Mafia, Hat Kid crash lands on a mountain containing an enormous city, entirely infested by the Mafia of Cooks! Hat Kid will have to both defeat the Mafia of Cooks and save the city from drowning in super hot lava, all this while keeping Mustache Girl at bay!

In chapter 2, The Subcon Forest, Hat Kid is on a mission to save the gloomy Subcon Forest! But it won't be easy, The Snatcher will be stealing your stuff, the Moonjumper will be mind-controlling everyone around you. To make it even more difficult, there is Timmy who will be getting in your way as he takes control of his living haunted manor!

Distribution and Platforms

A Hat in Time will be available on Windows and Mac. We also aim for getting a Steam release (please give us a vote on Steam Greenlight!). Additionally, we have plans on releasing console versions if everything goes to plan. Being big Nintendo fans ourselves, we are talking with a publisher to help making a Wii U version. However, at this point we are not able to promise anything - so stay tuned and cross your fingers!

Where the Money goes

So far the team has been developing the game with a budget of zero dollars, while at the same time working either full-time jobs or studying. However, it won't be possible to continue the current rate of development if there is no budget.

Making games is fun, but at the end of the day everybody needs money to be able to live. That's why we are asking you to pledge a small amount of money through this Kickstarter campaign. If the campaign succeeds, it will allow us to properly finish and polish the game. Here is a pie chart that shows what the money will be spent on:

Meet the Team!

Here are the people putting their sweat and tears into the game! More info on each team member is available on the game's website.

In addition, Gustav Dahl has been a huge help in getting us ready for Kickstarter!

Be Social - Help Spreading the Word!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

* Making a game is a challenge! Creating all of the game's assets, including code, art and sound, requires massive effort and energy. We are limited to create what we can within the budget, and our initial budget really isn't all that much in the scope of things.

* We are currently aiming to get A Hat in Time on the Steam platform using their Steam Greenlight procedure. However it is a saturated market and it is difficult to make the cut. If you want to help us get on, go over on Greenlight and give us a vote! Thank you very much!

* We have also discussed the possibility of releasing the game on the Wii U, however the game is still early in development, so it is difficult to make that call until the game progresses further.

* Finally there's a possibility that the DLC (Downloadable Content) may not be free on all platforms that we release the game on, but we will of course try our best to avoid this. Don't worry PC users, Steam allows for free updates.


  • Not anymore! If you pledge $40 and above, you also get the exclusive hat!

    Last updated: Monday Jun 10, 7:51am EDT
  • This is difficult to know at this point, as we have absolutely no idea how the Nintendo eShop works with transactions and copies! But we will definitely try to provide backers with as many options as possible if the game gets on the Nintendo eShop!

    Last updated: Thursday May 30, 4:55pm EDT
  • We hear U! (see what we did there?) Like everybody else, we think that a Wii U version could be awsome! However, as stated, we are not in a position where we can promise anything yet, but we hope that Nintendo is listening to all of the great feedback you are giving!

    Last updated: Thursday May 30, 5:57am EDT
  • A physical copy is a box with its own unique box art which we drop all your goodies into! It does not contain an additional copy of the game, but it will contain your Steam keys!

    Last updated: Thursday Jun 13, 9:53am EDT
  • Yes, the game supports XInput controllers, meaning that you will be able to play with e.g. an Xbox 360 controller or Logitech F710. It is also possible to play with a PS3 controller; however, you might need to use some software in order for it to work (we suggest MotioninJoy).

    Last updated: Sunday Jun 9, 4:47am EDT
  • UDK (Unreal Development Kit).

    Last updated: Thursday May 30, 5:09am EDT
  • Unfortunately our game engine, Unreal Development Kit (UDK), doesn't support Linux natively! Ack! What a bother! We're definitely trying to work around this issue, we'll let you know if we're ever certain we can release on Linux!

    Last updated: Thursday May 30, 4:34pm EDT
  • Right now we're focusing all our energy on getting on Steam and the Wii U eShop! Once those have been achieved, we'll be able to spend time seeking out more options, like GOG.com, Green Man Gaming, etc.!

    Last updated: Thursday May 30, 6:46pm EDT
  • Yes! Sorry about the confusion. It includes everything in the physical tier, but without the physical goodies that require shipping.

    Last updated: Friday May 31, 12:59pm EDT
  • Absolutely! We'll make it optional.

    Last updated: Saturday Jun 1, 1:08pm EDT
  • We really hope so! Even if you never tried games such as Banjo-Kazooie or Super Mario 64 (you totally should!), we think you will enjoy A Hat in Time. Our focus is on creating beautiful three-dimensional worlds, where you can freely move around and have fun. Many games these days are very strict and linear; we intentionally try to avoid this, because we believe a game is more fun when you aren't forced in a specific direction. YOU choose where you want to go!

    Some of the objects that you will be able to collect in the game are: time objects, energy bits, pins, monster drops, hats, masks, etc.
    Last updated: Monday Jun 3, 10:55am EDT
  • Right now we are focusing on the PC/Mac version. Even though it would be awesome to release on all those new and shiny platforms, we are just a small team. Therefore, we simply cannot promise anything in this regards. That being said, we of course want the game to be available on as many platforms as possible.

    Last updated: Sunday Jun 9, 5:58am EDT
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