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Upgrade Your Diary (for as little as $2.50 a month!)

Why Should You Upgrade to Open Diary Plus?

Upgrading your diary to Open Diary Plus offers many advantages:            I know, just take me to the upgrade page!

Consider a Lifetime subscription

Purchasing a Lifetime subscription to OD will get you these additional benefits:

  • forty (40) megabyte limit on My Pictures uploads, instead of twenty.
  • unlimited entry tags.
  • nine friends and bookmarks groups, instead of three.
  • your subscription never expires - you don't have to worry about renewing.
  • No Advertising - As a member of OD Plus, you will never see advertising (banners, popups, or otherwise) on any page of Open Diary.

  • My Pictures - Upload your own pictures and store them directly on OD, where you can insert them directly into your diary entries.

  • Friends Groups - You will be able to separate your Friends into groups, and designate specific groups and people that can read particular Friends-Only entries. This lets you easily organize who has access to what entries in your diary.

  • Bookmarks Groups - Your bookmarks can be separated into groups that you choose, so you can organize the diaries you read.

  • Longer Notes - You will be able to leave notes up to 1,200 characters, three times as long as regular OD users.

  • User Blocking - You will have the option of blocking any other member of Open Diary from reading or noting your diary. This allows you to control who can read your diary.

  • Diary Chapters - You can organize your diary into chapters, to make it easier to read and easier to manage.

  • Diary Search - A Plus feature that gives our subscribers the ability to search any diary (or notes) for particular keywords. If you always wanted to find out how many times your favorite diarist has written about his dog, now you can!

  • Note History - For an OD Plus member, the system keeps track of notes as you leave them, so you can review notes you've left at any time, and see where and when you left them.

  • Reader Passwords - If you want to have only certain people from outside of OD reading your diary (and not the public as a whole), an OD Plus member can set up to ten reader passwords. These passwords can be used by somebody who is not a member of OD, to read and note a diary that is otherwise members-only.

When you upgrade to OD Plus, your diary doesn't move, it just gets better. If you have friends with free diaries, you will still be here on the same site with them - they can visit your diary and read and note, just like always.

If you decide not to re-subscribe to OD Plus in the future, your diary will stay the same, you will only lose the OD Plus benefits. Diaries are not removed when subscriptions expire, and there is no commitment required for you to continue subscribing.

Open Diary Plus costs only $3 per month! You can purcase a subscription at various levels:

  • One month: $3.00
  • Six months: $16.50
  • One year: $30.00
  • Lifetime subscription that never expires: $150.00
Please note that all prices are in U.S. dollars - if you are paying from outside the U.S., the appropriate exchange rate applies. You can pay for your subscription with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. You can also pay by mail with a check or money order, if you prefer not to use a credit card.

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