Lofoten Tørrfiskmuseum

Å i Lofoten, Norway
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What's this ..?

... Youll find the answer to this question, and lots more about culture and tradition in Lofoten, at the Lofoten Stockfish Museum, the only one of its kind in the world!

The museum provides an insight into the production of Norway's oldest export commodity, stockfish, which was used in foreign trade as early as in the 800s. The museum also shows how work at a conventional fish landing station is carried out.

Large, heated video room with non-stop 30 min. video (English subtitles) - covers everything from the catch, to delivery on the most important market: Italy - plus a 5 min. video in various languages specially intended for groups. Coffee and waffles in authentic maritime atmosphere.

You can also try tasting stockfish: Lofotens own "snacks"

We take pride in offering professional guiding in Norwegian, English, German, French and Italian!

 Did you know that:

  • towards the end of April, an area of 400,000 m2 of Lofoten is covered in stockfish - cod hung out to dry on racks?
  • 16 mill. kgs of cod is hung out to dry on fish racks every year in Lofoten?
  • stockfish consists of approx. 80% protein?
  • the weight of the cod is reduced by about 80% when it is dried?

Want to know more?

Then come and see for yourself!


Welcome to Lofoten Stockfish Museum,
Å, Lofoten Islands, Norway

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