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"The Web's Most Comprehensive Guide
   to Male / T-Girl Relations"

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Please Note: I've officially begun the massive overhaul of the Admirer's Handbook.  Newly updated sections are in green    

Transsexuals & Admirers  

Here you'll find detailed information regarding your attraction to t-girls, descriptions of the wide variety of girls & what makes each unique plus a basic summary of how most beginners develop & form transgender relationships. 

Includes: Updated 8/01/06

  • Admirers 101 - Fully Updated for 2006
  • So you like t-girls - does this mean you're gay?

  • The birth of transsexual-orientation

  • Female admirers

  • Types of male admirers: psyche 101

  • Transgender Admirers 

  • T-Girls 101 - Next Section to be Updated
  • Who we girls are & why we dress

  • T-girl girl psychology 101: what's she like?

  • Wider hips - more succulent lips - why are some gals more feminine than others?

  • Basic Tranz-lations 101

  • Think t-girl's and admirers are different? Think again...

  • How beginning admirers evolve - and find happiness

  • Tranz-compatibility 101 - the important issues

  • Frequently asked questions - common Q&A from beginning admirers

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Meeting a Tranz-female

Want to meet a lovely transsexual and don't know where to start - or what to say? In depth tips to heighten your chances of finding the right gal for you.


  • "Professional Girls" - a better option than you'd think

  • Meeting a T-girl on-line

  • Meeting "her" in t-friendly bars

  • Improving your skill in on-line correspondence

  • "Nightclubbing 201" - Graduating to Success

  • Frequently Asked Questions - "tid bits" no one else will answer regarding meeting a t-girl

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Long Term Tranz-lationships 

Already dated some tranz-women? Yearning for a sustained long-term union? Here's my best insights into creating and enjoying long term tranz-lations....


  • How most admirers evolve - and find happiness

  • Transgender admirers: the long-term players

  • Tranz-compatability 101 - the important issues

  • Moving from the sofa - to her heart

  • T-girl sex - myths & realities

  • Keys to success - T-girl / Male admirer sex

  • Frequently Asked Questions - tid bits no one else will answer regarding more intimate relations

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Due to the overwhelming growth of content included in the "Admirer's Handbook" - I'm dividing the sections based upon the readers level of experience.  

Nearly all new admirers can't wait to learn how they might become intimate with a t-girl. That's understandable: I recognize your desire is most closely associated with that motivating strain at your midsection. 

Still, I'd strongly advise that you learn more about transgenderism, your particular craving - and the object of your affections. 

Why's that so important?  Answer me this:

Could a teenage boy best you in garnering the attention of a beautiful woman? No? Why not? You got it, baby. You know a lot more about what women really want - than your childish counterpart.

Guess what? T-girls are a different breed of woman. We don't think exactly like women - and we don't act like men. We're unique. We're the best of both sexes! 

It takes a bit of new understanding - to develop any form of relationship with us.

Just remember. The goal isn't really about understanding your desires, meeting a lovely transsexual - or even a mind shattering orgasm. 

It's much simpler. It's about embracing happiness - no matter where or in what form you find it.  









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